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  2. Yes, he was the king in that movie. Fan art poster *** Drama fashion
  3. So a few thoughts pretty chingus... I finally watched the last two episodes and one thing that immediately came to mind was this BBC documentary I saw about the rise in mail order brides in South Korea. A lot of young and working women there have chosen not to get married. This is a global trend where women all over the world are either choosing not to get married or choosing to marry later in life. Due to this in SK, a lot of men (most of them in that (32-42 age range) are seeking mail order brides from the Philippines. The reason I thought of this was due to the conversation MS had with her MIL. The MIL felt like because she suffered and had to deal with giving up whatever hopes and dreams she had to be a stay-at-home wife and mother, so should MS. However, MS has been working just as long as her son and seems to be a trusted senior level bank employee. Why should she nix the chance at being an executive when she is just as capable as anyone else? I got the distinct feeling her MIL had a terrible MIL and now she wants her DIL to go through the same thing. So, to help make ends meet, she is a working mom who unfortunately has to rely HEAVILY on her mother to help out. I personally did not expect MS to take her husband's side in this whole fiasco. I get that he is who she goes home to at night, but she knows how ridiculous her husband is, and should have come up with a different solution before she had this big fight with her mother, who yes, is a nag, but is sorely under appreciated. The fact is, he wouldn't have felt the way that he did had he not got caught with his pants down in front of her. That is really what all of this was about. But I am so glad he is such a mama's boy and went whining to his mother, because now she gets to see what a slob and how useless her son is. Now, MS's mom gets a break and can focus on herself and her restaurant and everybody's happy.I still don't think they are going to make it. MS's husband is not cut out for marriage, he is just too selfish. And MS really got on my nerves these episodes as well. She ONLY has a backbone when dealing with her mother. I know her mom has to be hurt at what her husband did after everything she has done for them. MS is spoiled herself, which is why she isn't willing to make any sacrifices or step up to the plate so that her mother didn't have to carry such a heavy burden in the first place. This is a blessing in disguise that all of the parties will learn from. MH needs some development. We are already a quarter of the way into the show and she is still whining and feeling sorry for herself. Part of being a writer is willing to go back to the drawing board and make a story better. This means sometimes, you have to look at what you wrote and say it isn't good and then come up with something better. Things came to her easily when she was in college and now they aren't so she is ready to give up and be a career part-timer. I'm over it. Either write something better for her or give her less screen time. MR is going to have to start playing chess or leave the company. She acted out at the executive meeting after just one meeting with the Chairman, and should have known there would be retaliation. Instead, she showed up to the golf social only to deliver the excuse that she couldn't participate because she can't play. I believe if the CEO wasn't her abandoning mother, she would've learned how to at least drive and put. She is allowing this to put her in a weak position, and I don't think the Chairman is going to save her. He is probably going to make fun of her too. Her only saving grace in this situation is that the CEO is in her feelings too. She is making a lot of rash decisions that is making people question what she has against MR and the Marketing Department. I think this was her strategy all alone before she got into that position, once she found out that MR was the only woman at the management level. Meanwhile, TJ is getting a taste of his aunt's nastiness and how shady his father behaves. Hopefully, he can quietly come up with a plan to bring all of this together without showing his hand. I really enjoyed their scenes together. They are definitely feeling each other and I like how he confessed to her despite the fact that they had been feuding with one another. In contrast to her sister and her husband, MR and TJ communicate to one another very well. When they are wrong, they apologize and take responsibility for their actions. They move on and forgive one another, and then learn new things about each other. This is a couple that will be admired and for good reason. As far as MR's stake in the company, she holds more cards than she realizes. I believe the CEO will use her and then find some ridiculous reason (probably a mistake of a co-worker) to fire her. That is when MR should drop the bomb. When the truth gets out, and we all know it will, it will rock the company. CEO who has secret child that she abandoned to join company family, fires said child without realizing it was her long abandoned daughter. Can you imagine that headline? It would be a HOT mess!
