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  2. Life after college feels real. Life when you are still a student was feel like a dream. If could choose, I like to be a college student forever. No responsibilities in life. Parents just demanded me to study and All I can do was just asking more allowances and having fun everyday WKWKWKWKWK
  3. is this a good drama , I want to start a daily drama but Im lost ? also can you suggest a good currently airing daily drama thank you
  4. 190419 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update “This was from yesterday but it’s the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s morning here right now, but it’s probably time for you guys to sleep, right?? Look at this picture and sleepy comfortably ~TY” Translated by lmh99s - SM_NCT
  5. I cannot remember who said it but EG having known her for 33 years and not saying anything is peak passive aggressive, however, I feel like while he has obviously had plenty of opportunities to declare his feelings for her and confess to her, I feel like he has remained quiet because of his family situation. That whole scene with his mother and DM's mother was very telling. He probably looks at DM's family, although a little weird, they are a complete family. Whereas his mother was a single mother, and maybe he hasn't made a play for her because of that. The whole single mother dynamic is still looked down upon in South Korea and I am sure 33 years ago, it was unheard of. This has probably been somewhat of complex for EG and thus he clings to DM's family. The problem is that this has backfired on him. Now, for sure, she only looks at him as a brother figure, with her family treating him the same way. If EG was serious about her, he would've moved out but stayed nearby and declared his feelings. Her being this dedicated fan girl works in his favor because it is harmless but also keeps her distracted enough to not be out there actively dating. However, Ryan popping into the picture and showing obvious concern outside of a typical boss/employee relationship is shaking the table. Ryan is a formidable opponent. He is successful, well to do, and he is an artist, which outside of her fan girl obsession is the one thing that DM is heavily interested in. As much as we hate to see the eventual second lead acceptance of heartbreak, the overarching reason nothing has happened between DM and EG is because she just doesn't like him like that. It is so obvious. She really ONLY looks at him as a friend/brother. He knows this and has kept his feelings hidden because his feelings really are one-sided. Her mother knows it too, which is why she allows him to stay at the house. DM has already moved out, and her mother knows that even if she still lived there, her daughter doesn't see it for her friend's son.
  6. ji soo : An... I think he wants you to help him with something. He's the only person you can't read, which means that his mind is closed off. That must made it lonely for him. I'm sure there's a reason behind it too. You may not be the only one who thought that he was Alone. He is only using them and he's only thinking about himself I think it's not right to say. He wants to protect them , as JS said he put An on JI side to protect her .He also want to End everything to protect his loved ones. Seong Mo never forced Lee An for psychometry Even if he wants he never forced him to do in any way. He only need his help to sort out everything. Even if it's for help he never said. To judge his innocence is not right at any point , Suffering with emotional unawareness how can you judge someone for his innocence.
  7. Yes I found thread. I thought it was missing. Any updates for this? I wonder who's going to play 'president' Is it JJH? @joccu Hi chingu. Lets watch this.
  8. 576 It is.. probably..you can said..stress. If you were living in a place with aftershocks earthquakes happened almost everyday. One aftershock will make you hungry. Everytime the earth shakes, you will feel the feel like you want to eat something Oh you don’t know when it was just a week after the main earthquake. While sleeping like this, inside the tents, aftershocks happened 3-4 times each night and whenever happened, we will spontaneously run from our bed in the tents wkkwkwwkwk and after run people will talk and laugh (they laughed of themselves how can when they were still dreaming they can suddenly run. Some even still hold their pillows hahaha) but me could not do it. I went to the kitchen area and try to find something that I can eat (and it was when there were no power and handphone signals) and I keep charging my hp to the genset machine and mom asked for what? I said mmm.. nothing.. I am just charging it. Perhaps something good will happened hiehiehiehie
