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  2. I personally love the hug when Vp Lee get jealous, and the one when he told miso he will be there no matter what her decision is, his hand was massaging her , it looks so awe. For PMY, i love the one when she was wearing the gown, she really hugged him with both her hand n caressing his back.. that’s unusual hug of her to VP Lee..
  3. Wow dear... What am I see here..????! This is fantastic! Yes, when big sis popped out of the prison, she was so like "Where is the guy, Jung Gook??"... And they are teaming up to turn their back on our pretty loan shark Then Hoo Ja has to find a big defense to survive from her big sis! And omo, she looks so pleased to meet him! This is gonna be the coolest of the coolest show ever! Can't wait to see tonight's eps!
  4. @Bella01 DM the link happy watching! thanks.. this dude is such delicous ice cream
  5. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4359482811080057 I love story like this, fan opening a photo studio. Dongwan said in his talk that one should always be grateful to fans. I think we as fans feel grateful to him too. Thank you Kim Dongwan!
  6. Oh YYAYY!!!! Thanks for the warm welcome, chingu!! I've seen you in his soompi thread when I check it silently but now I should drop by & leave a comment for him!! And of course, he needs more recognition & he has mostly been doing villain roles so far!! Hence I think I am more intriguing to watch his decent side in this series! Hehehe.... The description says he's a mean spirited fashion designer!! But it's hard to tell by the trailers, isn't it..??! He looks so cute & is afraid of his wife or something!!!! I am really looking forward to this series as it will be a fantastic ride to watch Shin Sung Rok in the 1st rom-com lead role!!! I love this poster as well! Goes perfectly with the plot... So dreamy!!!! Then is it centered around his wife or something..???! I guess her transformation from older to younger using the perfume is the key point for the show!!! Well... We can't see her face though
  7. You do not worry sis. I am a allergy. I hate people who smoke. If he is a man who smokes regularly, I wouldn't love him. He used to smoke for his career and society. He is known in the entertainment industry as a person who loves clean health. Throughout the past, he never made me feel disappointed that loved him.
  8. OK, now I want to taste it. **** About the preview. I love it when Tae Joo is telling his father and In Sook that he will go after Mi ri. When Chairman Han will see that he can`t persuade him to break up with her, I think he will reveal his secret before he has a chance to talk with Mi Ri about it. I am curious what possition in the company he will get Tae Joo. He won`t be a newbie anymore. He will get a chance to meet often the Marketing team members? BTW...Good bye the backpacks!
  9. You're not alone~ I am having a very serious LaBit symptoms everyday, never any 'couples' in drama will make me go into STS mode. Ever since I started watching HPL, I've already fell into the shipping mode with them. Because of HPL, I have to put hiatus on my variety shows for now. I simply cannot concentrate at all, I am literally watching HPL all over again while waiting for the next episode. This is how serious I am falling into right now. I cannot imagine when this drama ends because it will take a long time for me to have such withdrawal symptoms. Can they extend till Episode 20?
  10. I've been waiting to see him with a hairstyle like his current IG post. I personally love this style. If he keeps it longer, I can see him playing a badass role or antagonist role with this hairstyle.
  11. I don't why I feel slightly uncomfortable whenever I find any of my favourite male smoking! I know it's everyone personal choice & smoking seems mandatory if you are born as a man. but i'll never understand what's so damn addictive about smoking cigarettes I mean it's not even tasty you are just literally inhaling smoke what's so good about this! having said that I hope he is a occasional smoker or something if he still hasn't quit yet!
  12. It looks almost like a jealousy! As if BJS's thoughts are like this: "Why was DKW allowed to get a tattoo? KW is recognized as the best (potential) criminal, better than me? Ok, I'll show you WHO is the best!" His words to KKJ (that she should be worry about herself because DKW is next to her) seem like a warning "you have a real criminal very close but you worry abt me!" Poor KKJ, this is the only thing I can say If these two (Kosuke&BJS) will begin to find out who is the best...
  13. I think that this is one of KW's many nightmares. As it'll get harder to control Kousuke, KW will probably be afraid to hurt his team members. Did you spot KJ in that scene? I think she's not there, right? If so, I guess KW will have a different nightmare about her. BTW, since Kousuke's trigger is a bloody ear, I think that if ever KW sees KJ's bloody ear, he'll completely lose it.  I hope so! It's so bazaar! I'm scared hahahaha but masked KW did appear in front of KJ before. Like KJ pointing the gun at KW. So not too sure if it's real or fake on the contrary. If KJ is not there, it might also be true too. Gah!it's so confusing hahahaha i really want to know now ahah
  14. Lol im drowning myself into dark drama "My Mister". I must be a massochist. I'm drawn to a romance without romance. If thats even make sense lol. Im still thinking about the ending at 00:00. Lol give u blanket and turtle... i also need one myself @ktcjdrama @Lmangla lol u were right about this drama hahaha..... 570
  15. Haha little bit awkward after that , he says I mistook you for VP ...ya right ...but I love this bit when he realised that she may feel a little lacking about herself, he puts this imaginary cloak of confidence over her ! It really made her happy Next day as they were getting ready for the presentation, she was helping him to wear his jacket , she puts her head on his heart & says his heart is beating so fast ! ( WAH for employer- employee relationship, these two sure hv lots of skinship & close physical proximity!!!) She encouraged him , and returned the favour - putting on an imaginary cloak of confidence for him The real VP comes for the meeting & sits next to Gal Hee - and then that’s when the episode ends with Min Ik suddenly able to see faces again as he stepped up to give his speech .
  16. So I've binged watched up till episode 11 and my heart ache for poor SH. Bystanders words are usually the worst when they know nothing and they judge everything. I'm not sure if I get the timeline of bullying or the fallout between JS and SH correct. Did JS start attacking SH before or after Da Hee's birthday (September 19)? SH started to reach out to Dong Hee way before hence the fallout of SH and JS? Or after he knew what happened to Da Hee, he started to "see" the real JS and he reach out to Dong Hee.
  17. I think that this is one of KW's many nightmares. As it'll get harder to control Kousuke, KW will probably be afraid to hurt his team members. Did you spot KJ in that scene? I think she's not there, right? If so, I guess KW will have a different nightmare about her. BTW, since Kousuke's trigger is a bloody ear, I think that if ever KW sees KJ's bloody ear, he'll completely lose it. Lots of HQ BTS pictures from OCN http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=14 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=15 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=16 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=17 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=18 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=19 Cutie KJ
  18. same here.. I started watching Abyss..and stopped in the middle of ep 2, and kept going back to replaying HPL clips .. I dont have anybody in real life to fangirl with, so I also kept coming back here to read and spazz together with you guys...
  19. Lol I think its cause before I went to bed I watched WWWSK again and I stopped at ep 13(bed scene) and once again I thought to myself “this is too insanely good to not be a real thing between them two” hahaha u should try Ooh please as if I didn't destroyed the replay button while watching epi 13 in the middle of the night when I first found about wwwsk! But I still don't get any wild dreams like you guys have!
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