  4. I think I am going to wait one more week and binge 4 episodes straight. Waiting weekly is really frustrating LOL But that's not stopping me from spoiling myself with recaps and previews. Anyone else shares the same sentiment?? That aside I AM GLAD HE FOUND OUT ALL THE TRUTH Now Ryan Gold let your feelings for Doek Mi SOAR!!! I really want him to understand why she fangirls and how that's part of her and not a hobby and love her all the same. Perhaps if Si An ends up being his brother or something( I somehow feel he is) then he probably won't mind. So far they have shown his character as someone who has deep pathos and truly understands things. If they bring things like noble idiocy and jealousy and such nonsense I will flip a LID.
  5. Oh yes, that sword throwing is phenomenal. What would be better is if that whole darn sign fall off the wall. Take that you hypocritical Ming Sect. Goodness gracious - they cut the entire Mongol Prince scenes? That poor actor. He must have been so excited to appear in the show.
  6. Lots of PPL in this drama but they incorporated it well in the story. Yeah...She was so young there. She was 20. Young-Mi is still today a very good villainess. Made an impact on people. I read a few years ago when some people confessed that they could not watch her in another role because they still hated her for that role. But she gained fans too. I am familiar with all the actors except for a few (the uncle, Mi Hye, Jin Soo). I did not watched Ki Tae Young in a drama but I knew who he is from the variety show. Speaking of the angst. It will be so hard for our hearts. There was a scene in the last episode who made me think about the future angst scenes. My heart hurt a little. Mi Ri was coming from the meeting with Mi sun when she had that emotional outburst. Tae Joo has just spoke on the phone with In sook. They met at the entrance to the building. They looked at each other without saying anything, when Tae Joo was about to make a move towards her, Mi Ri left quickly, avoiding the moment. I like their scenes too. Woo Jin`s dad seamed to be a good man. I am sorry that he died. Through Mi Hye`s book, he told his son to listen to his heart more.
  7. REVEAL! NCT's wardrobe (Johnny's Fashion Evaluation) | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.9
  8. I just noticed that his pajamas match the bedding. It makes it looks like she's completely surrounded and wrapped protectively by him. Clever story-telling through imagery What drama is OMV? Oh, wait! Never mind! Lol.
  9. Kang Ki Young shared the story behind the beginning of his relationship with his now fiancée on MBC’s “Radio Star.” On the April 24 broadcast, the actor appeared as a guest on the variety show and talked about his upcoming marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend. “I gave an interview after the end of ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary […] The post Kang Ki Young Reveals How He Met His Fiancée appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. I think for sure they cut maybe like 4/5 episodes. But 20 episodes is crazy. I've never heard of that in drama filming history lol.
  11. I totally agree with you, I can't even describe how perfect that scene was... Anyway I'm a fan of kdrama romantic scenes until I watched WWWSK, now I'm not a fan of romantic scenes anymore, I feel like ppc romantic scenes is unbeatable and it makes me uninterested to watch romantic drama. I think I'm not gonna get bored to watch wwwsk even 100x
  12. It seems like they kinda confirm it via their reply in weibo to a question pose by the fan
  13. Did the team actually confirm it or is it just speculation? 20 episodes worth of cut scenes sound crazy and unrealistic.
  14. Today
  15. OK SJ is going for the treatment very good. This also gives hope for others with the same illness
  16. @kur4p1k4 https://m.weibo.cn/2673422545/4364733928820914 This is for you. The forest part with funny captions on top is out. I think it mean, instead of epi 23, min min will be out in 19. So it means some scenes in the episodes before minmin appearance will somehow be cut to allow her to appear earlier, which mean there is slight chance that we might get to see the cut scenes at second half of the show
  17. I'm not sure what they mean to let MinMin appear early. Is that mean there scene before she met WJ that got cut.
  18. In the preview DM seems to be peeping into Ryan's private back room where his paintings are and can't help but enter. Ryan drags her out and that's when he asks "You’re not thinking that we’re really dating, are you?" I think. Then maybe, feeling conflicted, he runs after her like a madmen, and cue a rooftop kiss. Just maybe.
  19. I believe they cut to let minmin appear earlier. Because tvb is very into ZM. They know their audience I just read that the team confirm that there were initially about 70 episodes but cut to 50. They are still not sure if they will release the cut scenes https://m.weibo.cn/1807125770/4364683949292545
  20. Here is a snippet posted by the MMA I'm headed to Goyang! Hope he stops for a bit as he exits the base.
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