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  2. @cherriesblue VC came to take PSH away so that he can do a DNA test to see if he is the real father. She took the weapon as a defence and VC and her ended up struggling with it. And that's how she ended up getting stabbed with it.
  3. 190521 Dongwan's Instagram update. Alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221543238350
  4. Honestly, it sounded like a bad plot point. VC never even hinted that he ever thought Soo Ho was his kid. VC would have tried to match his DNA with him when he found out he was the lost grandson. Especially when DK was dead, he would have tried to verify if PSH was his son. Not even once he ever referred to him as anything other than his nephew. I'm still side eyeing PSH's mom cause she definitely was messy with both brothers. Only SH seems the only good in law for that family lol I mean she never touched NJ even with amnesia and the way she looked for her husband for 5 years. The way the family just slide over the fact that the mom was involved with two brothers is just as bizarre as SH smiling at Esther's kiss up lol Anyway, I don't think Soo Ho's mom was lying when she told VC that the baby was hers and her husband.
  5. yahhhh!!!! All eps up to 30 are subbed on FD!!! Am at work but screw this I need to know what is said. Thank goodness to whoever invented smartphones and 4G data Sorry my addiction is real.
  6. WOAH! You guys are so good with your investigations. TOTAL JJANG Thank you so much for your efforts to rekindle this forum! By the way, I just wanted to share this: I can't with YIN's hourglass figure I'm envious Kidding aside, she's a package that LDW is asking for
  7. Me too! I love how she tie her hair this way. She looks so adorb in a high ponytail and little black dress. The moment I saw her walked up the stage i was going Ooohhh so cute! Ahh so pretty! It is no wonder the two guys are vying for her love
  8. +2 @LawyerhMy Mister? Wasn't that the IU drama of last year or what drama do you mean? My tooth problems are okay, check up went well, now he has to just remove the remaining threads from my mouth and everything is perfect. Did you drop MQ2?
  9. Hello everyone... just wanted to drop in and say hello to you all and welcome to new shippers. RL has been tough for me, struggled with work and personal things lately. This thread is truly awesome, the gifs never fail to bring the smile and giddiness inside me. It might be a really long wait for all of us, we don't know if we could ever get an update from them (together) or not. Just like what I said before in the beginning of our shipping, we will enjoy the ride, the ship might be on sail for a long while, who knows. Hopefully I can catch up with what I missed and contribute more regularly. If not, thank you for all your beautiful gifs and opinions that lighten up our days
  10. actually I kept dropping the show and then I went back, and skipped and went back. it was so hard really and illogical too I have no idea how the writer came up with this crazy plot
  11. The old deception drama trope always gets me queasy and nervous. Although I'm sure it will all work out, I still hate waiting out the reveal of the lie. This is such a great show, such a great relationship--I really want it to go well. But I can't stand the deception.
  12. KMJ-PMY visual is so great. They should do magazine photoshoot together. KJW was a model and PMY is a goddess.. aah and have photoshoot on Paris, the city of love... I'm so thankful to both of stylish. You've done a very great job *Have I mentioned it before? I think KJW looks more sexy wearing stylish sunglasses
  13. Summary recap for Episodes 25-30! My only caveat is I haven't watched these episodes in full. I just skimmed them for highlights last night as I still want to watch them in full, with subs, next week. Anyway, that's just the highlights... I left out a lot of stuff but I tried to include the most important bits from this week's six VIP episodes. Also, I really need to wrap this up so I can do some actual work... at work!
  14. Thank you. I hope the police can get to that footage. EJ thought that she did what she did to protect JS but by telling JS to keep silent and say he was never in the roof with SH, she made a liar of her son. No wonder JS does not trust EJ or believe anything EJ says anymore. I think that one time when JS went to the bakery and bumped into SH aunt that he really wanted to tell the truth but could not because it would implicate his mother. EJ did not realize it but by doing what she did, it was her son that she had hurt the most. JS now is closer to his father and wants the power that he thinks his father wields.
  15. This little pig went squee squee squee all the way home! thanks for the recaps and images...the wait for subs has become more bearable. their interaction is seriously so not in the Boss-Secretary realm. Min Ik is a tall flirt. I likkeeee. Hehe. I am happy and can sleep in peace.
  16. Wow... The new teaser gives out mystery vibe in to the plot which we haven't had in the previous teaser! What's going on here..?!! At this rate, I completely agree with you on all the details you out here! And I think Go Won Hee really is a bit old woman but she gets a younger look with a mystery perfume! And them she starts off a new life as a fashion model & then meets the mean fashion designer, Seo Yi Do!! http://asianwiki.com/Perfume_(Korean_Drama) Now I am more curios to know about one thing! What would happen when Seo Yi Do learns that his muse is really old..???! Then would it also follow the footstep of The Last Empress for Shin Sung Rok that he was literally betrayed by his muse..??! Wow just WOW!!!! This is totally worth watching!! Really looking forward to this... And btw, when we are having the pres con, friend..???! Any updates..??!
  17. @newyee Imao . I feel sorry for the actress who has to use her left hand while she is probably right handed lol. @kimdaehwi, Like @chrissydiva said, we will remember for you lol. HY will get her punishment soon. Her adoptive parents don't know what she is up to with their company. PSH probably reported her by now lol. Not to mention, San Ha mom head-locking her today was the best lol. She was pulling her hair while she was talking to her daughter lol. Multi-tasking. Good one @chrissydiva. Those receipts will come in handy when people forget the evil deeds lol @nohamahamoud2002 I still don't know how we came this far with that amnesia plot lol. It was a long journey.
  18. wow. you made my day. They are sooooooooo romantic, for me the hug scene is just the best expression of love. and actually she is so cute because she is shy (just my type), I think I would cover my eyes too I don't belong to the abs club No way I think the writers know how to torture you @selen4ever long time no see chingu I have not seen you since SAT
  19. I broke up with my bf last week after seeing my counsellor. I was really upset with him talking and snapping his previous hook up. I asked that girl and she told me it's nothing, she invited him to go dragon boating. I told my counsellor everything and he gave me an infection. He knows I like him. But bc he gave me this infection I am more scared of him cheating and reinfecting me again. I don't trust him. My counsellor told me when you find out he's cheating on you, you will get angry and do bad things. You will go to jail. When I broke up with him after seeing my counsellor. I told him I talked to that other girl. He said we're done, you petty --- and swore. My counsellor told me he was exactly the same as my ex from 4 years a go. I just want to take care of my health right now. I have deep regrets I didn't listen to anyone who told me to leave. I stayed until he gave me what I feared the most. I am accountable for my own actions. I was upset over this poor and hot tempered... cheating man for a year. I do believe God punished me for my consequences. I am talking to someone that likes God but we believe in different Gods. So I don't know will God bless me.
  20. Eric nam sang im in love in asc during bingo segment (keyword playlist : proposal)
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