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  2. I just wonder how do you know there's no chemistry when the drama has yet to air and there is no interaction between them yet . Looking at the character chart, I'm glad there's no love triangle/square between JJS, YSY and HYR's characters. I'm glad there will be no fighting between bros for the lady. It has been done too much and it will be somewhat similar to Grand Prince.
  3. Hi Everyone, I just started this drama a few days ago and am up to date, now the waiting game begins. I'll just settle in here and make this thread my home for the next couple of weeks. A few fun facts I'd like to share For any of you who are Idol Producer fans, the ending OST is sung by Li Junyi otherwise known as Uncle Junyi by fans Also our giant baby stiff genius physicist is actually a ballroom dancer in real life
  4. Yeah my feeling its empty.. I feel happy crazy and sometimes lost when know this drama will be end next week.. I just crying when people especially the minster can accept and approve the leader of king.. Its not only the politics. Its love make all these happen. I also remember what the father of king wish tell about you to world.. Its give its motivation we need the power to give better life nowadays in society. The king be confident and know what to do next.. Its shows minster can accept the king and cannot decide what will the king do.. How change happen when we follow in episode 1 until now.. Its shows improvement all character and sometimes I also sympaty to Milpoong also.He just naive and bad situation make him as like now.. Just 4 episode only..
  5. @LyraYoo @Lawyerh he looks like a small boy boy
  6. BTS BOBOSNAP FILM X CFY https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364659789113917/4364669269943031
  7. Whoops. Forgot a out in without. Lol. But I really love it! That scene lol...100% and Hae Mi I want to hug the writer if I could. It’s awesome! 600
  8. Me too, I'm even writing one lol Do you want to share some fanfics that you like? (If this isn't against the forum rules)
  9. Who said im not appreciative of him without his signature? I can. This one is my fav lol. Cr.kim.namgil_ insta. But i tend to save his pic with his magic mustache @sushilicious
  10. Saw this in Weibo https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4364721739873287 Seems like there was a girl in jk hyung's insta story this afternoon, the one whereby he posted about calobye and his green chicken breast shake. I guess the poster in weibo is speculating that it might be jihyo noona since there are glasses on the table.This is completely delulu but the shirt of the girl in the instastory seems similar to what jihyo noona wore during the opening of ep 402. The same instastory shared in ig as below: https://www.instagram.com/dreamkjk/p/BwolQSNBnG_/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1jc1fcdozvr5v
  11. Yes, even those, I don't want to fast forward... Every scene is to be enjoyed to the max! LOL 598
  12. BTS took home the Daesang (grand prize) awarded by The Fact Music Awards! On April 24, the first offline ceremony of The Fact Music Awards was held by FANNSTAR, which was previously an online ceremony based on fan votes. The event took place at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon. BTS won the Daesang for the night as […] The post BTS Wins Daesang At The Fact Music Awards + 3 More Trophies appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. So I just finished episode 22 (43-44). I thought this drama couldn't get any better. Since the second half of the drama started, it has been a rollercoaster ride for me. The intensity just keeps building up. It's so hard to choose a favorite scene because everything in this episode (as with the last few ones) are just so good. Yet I especially love those scenes between King Yeongjo and his two highest officials, Minister Min and Chief Justice Jo. These two men who have always been his staunchest and most vocal adversaries, who used to insult him to his face even as crown prince, now looks at him with admiration, respect and awe. I felt like crying every time King Yeongjo overcame a challenge and they would look at him with a mixture of disbelief and respect. It's as if they now find that they are humbled when Yeongjo proves them wrong and shows himself as worthy to be king. Their king. I realize now that what makes Yeongjo different is that he is a leader who listens. He doesn't take offense easily, because he is humble and always tries to understand where the other party is coming from and why they think the way they do. He doesn't force his will on them, but he isn't beyond commanding or bypassing them altogether when necessary. And he speaks from his heart and isn't afraid to be among his people, as what he showed at the height of the plague scare, and when he spoke to his army. Every time he made a speech, I felt like crying with pride, and whenever the faces of Minister Min and Chief Justice Jo, and everyone who knows Yeongjo were shown, you could see that that was exactly how they felt. @oceluna I've always had that nagging feeling that the loss of Yeo Ji will be the one personal tragedy that Yeongjo will experience in the midst of his triumphs as king. He has won over his political opponents. He has earned the loyalty and respect of his subjects. His friends and allies somehow survived the battles. But we all know that somehow, somewhere, something's got to give. Between Yeongjo and Yeo Ji, there's always been that notion that what they have is fleeting. And the words that Yeo Ji's always said to him, of her promise to stay by his side to protect him always and that she would rather be the one hurt than to have him hurt...I have a feeling she will make good on that somehow. Yeo Ji's way of showing her love for Yeongjo is through her skill, her reliability and her effectiveness. Judging from the way it has been going since it started its second half, I'm sure this drama will give me an emotional high, then break my heart with Yeongjo and Yeo Ji in the end.
