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  2. woah! it has to be true cause he has such good energy around him. like everything seems good about him so i'm sure he smells good too!
  3. Hyesun's expression is so on point. Bad Yeonseo! She's like: Pppffff, darn that flower! Nice smelling... my foot! (throws) Seriously her acting has reached a whole new level. Whether comedic or emotional scenes, she does it all so effortlessly.
  4. lmao i actually wanted to write "richard simmons" don't why my keyboard auto corrects it to richard simmons but i get your point
  5. Han Ji Min showed her support for her “Familiar Wife” co-star Ji Sung! On May 24, Ji Sung took to his Instagram and shared photos of himself standing in front of a coffee truck that Han Ji Min sent to the set of SBS’s upcoming drama “Doctor Room” (literal title). The photos show banners on the […] The post Han Ji Min Shows Support For Ji Sung And His Upcoming Drama With Special Gift appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. PSJ can actually ask her to teach him English, since he seems very interested and eager to learn English like he said in one of his recent interviews... Maybe a private tutoring session in his home will do? She can just cross the street.
  7. Yoo there is a legitimate american one she would kill. I think she killed 4 husbandz. 766
  8. Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong 'Secretly Greatly' soft power amplification Korea split into two, conducted in the House of Culture May 9 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxytw19FxEM/?igshid=yz09noncbdjx
  9. Source: Mrs. Eugene Choi @KdramaAddict14 Good story though unrealistic. It is also the reunion of #JeonDoYeon and LBH. Liked the angst of KGE's role but LBH & JDY brought the drama to higher level. Their chemistry is really good.
  10. It sounds like the drama’s focus will be the female lead anyway. The acting challenge will be on the body swap premise and it will showcase the female lead’s role more than the male lead. if they end up getting a big female star, then maybe it won’t be as bad as long as ysh plays his part well. It reminds me of strong woman do bong soon. Park bo yung was the main character but park hyun sik ended up getting a good career break because of that. my two cents, It will not be a drama that showcases ysh acting skill but might get a big exposure if he ends up being paired with a bigger star.
  11. NCT 127 has returned with their music video for “Superhuman”! On May 24, the NCT unit released the MV for the title track off their fourth mini album “We Are Superhuman.” The mini album is due to drop today at 6 p.m. KST. “Superhuman” is a Complextro dance track mixed with elements of EDM. It features the […] The post Watch: NCT 127 Is “Superhuman” In Powerful Comeback MV appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. Finally finished re-watching ep 14 with sub. Am glad that DM is always there for RG, helping him in picking up the courage to understand and learnt the truth leading to his overseas adoption. DM’s view is positive and objective, when RG said LS was sorry to him, he viewed it that she is guilty for her abandonment, but DM’s view is RG mother was sorry that she is missing his growing up years. DM is objective to see the truth of the paintings, her approach is very subtle to RG, guiding him to spot the truth of his mother’s work instead of just telling him what she saw, prompting him another round of courage to hear the truth from his mother instead denying her another chance to explain. CSA also knew with the help from DM, the misunderstanding between mother and son could be easily resolved and also at the same time helping her mum to achieve her dream. Like the part when DM address RG as Artist Ryan Gold instead of Museum Director, the last scene is very touching when RG found the courage to hold the pencil and draw out the silhouette compared to the hand tracing.
  13. Coffee truck sent by Chinese fans to Lee Byung Hun BH says: Thanks, Chinese fan club! via Newsen
  14. new bts. as wu qian had said, zhang yu jian is not at all like yan mo, in real life. he's just too playful
  15. 190524 YANGYANG Weibo Update “what are everyone’s weekend plans? " Translated by weishenvpic
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