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  2. General consensus is that term belongs to YBH, since in the original novel WJ/ZZR met and parted within the same day, whereas WJ/YBH spent several months travelling thousands of miles together. But I guess for the drama, they want to hype up the love triangle so they're promoting it this way. I read a few pages back that TVB cut out some poetry that ZCS recited before his death? I just watched the TVB version but all the lines are still there. So confusing, I wonder if there are multiple versions floating around
  3. Why is he sooooo handsome and charasmatic!?! Can we all please take a moment to admire his royal hotness Thanks for all the pics!
  4. Regarding WJ-ZR, for me, their childhood memories still not qualified as childhood sweethearts for me personally. They forged their childhood friendship, absolutely. But I am not sure I would call then childhood sweetheart. I am not even convinced he ever loved her, to be honest. He likes her (just like he likes the other girls ), he adores her (albeit more because of their childhood memories instead of the present ZR, I suspect), so I think ZR definitely can be considered his childhood fond memories/crush/infatuation (his first infatuation would be the Zhu (?) lady with dogs that he met) . Ultimately though, true and last love that has withstood and survived all the ups and downs of life and temptations won over childhood crush/infatuations or even first love. Now, for personal favorite WJ-MM moments, i have a lot. Perhaps I'll put more details in future posts, but some of my ultimate favorites: 1. After she saved him from his unwanted betrothal. These moments, especially from the farmer's house, are just too sweet. Simple yet effective in showing how compatible they are and also sweet. 2. When he found out she's alive. Wheew.. The relief he must have felt, shown by his grinning face in the following scenes lol. 3. Whenever he stood up for his Min min, especially: shielding her from ZR on the almost wedding day, asserting his authority againts the members and his uncle who wanted to harm her. That's very man hahaha. 4. Their early banter and flirting. 5. I might be in the minority for this, but I love their last breakup scene. You see a different picture, where ZM was resolute in her decision to let go of WJ, while WJ was not willing to let go. It's nice to see that he is actually willing to fight for her, even after she rejected him, instead of her fighting for him. Sounds mean but I am glad WJ learned his lessons so I hope he treated Min min well after their reunion in the grassland Peace all
  5. @drakelaw Maybe because people expect her to be in action genre. But i agree with you, i love her role in TTWWNIL. I finished watching it in 2days! Haha
  6. Hi bohmi, thanks for sharing this. They appeared on SBS Power FM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show.” yesterday. Moon So Ri talked about her first impression of Park Hyung Sik. She said that from the first day of filming, he called her "noona" & he’s the first to ever call her that. hahaha - He said that Moon So Ri helped him a lot during shooting because he got nervous. “Juror 8” premieres on May 15. Can't wait to watch the movie! Fighting!
  7. Arts, as it appeals to feelings and perception, is subjective so am perfectly okay when someone doesn't like what I like, because a lot of times I don't like what many people like While I agree that MLG's script was ultimately responsible for the drama's low rating, unlike the writer of the soompi post, I have no issue with Hyun Wook falling in love with the younger sister of his deceased girlfriend. Supposedly, Se Na was a strong girl, different from most of the girls in the showbiz even though she aspired to be a musician/song-writer and I could see why HW fell for her. Of course, on the screen, like you @willenette, I don't think Krystal was up to the role. She was too young for it - I don't mean her age, rather I don't think she had enough life experience to portray such a character. Side note: 11 years before MLG, Rain was cast to portray someone 6-7 years older than his real age (Cha Sang Doo was supposed to be around 27-28 years old when Rain was only 21) and he performed beautifully. In my opinion, his excellent performance owed a lot to the fact that up to that point Rain had been through lots of unfortunate experience, he had had to fight hard, he himself has a big kind heart and a strong love for life, so he had a good reservoir of emotion to tap into and project out. Besides, though at the time of Sang Doo, Let's Go To School, Rain had had no acting experience, except for a few acting courses he took at Anyang Arts Highschool (which he often skipped to practice dancing), he did have good acting potential, as observed by his teacher of acting (one of the seven Rainmakers ). Back to MLG, my biggest issues, aside from Krystal's acting, are when the screenwriter decided to have Hyun Wook delayed telling Se Na the truth and eventually let Se Na receive the news from Jae Young instead (arghhh!) and then, 4 episodes later, have Se Na swayed by Hyun Wook's father's words and decided to leave him. That totally doesn't make any freaking sense to me. But I love MLG, really. It's a drama I can come back watching any time, because of Rain's acting - he carried the whole drama. I love how Rain portrayed LHW's loneliness, I love LHW's wit and I love LHW's love for Se Na. MLG isn't as good a drama of Rain as his other K-dramas but, and it's a big BUT, MLG has a happy ending (yay!). Of course, Dalbongie is a huge plus
  8. The banners look very pretty and good.... thanks so much for your hardwork updating them
  9. Please let us know if it's going to be 50 episodes, 60 minutes/ep (Weibo source). If that's the case the Korean version might include some cut scenes.