  14. work related? perhaps a photoshoot for a magazine I thought Shinhye purely visit Oppa Shinwon. ----------------------------------------------------------- Park Shinhye enroute to Hong Kong for Swarovski event She's super duper gorgeous and kind cr: liveen TV
  15. I've watched eps 13/14, but haven't watched eps 15/16 yet. Looking forward to it since I'm curious about the debate scene. I just need a quiet hour to do so. I love this drama! Will also have to find time to catch up on FP somewhere. +2
  16. @turtlegirl..thank you for the live recap...kamsahanida..and all the chinggus posting excerpts of the video..thank you again. All of u are life saviors..chinccaa...hehe Just a few things..based on my very little Korean and observation: 1. I think Ryan found out about DM is RTS from the last pic of them together (the very pic that made all of us go crazy over the OTP....hehehe). Before he submitted the whole set of pics to RTS, he deleted that particular one but somehow RTS via DM mistakenly uploaded that very pic, implying someone else had the whole stock of the pic SJ took during the date. I guess he put two and two together after realizing that no one else could have access to that pic since SJ and DM had promised secrecy among the 3 of them. He could have not guess SJ as RTS since SJ has a family and probably he believed that a homma is someone who is so obsessed of a idol that she could not have been married. I think later on we will be shown how Ryan deduced all DM's action so far (including her weird reaction at Sian's house, her well-versed knowledge about Sian's fav flower and wine) and I think there is something about the button on the scarf which was stucked on her hair. Remember he still has her diary. There could be something that he find from that diary related to what DM's was wearing since DM loved to buy anything that is Sian related somehow. Even the incident in the hotel probably make more sense to him now, after he realised DM is RTS. 2. I thought that CUPATCH was Ryan at first until DM seemed to deduce that Sindy had created another persona to "spy" on her in her site and since CUPATCH kept on uploading a day to day report of R (Ryan) and S (Seong Dok Mi) activities to her reader. 3. The man they met had collections of self-portrait which tell certain stories of his life. And that, according to DM, what makes his art work special because even in that one self-portrait of him, he seemed to tell a story of someone saying goodbye. The man overheard DM's description of his portrait and I think he was quite surprised that DM manage to capture that just from that picture of him. I think that is why he decided to show his collections to them and asked them to evaluate the value of his art work..I think 4. Someone mentioned about the bathroom scene to be very quiet. In fact I think the whole episode today seemed to be very quiet with very minimal background music or even OST. Not sure whether that was because of some technical error or was done on purpose though. 5. Ryan Gold @ KJW will never ceased to amazed me with his acting and gazed. Chincca.. He is definitely in my list of "man I need to find for myself"...hahahaha... 6. The preview is rather confusing. DM is definitely jealous of that girl who suddenly appeared and it seemed that Ryan was angry at her about something related to that girl. But he did run after her, like he wanted to apologise. But the last part when he hold her hand and almost kiss her cheek, they were in different outfit. So that has nothing to do with the running after her...hmm..so..I am a bit nervous about tomorrow's episode 7. Have anyone read the web comic yet? I have been trying to search for it but could not find it anywhere.
