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  2. But, PMY just make a cute, yet funny, meme from this scene. I keep laughing watch her expression, so cute And KJW naturally stroke PMY's hair. I think it becomes habit of him, like, he has done it so manyy times
  3. The difference in the breakfast scene between WWWSK and HPL is when one is awkward (WWWSK), another one is sweetness overload (HPL). And compared DM vs Secretary Kim, DM is more lively and adored her bf with lots of skinship, unlike Secretary Kim who is more conscientious about her behavior.
  4. I was thinking again about tyh male lead.. was it kyung ho already confirmed or he just considered about taking d role.. bcoz if he already accepted it, why suddenly change d male lead n turn to be ldw? Further more, ldw told that he didnt interest at first (from d title) but after talking with inna n pdnim, he finally accepted it.. so what happened actually? Btw, did ldw also used chanel watch when kakao talk? Was it j12 or not?
  5. 14 - Ryan is struggling hard core, looks like hold my breath tissue box episode. I'm really eager to know the full backstory.
  6. Sorry but... It has not even one year yet since WWWSK and here comes another drama on the same channel with the same producer and the same actress with same storylines about: - officemates - traumatic childhood - met when they were kids - lost memory And - her office look is the same many times she is like Kim Mi So. - and many more scenes which is reminiscent of WWWSK I wonder how PMY and Namoo felt about all of these. Since they have been the industry long enough, then they should be aware that she cannot escape comparisons with WWWSK with these turn of events in the drama.
  7. Hahaha and Ryan handing her his milk to wash the coffee from her mouth. Hungry Lion! OMG I clicked the link without even thinking. looks like we have the same thoughts about that And love Deok Mi when she said he should confront Lee Seol instead of keep it by himself. She will always be on his side. She even volunteered to take revenge together if he wants it. if another female lead always judging the male lead if he is making bad decision, but not DeokMi. She was like "WE CAN GET REVENGE TOGETHER!!" Good thing Deok Mi isn't dating Mo Tae Goo. She will be collecting hairs with him.
  8. @kimdaehwi Part five of my blog https://my-favourite-korean-drama-reviews.blogspot.com/2019/05/part-five.html
  9. lack of smooches because of DM and her espresso! at @annie1234 now hating on espresso...someone tell SJ to not give DM coffee anymore! dying here at DM’s croak/fainting face
  10. I saw somewhere which someone has suggested Vice Chairman (Gang Chul) and Esther should get married because they are the only one who are single in the family lol I have no words to say.
  11. Yes they finally confirm.! Not only on Soompi news. But also on HanCinema, AsianWiki and also Vogue Korea. Waiting for next information. https://www.hancinema.net/korean_drama_Emergency_Love_Landing.php http://asianwiki.com/Love's_Emergency_Landing http://www.vogue.co.kr/2019/05/22/현빈과-손예진-이들이-그려낼-사랑/
  12. I didn't watch IANAR, but looking at the tone of this drama, I'm guessing he won't be that mad... maybe he would even be so happy because he realizes his feelings have been consistent for one person only. I think at one point he would feel conflicted which is the one he really like, GH or Veronica Park. It seems also that the relationship with fake "Veronica Park" is supposed to be ended asap by request of real Veronica Park.
  13. ********************************************** KTH’s CF and advertisement below look unfamiliar to me. I might have missed them in the past. Apologies if they are already posted here. Credit: 셀트리온스킨큐어(CELLTRION SKINCURE)
  14. At first I was afraid (I was petrified...) when Deokmi discovered Lee Sol's identity first and couldn't find a way to tell Ryan, like are they going to use this to come between the two? But then within the same day Ryan finds out from Si An, so whew. Thank you for proving me wrong, show. I think it was more of a "Your allergy, remember?" face than making fun of Ryan's allergy exactly. Of course Deok Mi should get [warning: do not click unless you have a dirty mind like me ] the present she deserves on her birthday. As long as it's what she wants, of course. Based on one of the crew's Insta posts about D-9 days left, their last shooting day will be next Tuesday (if I counted correctly). So yeah, cutting it close. Maybe they'll have the wrap party on the last broadcast day as well. (Hope we get lots of videos and photos from inside the wrap party, haha.)
  15. Now we all need strong expresso to handle what happen , for me personally I have high hopes for a kiss in this scene, He was perfect
  16. Ahhh I can't stop my teary eyes. Jaeuck and Lee Il Hwa (Lee Sol), damn their acting! Its full of emotion. Right now I'm more curious about mother-son relation than RG-DM lovey dovey scenes (mianhe LOL). Maybe they will solve the problem tomorrow so it wont drag too long.
  17. Ep 14 Text Preview: "Don't cry! With that expression..." Ryan finally meets his birth mother! But a distance of 26 years is not easily closed... What is the truth of the bubble paintings that Ryan finds in his mixed up memories? Meanwhile, Deokmi prepares a special event for Ryan...!
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