  9. I didn't receive your message. But I just sent you one. I received your other message from 4/11.
  10. Bluesky Thank you! I tried pm you but not sure if it went through. I used snapchat apps to download videos from YouTube Hi Regina Goh!!! "wave" Your name sound like you are from the same region as me!! Do you happen to be from SG / MY? ---Glad to hear we are Normal! - - - I just manage to upload a series of short clips onto my personal YouTube channel. All are clips of some of my favourite scenes of WJ minmin https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkOfCFU3nXuTKTvGM8FxsXQ
  11. @irilight Chingu you're here. Lets watch this. I want this sub too. From the story plot, to the genre, to the actors. It's giving the old school kdrama vibes. Like the early 2000. I like those. Something like "Save the Last Dance" which is still one my all time fav kdramas JTBC keeps giving good dramas. I hope this is one of them too. I like well written drama with good plots.
  12. @Sejabin ~ are you under stress? you have been having tummy aches often... sometimes, stress also affects tummy. remember one year that happened to me. it made my migraines bad and I could hardly eat for months. ended up eating lots of ice cream/vanilla milk shakes as that was one of the few things I didn't throw up... but anyway, take care of yourself. 574
  13. Compered with many other tv-shows supernatural element in HICTM is quite low, just enough to make a story but not enough to expect all kind of miracles to happen. I mean that there is more spiritual than magical. That is why making wish to the star - believable, but if, for example, Khem will drag them to some kind of magician he is definitely turns out to be fraud not real one. That i was trying to say by "miracle can't be magical". Since my associations for magic is kind of Harry Potter-thing. It's good you brought theme of stars up. I'm so like this idea now. I think there is moral dilemma. As i understood they believe that after death a person reincarnate. So it's a natural going of things. Even if he stuck as a ghost in the middle.. when waiting is over he will reincarnate eventually. So probably for Thun would feel totally wrong to hold Met back when by all rules he should move on. I love how you phrased it.
  14. + 2 @Ameera Ali I am sleeping but suddenly feel hungry
  15. OMG your post made me laughing so much. Im not over PMY chemistry with PSJ as yet and it doesnt help that Deok Mi's bestie name is Seon Joo. To me it sounds like he said Seo Joon and another coincidence (I dont believe in coincidence lol!)...her exDirector boss secretary is also called Secretary Kim What can I say? PMY has a real gift in developing a loving and believable chemistry with her male leads. It was a smooth move. I loved how he put his hand against the wall to protect her from hitting her head. Their chemistry is SLOWLY sizzling and I cant imagine how hot it'll be when their kiss does happen and escalates further. *Gulps* cr. trendingkdrama in tumblr Am I the only one whom was disappointed that it didnt happen Watching it live last night surely I wasnt the only one thinking like in Ryan's words @jeonghyang our dearest gifmaster how on earth did u cope?? and THANK YOU for live recapping the eps with your gifs and to @turtlegirl as well
  16. Finally !!!! After such a long time ... Chocolate is here ...even if we have to wait a little more. Drama will start filming on May in Greece , it will be a pre production drama ...if I'm not wrong it's the first time for Jiwonnie to filming a pre prod drama and we have to wait till Nov . Chef Moon Cha Young ...Fighting ... I'm waiting for you !!! Some of location in Greece are so beautiful ... cto.
  17. This is central sulawesi. Our pork recipes are coming from north sulawesi xixixixixi. I love brenebon much. Specially if we eat it with acar + dabu2 manado + kerupuk udang ohhhhhh HEAVEN you made me remember that tomorrow is saturday., I will go to the special market and buy pork ribs and cooked this oh why I open soompi. I am hungry now just bu typing this
  18. Hi Guys ^^,I know this is not a proper discussion but I need your help! I'm in my final year at uni in London and doing my thesis on Kpop and how the Asians living in main hubs like the U.S and Europe are positively helping it become global. So if you're Asian or of Asian descent and live in the U.S or Europe please fill this survey! I've been a fan of Kpop for 11 years and I love it enough to do my thesis on it haha and your help would help me raise the awareness of it to all my classmates and teachers! https://forms.gle/ViSe8JyeaHrc...Thanks a lot in advance
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