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  2. The Article - Eric Nam Launches New Podcast; Talks Upcoming BTS Collaboration Credit to the owner
  3. Yes...aside from the last BTS which clearly is different from the final cut
  4. I know it’s their job, but how can they don’t feel anything towards each other when they are doing all that intimate scenes , being on top of each other, eating one another’s lips, and stuffs. And the back hugged on the couch was also crazyy, in the bts we can clearly see that she fell right between his legs and i 100% sure she can fell something from her back and pretty sure PSJ was ..... OMG i can’t imagine , anyway I’ve already talked about it back then and now I talk about it again, geezzz I think people like me can’t be an actress because I’m easy to falling in love, i’ll be in trouble if i fall in love with every co-star I work with .. *was born to be a shipper hahahaha
  5. So sad, looking at all your analysis of TVB version, i doubt we can get the cut scenes back. Probably they never even provide the cut scenes to any of the telecast station at all. Or maybe they want to only sell them through dvd
  6. Indeed,i think he became even more curious about her and from what i see she is without both of them knowing transforming him in a fanboy jajaj, so i think at that time he might even resonate with her as weird as it might sound as he already does in some aspects..I also might say i like very much that even some stuff that we know are misunderstood both of them refrain from asking as is part of their private life and are sensible about it and not being all tactless and well not overpassing it and mostly wait for one of them to adress it as some stuff might be sensitive and u can't talk it with just anyone... I feel your pain soooo hard,i always happens to me as well everytime i watch an ongoing drama that i'm into...
  7. Hahaha! Am so grateful for chinggus like u all to share my delulu! Yes..it is obvious that LDW likes YIN with all his body language..so many fans have seen it..so we cant be wrong.. As for YIN, as some of us observed and also rightfully pointed out..YIN receives..she doesnt reject his mischievousness, being able to comfort him..etc..and we all can see how comfy she was with him..always gently hitting his arm, holding his biceps They are really training my patience On one end..to let them enjoy their kiss so publicly..ofc i would lurve to see all the kisses bts..like some of u...i still really get the flutters when i see their kiss scenes even the makeup kiss...
  8. 140923 NCT 127 Instagram Live 190426 NCT 127 Instagram Live
  9. I also do believe she is disappointed with Do Hyon decision.And because she is emotional hurt she wants to hurt him emotional too.Do Hyon had no idea who was his heart donor so I believe Madame Jin should not be so hard with him but I understand she is a mother who lost her son and for her Do Hyon is someone precious thinking that through him her son's heart is keep beating.We want to hurt someone emotionally and make him feel guilty only when he means a lot to us. Tough days are coming for Do Hyun , when he will learn why his father accepted to admit a murder that he never did and how he ended up to be the receiver of the heart transplant. Junho is one of the examples that prove that idols can act also whey they work on their skills. He got my attention in "Just between lovers" where he was playing very well the young melancholic young man with the painful past . I was loving his role in Chief Kim .My face was smiling every time I saw him playing the bad guy who always was one step behind chiel Kim. : ) Hope the trophies and medals are for a good reason LOL .It s a long time since my last post in soompi and I am a little behind .
  10. thats why I said "could have" (given on where she was running from) and "PMY seemed to be very ok with it ( the position)" and sorry, my fault.. was supposed to say "and remember the LINE was PSJs idea"
  11. SF9, ATEEZ, and EVERGLOW have joined the performer lineup for KCON 2019 NY! The groups join TXT and NU’EST, who were previously announced as performers for the event, which will run from July 6 to 7 at the Javits Center and Madison Square Garden. SF9 released their sixth mini album, “Narcissus,” in February this year, […] The post SF9, ATEEZ, And Everglow Join KCON 2019 NY Performer Lineup appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. WUJI AH WHERE ARE YOU? SHE'S WAITING T____T God I hope we get to see cut/deleted scenes.
  13. [INFO] 190425 #NCT127 will be guesting on Univision’s Spanish language morning show ¡Despierta América! on April 29th 190425 NCT DREAM is appointed as a honorary ambassador for a cultural fest 'C Festival 2019' in hopes of delivering positive energy to young people in Korea. They'll attend the opening ceremony on 190502 11AM KST @ COEX Plaza.
  14. I have no idea about this, but if it is true then it is a very good thing and i think it is a common that PD Yang Yang brought along her artists into the production she lead. I thought i read GMP as in Good Bye My Princess LOL, turns out it is GPM .
  15. In most versions had that line just after when MinMin clash the wedding. When on their way to Shaolin.
  16. I hate that im watching this show now because waiting for new episodes every week is sooo torturing omg. I'm glad he realized he was being mean to her and went to tell her right away :') I love that even tho he found out about her fangirl life, he didnt judge her or anything, he just likes to tease her. I'm glad he didnt look at her as some weird crazy fangirl.
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