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  2. DY: jaehyun ah do you have something that you want? I can buy it for you. JH: i dont have a driver licence at the moment so a car is out the question, how about some tea that is good for my throat instead~ JN: why do you always want to go home? DY: instead of going home, it's more like bc I want to lie down. since the bed at home is the most comfortable, so instead of in an unfamiliar environment, I like it the most when I lie down in a familiar one. Mark: Oh~ A person who loves his bed. Doyoung: That's why I want to go home. (shakes hand) you're pretty today~ TI: why do you eat so much? are you really hungry or is it bc it’s tasty? JW: because.. because.. because I feel good.. I have to fill myself up for my energy. TI: because eating is necessary? JW: not that. I just have to keep filling (my tummy).. YT: why does taeil work out? TI: .... NCT: lol TI: I work out for my mood. YT: thank you
  3. A problem during the HEART concert. The view was blocked at VIP section. I hope Shincom pay attention to this. Let's see if today concert will have the same problem or not.
  4. Memories of the Alhambra: Play Jenga With Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye KYAAA~ Fans of Memories of the Alhambra who miss uri Yoo daepyo (Hyun Bin) and Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye) should not miss out on these videos where Hyun Bin and Shin Hye were asked to play Jenga as they were interviewed as an attempt to distract and make them lose concentration. I’m sure everyone knows about this by now as it has already gone viral since its first release. Original Version Initially, Netflix only release this pathetic less than 2 minutes short clip of Hyun Bin and Shin Hye playing Jenga, but a month later due to fans’ requests for a full version, our wish has been granted! YES! *Dancing the Happy Dance* Full Version Netflix then created a new YouTube channel called “The Swoon” (Okaaayyy) that’s dedicated fully to just Korean related contents. Woo-hoo! No complaints there. This 18 minutes clip is a MUST watch, and the picture quality is superb! It’s so clear I want to cry (of happy tears). LMAOOOOO There’s plenty of cute moments and interactions between them. I’m particularly intrigued at how serious they were with playing Jenga, constantly looking so closely at the pieces and all. So competitive too, LOLLL. LOL at Hyun Bin’s expression here! ^ ^ Unlike the short clip where we were misled to think Hyun Bin lost the game, technically they were tied. Shin Hye lost the first game and Hyun Bin the second, but who loses is not important because their cute expressions and reactions whilst playing are the GOLDs for us. Swoon-worthy 18 minutes indeed! https://eukybearlovesdrama.wordpress.com/2019/04/11/memories-of-the-alhambra-play-jenga-with-hyun-bin-and-park-shin-hye/
  5. I do think that he ever infatuated with ZR for a while, until that stab on his chest by her. Then all along after that, only treat her best friend, maybe alittle bit of crush, grateful feeling due to childhood help that she rendered him. But with a sassy princess going after you every now and then, touch you, tease you, its very hard to stay with that infatuated feeling for ZR. Moreover in original novel, MinMin is known as number one beauty in Yuan dynasty, with a crown prince behind the scene who want to marry her lol How to resist her beauty
  6. Lol. For now I only watch those fighting parts at the end. so I know nothing about the front. I saw those fighting, bone breaking parts lol. Other than that I know nothing ..until I found out that the doctor saved Han. I mean..it’s a good thing...but I...want...watch it...myself lol. 584
  7. There is one song from the end of the 7 min kiss video (05:47) that I really really like and it just sound sooooo good. Its a song from Lan Ling Wang. I hope someone could make a full MV using that song.
  8. @sushilicious it’s was cool episode , every scene deserves a gifs I feel for hwang I hope he all right I can’t see him in preview
  9. @gm4queen you're welcome and thank you for the fanart you created @Lawyerh Ji Hwan looks good in the pics for the new drama albeit a little skinny (to me, at least) posting some old pics:
  10. [8 Letters - With Minoz #8]‘오빠’와 미노즈들의 사랑을 듬뿍 받고 있는 초코초코야! 오래오래 만인의 귀염둥이로 남아주렴#살면서초코가제일부러웠어요#LEEMINHO_8Lette #매월_10일_본방사수#이민호 #LEEMINHO #イミンホ #MINOZ..The luckiest puppy ever in the world who got the love of Minho and MinozChoco! Stay with us as you are for a long, long time#IEnvyYou #LEEMINHO_8Letters #CatchThePremiereOnThe10thDayOfEveryMonth #LEEMINHO #MINOZ https://business.facebook.com/officialminoz/videos/416525219158583/
  11. Love these friendships @triplem , @Lawyerh @sushilicious NO NO ... how cruel the prison is , they cut his hair
  12. Good morning Bless you too @meechuttso. I just wish you were here and you are here, probably an angel granted me a wish. And thank you sooo much for the translation (which is definitely lots better than me) . Have a happy weekend everyone !! (Oh...why I've never seen this one before, it's from Japanese promotional photo. credit to @dinosejong twitter )
  13. @aveerie Hahahaa..trying so hard to make some space with those crazy fan girls. Thoughtful hubby YIN must be so proud of him! kkkk
  14. http://m.humoruniv.com/board/read.html?table=pds&pg=0&number=824019 https://theqoo.net/square/885337757
  15. Omoo Thank God. No romance drama! Why do i be so possessive about these two. Please no romance drama at least for short period later. I cant stand seeing them kissing with another co-star. *Just kill me then*
  16. I can't remember which episode, but there was the part when she ranted why she wouldn't work at his cafe. She flounced out... all these was WTH to me. Then as if it can't get worse, her chubby friend came, she saw him and ran back to the cafe, stumbling and falling!!! So over the top and more. I have seen that kind of scenes in many Hollywood/American comedy shows but first for Korean. My guess she is supposed to be around 30 in the show, at least make her a bit mature.
  17. Actually my favorites are Hae Mi and this current ep. it’s too cool. My Agent is too cool. I love that dark vibe around him. Because we all know that you should not and will not mess with Mr Kim Hae Il when he is angry. Lolll lol shouldn’t have come here so early. I got spoiled!
  18. Online voting for The Fact Music Awards (TMA) is now over! Voting was held for a period of three weeks from April 1 to 19 for four different awards: Popularity Award, FAN N STAR Choice Award – Artist, FAN N STAR Choice Award – Individual, and Rising Star Award. The voting results are currently available on […] The post BTS, Super Junior, And More Come Out On Top In The Fact Music Awards’ Online Voting appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  19. Dongwan picked her stuff on stage on both days!
  20. Loves this MV with Good Bye My Princess Soundtrack https://www.weibo.com/u/1801734354?refer_flag=1008085010_&is_hot=1
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