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  2. tvN Sageuk "Arthdal Chronicles" Releases Laughably Terrible Drama Poster LINK here : http://koalasplayground.com/2019/05/20/tvn-sageuk-arthdal-chronicles-releases-laughably-terrible-drama-poster/
  3. Son Ye Jin is a South Korean Heiress In Love with Hyun Bin's North Korean Officer in Romance Drama "Crash Landed Love" LINK here : http://koalasplayground.com/2019/05/21/son-ye-jin-is-a-south-korean-heiress-in-love-with-hyun-bins-north-korean-officer-in-romance-drama-crash-landed-love/
  4. 662. Take back what i said sus @sushilicious today feel like eternity so looong... @nohamahamoud2002 the angel drama look good. Will catch up on weekend once subs all out. Hoping for sweet romance. And like ur new DP too!
  5. Hi lianea, thanks for sharing the video. OCN uploaded a collective snapshots of what appears to be the script reading of its upcoming drama, "Hell Is Other People." - Looks COOL!
  6. Sorry for distracting your excitement of eps 13 tonight. I just want to blabber about Jaeuck's acting or his signature (esp hand in pocket). Is it really disturbing? Some criticize RG's signature while RG and DM kissing. But I think "hand in pocket" is Jaeuck's signature too. I'm so sorry for being overthinking, but I'm so sad that he can't be everyone's idol or favorite actor.
  7. Hi sky5joyous, thanks for sharing this. OCN uploaded a collective snapshots of what appears to be the script reading of its upcoming drama, "Hell Is Other People." - Looks COOL! cr-https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2019/05/21/a-hellish-snapshot/
  8. NCT 127 엔시티 127 ‘WE ARE SUPERHUMAN’ Unit Teaser #3
  9. @jackieusa I think XX is usurped by ZM since early on. If you have time to make the gifs, when XX was not in the inn WJ should be suspicious/worried since XX is the most wanted man of the wulin, dead or alive, but because he was busy having lover's quarrel with ZM, I don't think he was thinking clearly. He keeps chasing after ZM lol After crashing the wedding ZM is also the one who keep asking him to keep going since she know WJ is worried about XX and she keep urging them to carry on the journey to go to shaolin but WJ is the the one who keep stalling to wait until ZM is healed. For the last gifs I would say that's unfair to XX, a parents death it's a natural order of life, especially for an adult WJ, maybe when he was a child a parents' death is the biggest sadness a child could experience, and also XX died protecting a person that he thought is going the wrong way I think he accepted his death. As an adult if you follow your parents to death after they died, I think your parents will be the saddest one. While ZM for WJ it felt like it's his fault for failing to protect her and letting ZM being alone in this life and afterlife, and ZM died for falling in love with him and being an unfilial child to her family. Even if ZM went to hell for that WJ will accompany her
  10. Why is he always play pitiful character? My broken heart still has not recovered from Ashes of Love (where he plays somewhat similar character). I wish he gets the girl next time around. *sigh
  11. Finally some good news after such a long time! Uhuuuu thank you Sisca_TVXQ you made our day! Imagine...if we get so happy with this, imagine how it will be when we will get the trailer! OMG!!
  12. Thanks for the news! Oh! Rom-com! again! what to say.. many of us here might be overwhelm by this news! I don't know what to say.. wealthy background, perfect look and romance it all sound so familiar! I am sorry to say that I wish he will not pick this project, I can see many yoopies really happy to see him in another romcom! but.. I am not!!! oh.. it there no other 'more challenging' roles to offer! Yes, please. my personal favourite is no 3! Seungho Bourne! wow... if that really happen.
  13. There are several ways to interpret this but the simplest one will suffice for this drama. It means “you become what you hate.” That’s the interpretation most applicable in this show. On the surface, it acts like a magic ball with a power to revive the dead into the form of its soul. But in a deeper level, when the individual’s soul is filled with revulsion for something or somebody, the abyss ball resurrects the individual into the image of this hateful monster found in his soul. Btw she/he also was able to predict the death of cha min by foreshadowing on how Se Yeon keeps on saying "Do you have a death wish?" to cha min lol. I bet that woman was revived from the looks of his husband she hated him maybe.. Thanks for the great interpretation and it really sounds interesting. But what happened to Cha Min, I don't think he know the guy he revived into? correct me if I'm wrong
  14. Hi firstaid, It is a rom-com so expect the CUTE scenes here. This isn’t the first time Hyun Bin is playing a North Korean – he did so in the movie, “Cooperation.” (Confidential Assignment).
  15. From the start, Ta Gon's character was described to have feelings for Tan Ya, tho am not sure if they'll follow through. I was hoping not, however there might be a possibility that there is a love triangle. Since we already have 4 characters or 2 pairings. I was convinced there might be since it seems Tan Ya has become one of the 'hostages' of Ta Gon after attacking their tribe. And Eun Som will be saving her.
  16. God is good all the time, all the time god is good. Lee Jonghyun will be back as a better man. Lets wait for CNBLUE four members to comeback from military.
  17. Hi syntyche, thanks for sharing this. They're all wearing white mask to conceal their celebrity visuals. So NICE to see Kim Woo Bin were with them.
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