  10. I hope the production team would have more extra time before the airing date, so it doesn’t have to rush during the live shooting, and the quality of the drama would be improved. I could hardly wait to see the chemistry of the cast. Hum Nana appears to have short hair. I wonder whether it’s an old photo of hers or she cut her hair for the drama. It seems Kill-it(12eps) should be done airing by 4-27/28. Though Nana is still shooting for Kill-it, Choi Jin-hyuk (Lee Tae Kyung) & Son Hyun-joo (Song Woo Yong) have a lot of story lines together in the drama so the production team shouldn’t have any problems filming without Nana.
  11. Forest part Done! Hope all of you enjoy it and it's understandable. Apologies for the sloppy translation Cheers!
  12. RG's gazes are no joke. His eyes is full of sexiness and I feel like a pervert watching him UNTANGLED THE SCARF! And this scene... I'll kiss him right away if I'm DM >< Lastly, the master of the gaze. *standing ovation* Last night's episode is actually about RG's gaze lol
  13. BTS pictures with the cast of Mother of Mine http://news1.kr/articles/?3605905 Kim So Yeon and Kim Ha Kyung
  14. that’s weird. y did they take out the whole ep?? maybe u can try contacting customer service to find out more??
  15. Just saw OST list for this drama while trying to figure out who is the girl next to Ryan. Me and my friend argue about whose the girl and it turn out to be Deokmi shi So they gonna release another 3 more OST after this.. OST Part 3 will be Shining Star by IN2IT
  16. If anyone wants a recap of unsubbed episodes please message me, then I can make a post for those who would like a summary.
  17. I'm no ZR fan, but weren't WJ and ZR considered childhood sweethearts or is that a bit of stretch? Would love to hear your thoughts.
  18. The raining scene. Why wouldn't I return? I know you are waiting for me, no matter where I am (?), I will always come back to your side. The coffin scene. MinMin, I don't care what you think. I'll definitely go look for you. After I finished the duties I promised, no matter where you are(?). I'll definitely bring you back to my side.
  19. PROMIZ FB Update Bright spring, A gem of a day to be together, and a heart of warm happiness PROMIZ expects days coming for Lee Min Ho with us.
  20. 190424 XIAOJUN Weibo Update “I was looking through some photos of Kun-ge and myself, all of them have scissor hands (peace sign) ” Translated by meltIips & PeachyDelights - SM_NCT
  21. The police have booked 17 women for prostitution charges that may be linked to Seungri. Seungri has been suspected of mediating prostitution services in instances including for a foreign investor at Club Arena in 2015, for Japanese investors at a Christmas party in 2015, and at his birthday party in Palawan in 2017. On April 25, an official at the Seoul […] The post 17 Women Booked For Prostitution In Relation To Suspicions Of Seungri’s Mediation With Japanese Businessmen appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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