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  2. @gm4queen I have completed this week’s episodes - really good & so enjoyable. Yes the Brother went back on his word & changed his mind about his stand on the subway line . He realises that he wants to win this & his integrity ain’t going to bring in the votes . So much for doing things for the people eh ? I still don’t think he’s bad or anything like that but no one is really black & white in that sense . The greed/ desire to win can sometimes blind your judgement . The reality in politics is that you can’t win by idealism alone , at least not in many parts of Asia . The irony is Jung Gook , the con artist is turning out to be the most honest among them . For some reason , I want him to win this , lol! At the beginning of Monday’s episode, I thought that MY had discovered for sure that JG was a con . Instead she thought he borrowed money from Park Hoo Ja . The confrontation that ensued between the two women were hilarious ( and now all the more I’m hoping MY is sis number 3) and even though both were quite honest & upfront with each other , somehow MY still didn’t get that JG was a con. Phew! Don’t get me wrong , it’s not that I don’t want JG to come clean with her , but at this point of the drama I think it’s too early for that to take place . I do want to see how far JG can take his candidacy to. The reason is his journey in politics is a reflection of his marriage . Both started out on the wrong foot - both started on a a bed of lies so to speak . But as JG goes through this campaign, he’s learning a lot about life & real love . In his marriage, while I don’t doubt his love for MY, he’s constant need to hide his chosen vocation meant that he had a wall built around himself . His answers & responses to her were automated - it’s what she wants to hear but it’s not what he sincerely means or feels . It was the same with the start of his campaign. The early voters poll was proof that telling people what they wanted to hear without truly believing in those words yourself , cannot win the people over . And funnily, his Father , the con guru who taught JG all the tricks of the trade tells JG that you have to be honest when your life depends on it . The irony! That’s why this show is so brilliant. One of the highlights of Tuesday’s episode ( apart from the debate ) was Park Hoo Ja outplaying everyone. Just when MY thought that she had proof to catch Hoo Ja , it turns out that HJ had set the trap to make MY go in circles . It’s clear that HJ was the one who gave the false tip for the supposed murder. Hoo Ja is no comic one dimensional villain ( making it so entertaining to watch ) . She saw the big picture & knew the only way to keep MY out of her hair & ruining her plans was to make the latter look incompetent & like a fool . MY is definitely going to be penalised for putting false charges on MY. Ahh I can’t wait for next week . JG all tied up & the only thing that can save him is a rise in numbers on those polls P/s : so thrilled to see Daniel Choi & Baek Jin Hee cameo as a couple . I squealed when they played the Jugglers bgm.
  3. @newyee , @lu09 can’t stop laughing How rude AR is , ... You cant go inside our home ... Yes I can Oops , the only way to survive , live with the police for ever
  4. This is the movie that once in a lifetime must watch!!! #Avengersendgame full experience today in cinemas nationwide.#AvengersThailand #EndgameTH @marvelthailandFluke and boom with the avengers endgame movie screening on Tuesday, April 23th.#playeminent #playeminentartistอย่าลืม.. #DontSpoilTheEndgame Thank you p ' bum as you invite me to see you. @Ttdisney
  5. Can’t wait to see what actually leads to them to ‘that’ scene and ep 6!! The much awaited episode since the press conference <333
  6. On April 24, Namoo Actors released a video of Park Min Young testing her potential to be a character like Sung Deok Mi! In the tvN drama “Her Private Life,” Park Min Young plays an art curator who is secretly an idol fan. Although she is told that she is being tested for her curator potential, the […] The post Watch: Park Min Young Tests Her Potential To Be A Curator Like Her Character In “Her Private Life” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  7. [News] Gangwon Tourism Promotion Ambassadors Jang Keun Suk and Lee Dong Wook lead the support of the reconstruction caused by forest fires The Gangwon-do tourism PR ambassadors who successfully endeavored to promote the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics participated in the support of the huge mountain fire disaster, which attracted the attention of the public. Gangwon-do PR ambassador, Korean Star Jang Keun-Suk learned about the forest fire during his military service and donated 100 million won through the National Disaster Relief Association. In addition, Jang Keun Suk’s global fan clubs including areas like South Korea, Japan, China, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East also donated 93 million won to help recovery from the forest fires. At the same time, Indonesian Yogyakarta City, as a member of the East Asia Local Government Tourism Forum (EATOF) for 19-year friendship, also wrote to the local government governors and governors to express the reconstruction and stability of the affected areas and the victims and donate money through the Secretariat of the EATOF. The Japan Travel Industry Association (JATA) President Tawakawa also wrote a letter, hoping for its recovery soon. http://m.kado.net/?mod=news&act=articleView&idxno=963652&fbclid=IwAR1H5O4BRR1Ro8MR5WFv9fvYcaUs8ifhHaJZZ-lHZyck3sFwYDYncFKrJGY#Redyho Translated by JKS FC in Taiwan
  8. The BOBOSNAP film is dark. I felt like the monolog was written by a depressed patient who almost kill himself but able to rise above that depressed feeling.
  9. I'm currently playing Dying Light, Celeste, and Horizon Zero Dawn.
  10. For me the best way to relax is massage.
  11. @cherkell said: FIVE MORE DAYS! FIVE MORE DAYS! Ji Chang Wook returns to civilian life in FIVE MORE DAYS! *checks calendar* We should probably start packing soon! As I write this it is now only 3 days so.......... Let me say in all seriousness and LITERALLY, yes start packing and YOU GO! GIRL.
  12. Soyeon and her friend Suann Selfie " Thank you for the khaki nails this time." ****After lila nails now she has kaki nails.
  13. From the clips today, Snow White was useful lol. He was leading LSH and the rest of the Oh family what to do. I'm gonna change his name later on if he continues to do a good deed lol. It seems that AR and NJ are trying to persuade one of the share holders. Looks like he wants a painting from the Park's house or Aura gallery ????. Whatever it is, LSH and future brother in law are in the truck carrying the painting. Looks like they are up to something.
  14. Welcome back to me!! (aka @standingtallyy) OMG! I couldn't believe I'm finally back with you all . I sent @Gerry58 to reassure I haven't abandoned you I was really having trouble signing in using my iPad which I don't know why when I've always used it like forever. Now I'm back to being a newbie I love this week's episode LIJJG because it had more Seyoung's scenes...about time! You are quite correct @chic-chic. Now I get why both KDW and PSY put on a bit to make them look older and convincing to play parents to a 10 or 11 yo girl (I'm guessing). SY looked really pretty. I like her in this role, it's like an alter ego or pretty much like her in real life - minus a mom and divorcee. I like her onscreen chemistry with KDW btw . This drama is very entertaining. I like how they always beat the bad guy. RDW's role is good too. He presents as the BFF, but he manipulates the 'truth' so it bites 'Yang Tae Soo' hard in the end. The scene stealers this week are MR hitting that pervert TS at the restaurant, the after judo spar kiss, MR & JG say they miss each other like they don't mean it (cute) and when JG and MR hid in the dark...that look they gave each other was 'smexy'. I hope there will be more of them scenes next week. Thrilled to be back Chingus!
  15. Some of them post to their Insta story. Centaro update it on her blog, but she didn't upload the videos. https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221518712987 I really like this team dynamics.
  16. Throwback #OneLine #MMagazine #ImSiWan #JinGoo
  17. Throwback #OneLine #MMagazine #ImSiWan #JinGoo
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