  17. @nohamahamoud2002 There were two reasons for the mass killings: First is the fierce competition in the presidential elections at the time, with the gap in support ratings between the two candidates being a mere 3%. If the pregnant mistress of leading candidate Cheon is revealed by the opposition party, the scandal would tip the balance in the opposition candidate's favour, giving them a free ticket to the Blue House. Prosecutor Guk's job is to ensure that this does not happen. The other reason is the fact that the residents of the Cheon Guk Welfare Center have exposed the wrongdoings of Pastor Wang and Baek Do Gyu in their letter to Prosecutor Guk, which also voiced their concerns about the "vitamins" given daily to the children. The so-called vitamins are actually children's antibiotics which are being manufactured and sold, and the children are being used as test subjects of clinical trials to test the side effects of the antibiotics. With the mistress being sent to hide out at Cheon Guk Welfare Center, the mass killings of which she is a victim, serve to silence her, and divert the public's attention from any rumours of a pregnant mistress to the terrible tragedy, thus ensuring no scandal rocks Candidate Cheon's election campaign. In addition, Pastor Wang and co. are able to get rid of the people who threaten to expose all their dirty secrets, including illegal clinical trials, abuse, murder, thus enabling them to escape punishment for their crimes.
  18. @triplem (hate myself for tainting this thread with FP lol. Imma do it anyways) but I was suprised as to how many pages we have go through on FP lol. So I joined the FP thread at about page 7. Then now we have 72 page worth of items . It’s very hard for a drama to get to this decent amount of pages. I’m shocked! 594 @ktcjdrama Hiiii! With you saying, even those scenes without dialogues...it really reminded me of the rose petals for some reason lolll
  19. @willenette, I agree! Our Minho completed his service quietly, without controversy. And despite his hiatus, he's still the top Hallyu star! K-entertainment world is so ready for his comeback!
  20. Her update today.. "2019 Profile B-cut" I wonder how the A-cut will look like because this B-cut already so beautiful.. Hope E&T will share them with us soon And her manager share her lovable video
  21. so it has been years since i posted in a forum but this drama really revived something in me and so here i am but anyway, i live-streamed ep 5 just now and as expected, the episode didn't disappoint me one bit. this drama just gets more and more exciting for me. and this is coming from me, someone who had low expectations for this drama (just because i'm not a really big fan of rom-com in general). only watched it first for kim jae wook but in the end i watched it for the whole cast and basically the drama itself! anyway, i wanted to talk about this particular scene which happened in ep 5 can i just say how much i love this scene? the toilet scene in particular. i love the fact that there was zero bgm and all you could hear were water dropping, the rustling of clothes, their breathing, the fact that they were both wet and their stares oh my god i was really about to scream when that scene appeared and mind you, my face felt hot HAHAHA it was just too hot for me and the sexual tension was palpable. i can't even begin to imagine when they finally kiss. will i survive? lol one thing i really appreciate about this drama is the chemistry between the main leads. aaahh anyway, the preview for ep 6 looks exciting. i think there will be more misunderstandings because of the new character (ryan's friend)? lol one misunderstanding gets solved, another appears it seems.
  22. Only managed to catch up just now. Yes, plot twist galore indeed... just as one "repented", another one decided to cross over to the other side. I am so enjoying the character Park Hoo Ja. She is really one smart woman. I was so shocked actually with the false lead that was dropped for MY. I couldn't believe it. Btw, I envy the way PHJ ate the cake @stroppyse Do watch FP. It's a drama that I would rewatch without wanting to skip any scenes at all. Even those scenes without dialogues are so engaging. 592
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