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  2. A preview translation Ryan: So, that was all one person? Ryan: Test?! Female staff: What is this that I’m seeing now? Male staff: The end of the mysterious designation. (me: think he means some of the mystery surrounding Ryan) SA: Yi Sol’s painting, I’ve found one more. Ryan: How does he know? There isn’t anything known about Yi Sol. Woman: I’ve missed you, Ryan. SA: It’s okay if I get a little greedy, right? Woman: What kind of secret lasts forever? DM: Director! Ryan: You’re not thinking that we’re really dating, are you? DM: What will I do if this person is disappointed in me? SJ: Oh, you really like him.
  3. At the end of my suffering, there was a door. Hear me out that which you call death,I remember. Overhead, noises ,branches of the pine shifting then..nothing. The weak sun flickers over the dry surface. It is terrible to survive as consciousness buried in the dark Earth. Then it was over. That which you fear being a soul and unable to speak ,ending abruptly. The stiff earth’s bending a little and what I took to be a bird darting in low shrub. You who do not remember passage from the other world, I tell you, I can speak again. Whatever returning from oblivion, returns to find a voice. From the center of my life came a fountain, deep blue shadow on azure seawater.” Transcend Yourself!
  4. This so out nowhere Just a month we have news the production completed 8 episode! Wish this was a clue the production so well prepared and well planned to get more time to review the output before airing time is come.
  5. The monolog spoke about suffering and returning from death or near death though.
  6. Thanks @ELY_397 for info and link i thought its same as weibo didn't knew it was ecommerce so its basically both. We use to ask for one pic update but now we get so many good to see her more active.Hope to see her in drama soon. Between a off topic question ? why does chinese drama shows so many scene in opening song itself,its like showing half drama there itself. This pic was uploaded in XHS.
  7. SojuTalk is available on YouTube and most podcast platforms including iTunes and Spotify!! Leave us feedback/questions at sojutalkpodcast@gmail.com. Thanks for the support!!
  8. 600 too hot! I watch a video clip of tonight HPL ep on IG, where they were wet. In the bathroom? In front of the mirror.. oh GOSH -_-! .. they both wet but I feel temperature is hot I feel like I want to slap that guy. Why is he too good in acting hot? (I don’t mean about showing abs) I mean the chemistry. Wet, he opens her mouth, a half lol, touching min young’s wet hair. Difficult breathing... it’s the bathroom!! O.M.G.. I can’t My weakness is whenever the actor having wet scene I will need oxygen tank tomorrow. brb: brush my teeth and wash my face ~_~
  9. Thank you for the gifs @ildiz I heard there will be a KR version HSDS 2019. Is it true?
  10. My English is poor Translation by Google: With Jessica is not true. In 2012 LDW attended good friend Jeong Jun Ha's wedding party. At that party, he met (co-star) Jessica, they chatted each other, Jeong Jun Ha also chatted together, the reporter took pictures of them three and took pictures of LDW and Jessica Two. The next day they two had in a rumour. Kim Hyun Joo was also just co-star. After drama LDW said: Thanks to Kim Hyun Joo ssi, she is nice . She was helpful him during the shooting and had a pleasant cooperation. The others, I don't know about it, no comment. LDW has worked as MC, knows that the atmosphere on the spot is very important and he wants to make everyone happy to shoot. He takes care of other actors, and older actors publicly praise him as a good actor and a good man. The fans of the co-actresses like him and hope that he and their favorite actresses will become a couple. This drama wants to be a couple, and that drama wants to be a couple. There were three of couples have appeared with him in a Variety show: Roommate. Cp fans vigorously publicize and promote, so there are many misleading rumors. Even an actress joked said that after Goblin wanted to marry him. LDW will pursue the woman he likes, and the others women he will politely refuse. In this thread, if you have no a strong heart, you can't understand those rumours. You'll be unhappy. In 2012 LDW attended good friend Jeong Jun Ha's wedding party. At that party, he met (co-star) Jessica, they three chatted. The next day they two had in a rumour.
  11. Welcome to Ji Min forum! Dorky siblings?? credit images to https://www.google.com/amp/s/dramachronicles.com/2019/03/19/so-ji-sub-han-ji-min-uee-seo-in-guk-lee-hong-ki-park-seo-joon-and-yoon-ji-sungs-airport-fashion/amp/
  12. haven't even caught up from last week. not sure but found it kind of hard to just sit through and watch. guess I lost interest. so what was plot twist galore? 598
  13. More videos from the airport https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364682362853401/4364682489466073 https://m.weibo.cn/s/video/index?object_id=1042151:4364597382346222&segment_id=4364597382346222 https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364618282276321/4364618350429833 https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364619163087101/4364619713567348 https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364596245412953/4364596745583390 https://m.weibo.cn/s/video/index?object_id=1042151:4364652646486924&segment_id=4364652646486924
  14. I just wonder how do you know there's no chemistry when the drama has yet to air and there is no interaction between them yet . Looking at the character chart, I'm glad there's no love triangle/square between JJS, YSY and HYR's characters. I'm glad there will be no fighting between bros for the lady. It has been done too much and it will be somewhat similar to Grand Prince.
  15. Hi Everyone, I just started this drama a few days ago and am up to date, now the waiting game begins. I'll just settle in here and make this thread my home for the next couple of weeks. A few fun facts I'd like to share For any of you who are Idol Producer fans, the ending OST is sung by Li Junyi otherwise known as Uncle Junyi by fans Also our giant baby stiff genius physicist is actually a ballroom dancer in real life
  16. Yeah my feeling its empty.. I feel happy crazy and sometimes lost when know this drama will be end next week.. I just crying when people especially the minster can accept and approve the leader of king.. Its not only the politics. Its love make all these happen. I also remember what the father of king wish tell about you to world.. Its give its motivation we need the power to give better life nowadays in society. The king be confident and know what to do next.. Its shows minster can accept the king and cannot decide what will the king do.. How change happen when we follow in episode 1 until now.. Its shows improvement all character and sometimes I also sympaty to Milpoong also.He just naive and bad situation make him as like now.. Just 4 episode only..
  17. @LyraYoo @Lawyerh he looks like a small boy boy
  18. BTS BOBOSNAP FILM X CFY https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364659789113917/4364669269943031
  19. Whoops. Forgot a out in without. Lol. But I really love it! That scene lol...100% and Hae Mi I want to hug the writer if I could. It’s awesome! 600
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