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  2. 660 sushi.. be mature please.. wkwkwkw btw after that try to watch HPL ^_*
  3. Are you from Indonesia chingu? I guessed from the song lyrics, by searching google. I don't recognize the language 644
  4. hmmm.. like you said thats your personal opinion... but then again thats just one opinion. you may not like her character on HPL but there could be hundreds more who likes it. And since were not professionals.. I dont think its proper to tell them whats good and not for them. Using your analogy.. what if thousands of fans said that they also feel like a proud sister loving her portrayal of DeokMi in HPL, and she should continue doing those because it brings out her talent as an actress? I guess we should just respect other people's choices and if its not your liking.. then just don't watch it.. maybe you'd like her next projects..
  5. @mizkorea Dunno why I can't stop giggling when I read about the eyes donation. (It's possible since NJ indirectly causes SH dad's blindness). Maybe it reminds me of @Ameera Ali mentioning SH dad's cute eyes earlier ; & I am also thinking if that happens, it'll be pretty scary having NJ eyes staring at SH's households for as long as SH dad lives . (just kidding, there's no whole eyeball transplantation but only the cornea) @Ameera Ali Indeed NJ is crazy. He hates AR so much he wants to destroy her & yet they are putting on a clown show together now, which upon their success will continue Part II of their hostility. So cartoon-like. I wonder what LSH will do after he finds VC in the hospital? Will he: 1. Call the police? (but they are useless) 2. Call chairman (he won't want to shock this old man) 3. Take a wefie with VC as proof (chairman will accuse him of kidnap instead) 4. Ask San Dal to help move VC away (best solution?)
  6. I can't move on with Kyung Sun asking for selca haha! @triplem maybe the actress is no longer available? Even yohan has few scenes because he has another drama on going.
  7. I am also happy to know they will be back! I thought KNG was joking when he mentioned it during the final farewell interviews.
  8. 190429 NCT_OFFICIAL_JP Twitter Update “<NCT 127 Memorial Book> SPECIAL ONE DAY Off shot”
  9. "we will be back" OMGGGGGGG KIM HAE ILLLLLL and all of my cast members! YAYYYYYYYYY! Hopefully we can get good news in the next coming months lolllll
  10. Because he IS the Fiery Priest! Someone mentioned before, bangs down is married?? LOL
  11. I took some time to rewatch the beginning of episode 1 because I noticed a parallel to the flashback in episode 4 (pics under spoiler): I'm having a lot of fun with this drama and you guys are making the experience even better. I was in a drama slump lately but HPL has turned things around
  12. Good ending! Its a fun ending. Ep 37-38 was depressing but ep 39-40 made up for it. Personal best moment: Seo mimicking Bobby complete with his bob hair and epic red suit! And danced/moved like him. It was hilarious. And i like both Seo and bobby. So I'm happy. Ngahaha
  13. I thought the psychiatrist will have a role in counselling Father kim . Any sign of her @LyraYoo? one the best moments tonight @Ameera Ali what you think of his bangs like this ? Or you like it swept up like the James Dean look ? @sushilicious likes her oppas with their bangs down Yahoooo for season 2!!!!! I want the entire cast back
  14. Look who popped by for a visit. LOL They are Team Tsunami! And on the screen it said 'WE WILL BE BACK!' OMOOOOOOOO.....
  15. YH in his mart, some guys from NASA came to him and invited him to go back with them because of an email he sent them telling them he discovered a new planet. They want to know more. YH spoke very good English! He was very excited and ran out to the street and thanked God, NASA here I come. Park in an office, with the earlier guy. They're meeting for the first time. Is he the guy who is replacing Kang? They have some talk. Not following much. But in the end, she is asking for her own team? Cut to her dining with some men, she is serving the drinks. The men started talking, she is recording everything with her glasses. Gu, and another guy entered in server's disguise. They're not doing a good job, which earned them some sighing from Seo, TL and another guy in the van watching. Cut to Park walking the street with the police team. She did the Phoenix gesture, each of them followed. Cut to Kim and Gu looking at a restaurant, remembering their deal at the beginning about what to eat when the case is solved. Some daily montages of each of our gang, with Kim's voice over narrating about God and some stuff. There is one with all of them eating together, Han is there. Kim is in his room as he finished the narration. Cut to Kim leaving the church building, followed by everyone. Han is all well. Kim had a duffel bag with him, he is leaving. They said their goodbyes. As Kim walked away, some cars and men came to the church. It's a visit by the Pope!! With the BGM of Gabriel's Oboe from the Mission, I love this song!! His face is not shown though... Everyone is so shocked. Pope said something and walked over to hug Kim. Park was busy selca, selca... LOL.... Cut to Kim waiting in a deserted place. Gu came out disguised as a monk. Park also came, she commented on the disguise, then came Seo, disguised as Bobby, with his signature moves. Some thugs came out, they walked towards them confidently, but not long before they turned back and running for their lives...LOLOLOL ~ end of Season 1..... Yes, we can expect Season 2, because they close with a black screen with the words WWB (We Will be Back)!!! Wooohooooo!!!
  16. I think these pictures belong to the contents of magazine because if she is the model cover, the name of the magazine maybe appears with her pics. Until now, i'm so regretful that she didn't have face on Cosmo and MC. She will be the best if she completes in 5 biggest magazines in both Korea and Chinna. Anyway, she is the goddess in my heart.
  17. Where is Hae Il going? They are all gathered for goodbyes. Awww..Han hugs Hae Il, with tears. Suddenly a lot of cars came. Maybe its NIS boss? Nope I was wrong. Its the Pope. They all take a selca with him. Omg. Det Goo is wearing a disguise. He has a bald head. Omg!!!!!!! SEO IS BOBBY 2.0!!! Lol. She is wearing bob hair and a red suit! Even has his moves. Lol. End with KS, HE, Seo and Goo running away from goons! WE WILL BE BACK!!!! OMG!!!
  18. It marks the day we say...It's over! People celebrate with champagne. While i have a little small present to give This isn't an actual present...But it's more on the craziness and laughter that brought me into making this..... @Ameera Ali Remember a few pages back, told you i might be playing with some of FP's drama? Hehe....Here it is. Let's just treat it as a party gift for fun and laughter for FP. Because it has been a good ride.. My Chingus @triplem @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama @Dramanoona @mrsj3n @LyraYoo @katakwasabi
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