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  2. In Korea, they always say close friends even if in reality they are dating. But I do not think Lee El is the type to shy away sending foodtruck to KJW because she already sent one to him before despite rumors. Other people say she is after KJW because she was the one who posted pic of him sleeping and some of his Korean fans got angry with her before taking the post as "claiming" him as having something special with her. It was KJW who strongly denied dating rumors.
  3. Most of us really worried about he will be stereotyped! Why BS company not seeing this! Is BS have some others plan? make him a Kpop Idol type! Did anyone know which TV Channel taking this project? He might have been forgotten! He said no more Romcom after IANAR too!
  4. +2 psstt.. we are in the rosary prayer at home now
  5. @Ameera Ali I am and will be hyping for this and I know we are gonna get it soon, because it’s on the highlights! it is bending the usual good vs bad. Cause literally my ML is holding a knife and wearing a mask with blood on his face walking towards our FL! I think I like dramas that bends the usual norms of how a protagonist and an antagonist must be. A drama doesn’t always have to be good vs bad. It can be good vs good bad vs bad, this is how they make it more interesting. Imagine adding extra gravy on top of gravy on rice then add another egg. Yum! more delicious hahaha 726
  6. Thanks, @immorethant This made me so happy although Google translation doesn't make sense I could see that people were sticking up for our girl. I am so looking forward to her getting her eyesight back today.
  7. Which makes me frowning very hard. I don't understand why YSH is considering it knowing the Ruler's mess. He himself emphasized how much he suffered during the filming. He should have avoided this drama and should avoid any drama from Ruler's team.
  8. I need to see this cute Angel you are making mistakes leaving our lion Where @Sejabin today , is she busy discussing the new episode with her office -2
  9. Romcom plus fantasy! he is a rich, perfect looking young highly education man, this is like mix freaky Friday with IANAR! umm Is BS targeting more teenage fans for YSH! If this really happen.. I am sure many teenage girls will scream! and surely the drama will focus on YSH good look and make him look cute again!! Don't know why he want to choose another teen style Romcom again! just hope they will get a 'top' actress if not this drama will be another chessy one! just hope it will not be as bas as MSH! I still cannot immagine PSH,HHJ will be interesting to taking part of this type of drama!? if only this is a super big project! but no matter what! If YSH really take this offer! I will still wish him luck and will give it a try!! but quite sad... I want something very different! something serious! I guess he think he still too young to take something too serious which most of us here do not understand! maybe Peter Pan inside of him! If this drama get a good ratings he will be safe, if this drama flops.. he will be category as a worst drama picker! which he is already seem picking all the bad choices!
  10. I'm ok whoever she end up with. But it's turn out she had kids with both Zero and Kaname. If I were Kaname, I would be out of my mind seeing the kids after long lost years. Me and my friend was so shock back then. 726
  11. Hello!! I'd love to share my english version of SUNMI's Siren~ I haven't done a solo in a looooong time, so it feels like I'm back to step one I'd really appreciate anyone who can spare the time to listen to my work!
  12. The thing about voice recongition is.. do you guys really never feel you are hearing "someone" but that similar voice actually belongs to "someone else". happens often so unreliable
  13. @ktcjdrama ~ not sure if the doc I posted earlier was the right one.. anyway, did manage to find this really short clip (about 2.5 mins) about the still face experiment. it shows how babies read faces and how important that is to them for communication. so it gives us a clue to how devastating it can be for min ik as an adult to not be able to read emotions... so while looking for the specific clip, found some interesting stuff! apparently face blindness isn't that rare.. well maybe min ik's condition of not seeing anything at all is very severe.. but doctors think it might be one in 50 but many don't know they have some version of face blindness!!! so it can either be genetic, progressive or after a brain injury like with min ik. it is quite fascinating to hear some of their stories and experiences in these two clips (it is short, one is about 5 minutes and the other is about 15 minutes) about people living with face blindness. a comment from a viewer on one of the clips: " Well done. I also have prosopagnosia, as do my sister and my father. Watching movies is very difficult because it is hard to know if a character has changed clothes or if it's a different person. It affects my life so much."......
  14. @Ni Wen and @iffy21 (Finally got my time-off to join the thread ) That articles was booooooed and disapproved here in this webboard https://theqoo.net/square/1099878308 So don't worry about just 1 article which most people didn't agree. Most Netizens also praised SHS too (link). The writer is probably just another agent sent by the evil Choi Young-Ja ..LOL Don't let this spoil your good day. Let's look forward to ep 3-4.
  15. 730. Ikr Yuuki is one confused lady. Lol. I also not continuing once Yuuki hook up with Kaname. Im Zero big fan. The art also a bit changed later on. Recently, I peek up at the ending and seems she also marry Zero and have kids with him... gosh... talking about cant made up mind !
  16. Let’s make a bet, if she ever get a question about possibility of dating Kjw, what would her answer be? My opinion based on what I believe rn, it’s a “NO” , she will say “NO” 3000% NO the reason? We’ll find out after they publish the interview
  17. BTS I don't understand what they r saying, but throughout the video, she is making that sound Cr: as tagged
  18. Pretty good. The first episode caught me by surprise tbh. The acting, chemistry, plot ALL GOOD Found another Wed-Thurs drama!!
  19. Es ist die beste Lösung für Männer, die mit Problemen mit ihrem Sexualleben konfrontiert sind und nicht in der Lage sind, ihren Partner glücklich zu machen. Kamagra Kaufen ist die beste Ergänzung, die bei der Lösung des Hauptproblems der schlechten sexuellen Leistung, die bei der Erhöhung der Erregung der Person scheitert hilft.

  20. @Lawyerh Vampire Knight!! I'm also big follower back then. Though I'm mad with the ending of the Manga. Really big WTF for me Yuuki, you naughty lucky girl. 728
  21. Probably not a bed scene but a bathroom scene. The drama hinted something like SDM not leaving RG alone and will follow him even to the bathroom... Yaay. I want to see half naked and sexy RG. His ABS please...
  22. Say bye to lion.. say hi to cute angel . Move on to cute young guy @ktcjdrama that ship, any chance of sailing? Recently they were more like old best friend... 730
  23. I just feel like the I'm the 이모 smiling just looking at CM how careful and sweetly serving SY all her favorite food
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