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  2. I'm beginning to think this is possible! They were separated through unfortunate circumstances. Ryan was found by DM's mum. But she could not afford to keep another child at home and hence she placed him in the orphanage.
  3. Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Share A Tender Morning Kiss In “Her Private Life” Drama Preview May 22, 2019 by S. Nam tvN’s drama “Her Private Life” has shared new romantic stills of Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook on their way to work! The Wednesday-Thursday drama has been dominating the buzzworthy drama list, topping Good Data Corporation’s list of most buzzworthy dramas for three consecutive weeks. Along with the drama, Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young have also kept their positions as No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, on the buzzworthy actors list for two weeks in a row, proving the drama’s popularity. In the newly released stills, Park Min Young (playing Sung Duk Mi) and Kim Jae Wook (playing Ryan Gold) are showing their adorable chemistry from the break of dawn. They are looking lovingly into each other’s gaze as they share a conversation nonstop, making viewers fawn over their undeniable sweetness. Notably, Park Min Young has transformed into Kim Jae Wook’s “Morning Angel.” After stroking Kim Jae Wook’s cheeks, Park Min Young stands on her tiptoes to deliver a heart-fluttering kiss on his cheek. Her unexpected morning kiss wakes Kim Jae Wook up completely from his morning grogginess. Viewers also felt their hearts flutter while seeing the lovely couple smile because they seemed as if they were happy just by looking into each other’s eyes. The production team of “Her Private Life” shared, “Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook, after sharing his childhood secret with her, will show an even sturdier and stronger love. Please keep an eye out until the end for the two people’s romance, which will become stronger as it gets deeper.” “Her Private Life” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST. Catch the latest episode below!
  4. Hi i have been following postings here ..i love this group i share most of the opinions..most recently about the "romance dating of syj and hyunbin"..I Am a believer! Lol coz it is so obvious! Cmon! ...let me just say Im a huge SYJ fan been for so long coz she a great actress and so pretty anyway decided to join now coz its really happening my girl syj has fallen in lovemy heart is overjoyed..i keep on thinking that if they confirm the drama ..my bet of them being real couple is more evident..well the photo of them grocery shopping is very convincing as it is...and their actions afterwards...both of them being so quite .. and for me they made effort to be low key afterwards, not to be seen together, syj looking ackward at the mediheal event, which if they are just friends they can just chat ( negotiation movie and promotions and US met up is most recent so its unusual that no photos of them greeting or chatting in that event) and not look ackward....they could just make fun of the rumors address the grocery shopping incident innocently as they are supposed to be "close friends" who met at the US... but they did not...and then syj not accepting a lot of offered projects ( i think she is really seriously considering settling down) ..not posting on her ig ( she loves to post random pics but she has not for a while) ....I think their actions is really because they personally dont want to deny or lie abt their relationship but they are not at the liberty to admit, atleast as of this time, maybe as respect to their agency or the people whom they worked with for so long. and then now accepting this drama ..im guesing these two accepted this drama so they can be together and media will not be suspicious abt them ..oh anyhow this is getting so long coz im sooo happy of the news ..just grateful that they are willing to share to us their romance thru the drama ( im pretty sure lots of lovey dovey scenes will be so real hehehe) ...meantime ill keep on reading postings here to share the joy.
  5. Cold turkey may be? Most of ex-smokers I know managed to quit due to vaping, wax pens or vaporizers, I dunno, I am not an expert I wish I could give up my coffeine addiction, I just can't substitute coffee with anything.
  6. Thanks for the research. This information really give me hopes. If that was the reason why RG omma let him adopted overseas, i think RG will understand. It can be the best solution for his childhood trauma. For the first time, i saw Lee Seol as CSA omma. I thought she wasn't the type who will abandone her own kid. There must be a strong reason why she let RG adopted by others. Hopefully, RG's trauma will heal for good.. No more trauma. Just focus on your future, and that cute little bunny beside you
  7. It's actually a common greeting for food truck and coffee truck support because they are aware that filming a drama involves long nights of work.
  8. LOL. There's a question in the marie claire interview that is pretty interesting and food for thought. Hahaha. Qn: If you have any thoughts lately (what would it be)? Ans: There is romance in this world, (could be still or not yet). And sincerity eventually works. But cos Wookie ans the question in a way that it gets hard to translate.. so the exact translation is still a little ambiguous. Lol. My friend added this to try and explain her translation. Judging from the last sentence, i assume the middle part shld be “still”... so i guess he trying to say he still believe in romance @ptp321 you are right. Lmao. He didnt have to mention romance at all.. but...
  9. syntyche, yes, dear - wait & see................ But, I do agree with you - it gives him MORE time to prepare. gtLmh, thanks for sharing this candid clip. 2-sets of hands are better than 1 - hahaha. LMH is well-loved.
  10. Loving the new stills, they're so well colour-coordinated that it's a visual treat to see their couple photos. I love how Deok-mi is always so happy to see Ryan and hold his hand, and vice versa. Happy also to see both actors getting support from their colleagues!
  11. The presents from DC inside LMH Gallery to celebrate his 13th debut anniversary. cr Owner via MinoJennyLin83
  13. Finally they finished filming! It took them nearly a year to complete~ Looking forward to the wrap up party pics tomorrow! Hoho
  14. @willenette and @wintertimes So glad that there are positive reactions w/ the confirmation. Judging from the IG & twitter posts so far, many are excited. Though the confirmation took a long time, the wait was worth it... My admiration and respect for HB grew leaps. He's really a man of his word. When he said in the Negotiation promos that he wanted to work w/ Son Yejin in a melo or romcom genre in his next project, he really followed this through.
  15. @seunhyelonly my instinct tells me so, haha! “Arthdal Chronicles” Cast Shares Excitement For The Drama In Teaser For Special Broadcast tvN’s “Arthdal Chronicles” has released a preview for the special broadcast ahead of its premiere! The new weekend drama “Arthdal Chronicles” will weave an exciting tale of heroes who create their own legends in the ancient land called Arth. Song Joong Ki will play Eun Seom, a member of the Wahan tribe, and Kim Ji Won will play Tan Ya, the guardian and shaman of the Wahan tribe. The teaser begins with the captivating description, “tvN’s new legend is beginning.” The video then shows clips of the main leads Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ok Bin, Song Joong Ki, and Kim Ji Won briefly describing the upcoming fantasy drama. Jang Dong Gun who plays Ta Gon, a warrior dreaming to conquer Arthdal for his own, starts off by saying, “Daebak.” Kim Ok Bin explains, “I was really surprised,” and the teaser cuts off to a scene in which her ambitious character Taeilha is threatened with a knife at her throat. Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won appear next, and they sincerely explain, “It is a fascinating and foreign story,” followed by short close-up shots of their characters in action. Finally, the leads appear once more, stating, “‘Arthdal Chronicles,’ the beginning of all the legends in the world,” and Song Joong Ki asks the viewers to tune into the upcoming adventure chronicle. The full interviews and behind-the-scenes footage will be revealed in a special broadcast on May 26 at 9 p.m. KST ahead of the premiere on June 1. https://www.soompi.com/article/1326436wpp/watch-arthdal-chronicles-cast-shares-excitement-for-the-drama-in-teaser-for-special-broadcast
  16. Lol, nah, only the two leads. What cause the general to think she’s an imposter and not the real princess?
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