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  2. @ross27 I'm glad you get me . Happy also to see those little YeoYeo moments, even they're just a few. I can take anything I can get from them .
  3. HyunJoong YouTube channel update! HJ CHANNEL(현중채널) - 김쉐프의 불짬뽕만들기 #김현중 #キム・ヒョンジュン Please like and leave positive comments for Our Only One #KimHyunJoong
  4. Park Bo-gum was chosen because he can appeal to both young and middle-aged customers. His fan base consists not only of young people but of persons of all ages. "The financial sector was highly interested as to who will succeed Wanna One as the the new endorser of Shinhan Bank (...) some in the industry predicted that Shinhan Bank would hire a new idol once again, but Jin Ok-dong's choice (New Bank President) was different. Park Bo-gum was chosen because he can appeal to both young and middle-aged customers. Note: KB Kookmin Bank Endorser is BTS and Woori Bank's endorser is Black Pink. Trans and Tweet by @sword0616
  5. If im not mistaken, the producers of the WWWSK did sent PMY coffee truck earlier on right... thought i read it somewhere.... but yes, I'm sure PSJ knows Park Park fans wants him to do that... haha..
  6. Just a clarification to some fans in twitter: Her Private Life did not trend Worldwide. If you turned on the "Trends For You" button on Twitter, it's what that will appear whenever you search Worldwide trends especially for mobile twitter. It is based tweets of the persons you follow.
  7. [HENECIA JP] 『2019 PARADISE CITY広報大使 KIM HYUN JOONG FANMEETING in PARADISE CITY』 のご案内 https://henecia.jp/news/detail.php?nid=xohzKVKfj9w= … 来る2019年6月16日(日)に韓国で 『2019 PARADISE CITY 広報大使 KIM HYUN JOONG FANMEETING in PARADISE CITY』 の開催が決定しました!… 申込>> https://www.nta.co.jp/kaigai/season/special/2019kimhyunjoong0616/index.htm … by chikiyumi
  8. Just finish watching ep6 - Have been watching it 3 weeks and one thing that caught my eye is Ryan's apartment - the blue background, reminded me WWWSK - the promotional video shot for the drama back then - since it is a tvn production, im sure it should be at tvn's studio, hence the same background... sorry, I'm not over her last drama, but the reminders are just there... - the last bus stop scene- everyone else has to go to the other stand since PMY use that for her lonely bus stop scene - heh - Si An - sigh - he looks so thinnnnnnn..... Joo Hyuk (darn, reminded me of Weightlifting Fairy), the boy who dropped more coffee cups at his workplace, looks better than Si An.... haha --------------------- As for the drama - Great to see Ryan Gold making effort to know DM, and slowly falling in love with her.... KJW looks more handsome when he smiles and he should do that more often.... And the kiss... woh, if it got more hotter, im sure PSJ will call PMY immediately, haha... anyways, since it's the 1st kiss, im sure it will get better throughout the next episodes until the end... they wouldn't want another complaint due to the hot scene right... hehehe.. though we as fans welcome it... And whose that red car stalker, her face is so bland... haiz... ------------------ Next episode - Happy to see DM's mom being happy - the fact that DM is actually dating and not wasting her life fangirling... hahha
  9. Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young are just six episodes in to tvN’s “Her Private Life” but they have everyone’s hearts pounding with their amazing chemistry! tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama has released a new behind-the-scenes making video that shows how the cast and crew have fun on the set of “Her Private Life” while also creating great […] The post Watch: Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Share Heart-Stopping Moments In “Her Private Life” Making Video appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. @Lawyerh I know , I love to talk about him , @sushilicious he hurt , ask you why you not liking him , he ready to do test about Kim if that help -2
  11. Argh! Just done with the ep and I am full of FEELINGS!! I want to share my thoughts about the peck. The peck they had later that day that DM will never count as a kiss? I bet she has wilder ideas. I have a teeny tiny suspicion about it. It does look half-hearted to me. It doesn't look like a spur-of-the-moment, impulse kiss that I expected when RG is so overwhelmed with feeling sorry at how he acted earlier. Also, I didn't think him to be the type to take a kiss without permission, so I'm leaning a wee bit to the theory that he might have done it because of CUPATCH, and that after that quick peck, he'd silently whisper to her why he did so. But of course, as shown in the preview, the parents saw it too lol. Also, I know previews are tricky af so I feel like RG's YES right after DM's mom's question isn't an answer to it. I feel like RG would choose a more careful answer to that, although still telling the *wink* truth. Just a thought.
  12. There will be a little bit of replay, but I doubt there will be any significant continuation since the text preview stated that they got caught by DM's parents?.... Never mind that... I'm now hoping for and looking forward to a blindfold kiss. Please PD-nim...
  13. @sushilicious love ur new dp. But i got complain. Why hes trying to hide his mustache?? Btw MDL i also follow u create custom list. Try to figure out for minutes how to show the pics lol. @Ameera Ali hard selling often not working. We need to figure out other way lol. Kidding. I think she really will not touch lion. Let her be 698
  14. For @sushilicious What he telling us Warning don’t try at home You will rip your pants pain on knees go join the lion , he young and sexy @Lawyerh is that hard sell -2
  15. guess no one has watched this week's episodes yet? so watched ep 17 & 18 -- the boardroom antics were kind of amusing. it is all out war! VP Lee had me cackling at some points at the way he directly hits out Kang. and now that Han is team Kang, she is firing on all cylinders. Kang is so sly in that he tries to use Noh's wife as a way to get Noh out of Korea. however, Noh's decision becomes easier as the wife refuses to leave and simply tells him that she doesn't like beholden to the bank and Kang is being shady for coming up with such an offer. what is going on with Moon? did he find something in the data centre but was threatened? and all that sharp shooting in the end, Noh gets to the heart by asking Kang a direct question -- bullets fired!
  16. Kim Ok Bin has made a transformation into her character Tae Al Ha for tvN’s upcoming weekend drama “Arthdal Chronicles” (literal translation). “Arthdal Chronicles” will premiere in June as the follow-up to “Confession” and will tell the story of heroes and their fate as legends in the fictional city of Arthdal. Kim Ok Bin will […] The post Kim Ok Bin Is An Ambitious And Intelligent Woman In First Stills For Upcoming tvN Drama appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  17. That’s what I thought. But so many comments mentioned them faking the kiss even in bts and I starting doubt myself. I hope they will start ep 7 with the continuation of that scene.
  18. BTOB’s Yook Sungjae may be starring in a new JTBC drama! On April 26, source from JTBC said, “We are preparing to make webtoon ‘Ssang Gap Pocha’ (romanized title) into a drama. Yook Sungjae is in talks to play the main character. The broadcast date has not been decided yet.” “Ssang Gap Pocha” by Bae Hye Soo tells the […] The post BTOB’s Yook Sungjae In Talks To Star In New JTBC Drama Based On Hit Webtoon appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  19. They didn’t though. If you see the BTS they really did kiss! But I think the angle was slightly off
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