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  2. Not sure why . But think he came alone. SHJ new movie should be good. I’m waiting for YYS to sign new drama . By the way your oppa LMH is done with military. +2
  3. 724. My mdl custom list. Oppa Vs Dongsaeng I think oppa way more delicious! Let me know whats ur vote lol.
  4. Park Yoochun has been arrested. On April 26, the Suwon District Court issued a warrant for Park Yoochun’s arrest and stated, “The necessity for [Park Yoochun’s] arrest and its significance are recognized as there are concerns of [Park Yoochun] destroying evidence or fleeing.” Previously on April 23, the Narcotics Unit of the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police […] The post Park Yoochun Placed Under Arrest appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  5. Wait. Director Seon is working with NYJ? I thought Director Seon turned his back on NJY again when he met up with LJJ towards the end? The latest episode has me all excited and worried and confused. Me while watching: One moment, it's victory for NJY! Another moment, it's set back for NJY! Another moment, it's victory again. And then set back again. And victory and set back and victory and the cycle continues... And in the end... I no longer know who is winning now. Lol Help anyone? Lol
  6. 722 @Lawyerh I plan to watch it This weekend. Btw the girl is from a movie 1000 pounds right? btw I like autumn in my heart. Perhaps because the story and it was wonbin hahaha.. also that was my first time watching kdrama.
  7. [Fanart] #박신혜 #ParkShinHye (cr : e_young_88 https://www.instagram.com/p/BwsdBNwnjQo/ )
  8. Aaaaarrrggghhh!!! The fake papz scene!! LMAO!!! I love KJW's confuse face every time he sees her "lesbian lover".... I am DEAD!!! Love their secret tryst pictures taking.... @sushilicious Btw, nothing sweet or fluffy in HPL.... +2
  9. can't wait @Lawyerh @gm4queen @jenappelle @selenette @Heidi Seow
  10. Hi guys, I've been lurking into this thread and enjoyed reading your comments. This drama easily one of the best Kdramas for me for this year. I managed to meet the actors when they came to Kota Kinabalu and took few pics with the cast. Except for the main actors, most of them declined to be photographed. I bet they're tired. Ko Jun is very easy going though. He went alone to the McDonald's and queued for an ice cream Here's a link that mrsmyeolchi took last night at the airport. Those 4 were the the last to enter the boarding hall and when it's over it was almost 1am when we left the airport
  11. Its true and SBS waste didnt promote this drama well just like I mention before.Its so sad so not many people to know this drama..its past and I hope all cast and production deserve better reward after this.. May be season 2..we know the history Yeongjo son right.
  12. For me, who is PSJ's fan. I'm ok with Kim da mi. I used to watch her movie. She is a talented new actress And she looks cute. I was not surprised that she received this role. Because this drama company comes from the movie and she came from the movie as well. If not disturb. Have another interesting interview? Can you translate it for us to read? ,please .
  13. 718 tell me if anything interesting happening. I might pick him up back for prison.
  14. Lots of new posts & updates from HJ on his social media today including on his Ameblo account - PARADISE CITY広報大使ファンミーティング開催! (Announcement of HJ’s 16Jun FM at the Paradise City) by MichLui https://ameblo.jp/heneciamusic/entry-12457009882.html
  15. Too Hot To Handle!!! Episode 5-6 Recap: https://www.asiandrama4u.com/her-private-life-episode-5-6-recap/
  16. Every episode makes me laugh, all the characters are interesting, Rebecca too. But, still I like the scenes between KB and YR the most, and how their relationship is developing.
  17. 716 Gonna probably watch My Doctor Who is working in the Prison now.
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