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  2. ..the business time.... Non-Li can-Jsyue April 19 at 20:38  Lee Jong-suk  89mansion 89 Cate 211Cr: INS
  3. @syahirannsyakirann I want to know that too. I'm waiting for the video, I hope someone uploads it! HB on his way to airport (I assume?) with his fluffy Zinu hair Preview from Taiwan FM. Love this shot, because of reasons (see below right): cr.bi_n0925
  4. ...sunday........you caught him...!!!!!!!!!http://belsmultifandommess.tumblr.com/page/7 https://storgram.com/post/BwgbxHMlNbu
  5. @jewelsc That's the one will release on October 1st , can't wait He always have action for movie or drama , that 's why he's strong , and yes he looks like his father (even his hair line too) and i think his mother still accompany him till now. The G InStyle Sr.weibo
  6. On 4/20/2019 at 1:36 AM, LaurenPanna said: Sad, to me, that majority of current Chinese shows are NOT very good with fighting scenes/Wuxia/KungFu, even with the JinYong adaptations they are toned way down! Not that I mind all these rehashings/remakes but please give them GOOD action!!!
  7. @turtlegirl I almost finish, on ep 7 now. I also fans of Dohyeun × Songyi. They're so sweet together. Tell me where to find that boyfriend like DH . The ship seems sailing, but seems TO & SY childhood friendship & affection is also quite deep. They also at times on denial about their feelings. So i really not sure about the ending. If they make TO & SY endgame, it also will not sounds fair to DH. Actually i think SH not too bad with TO, she seems trully like TO in my eyes. Though she got a lot of bad habit & quite manipulative. I think TO didnt really love her.
  8. Heard a rumor from FB that TVB version will cut some front parts and Minmin will appear earlier and uncut scenes will be there at the second half.
  9. PSY has participated in a song that raises awareness about the environment! On April 19, Lil Dicky released a music video for his new song “Earth,” which delves into the theme of protecting the Earth. All proceeds from the song’s sales will be delivered to The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which is dedicated to helping the Earth’s well-being. PSY […] The post PSY Shares What Made Him Take Part In Lil Dicky’s New Track “Earth” Featuring Top Stars appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. LOL WWB! That's why i was talking about how they should have dress up Hae il in Hae Mi Cosplay. I would have laugh my butt out then coughs violently because im sick. haha 724
  11. Imo..people's preference can change especially when they are into relationship. Hence friends and special ones may have different treat too.I can say this because of my own experience. Im not a Text person but when im into relationship and my BF back then so into texting because he can shared many sweet emoticons and everything, then i became a text person for him, while i still cannot be a text person even for my close friends tho'. Since we all already knew that Goblin group chat still active and pichi couple accidentally claimed they are often meet up in private too. I can say InNa might be now being a text person because of Wookie. So i can say this is soo suspicious because InNa from being not text person can become into a text person, there must be a special reason for her rite?
  12. 190420 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update "Brooklyn #WE_ARE_SUPERHUMAN #NCT127_SUPERHUMAN #SUPERHUMAN #NEOCITYinUSA #NCT127inUSA #NEWYORK #NCT127 #NCT" "First time at Brooklyn bridge with the fam. Such great views WOW #WE_ARE_SUPERHUMAN #NCT127_SUPERHUMAN #SUPERHUMAN #NEOCITYinUSA #NCT127inUSA #NEWYORK #NCT127 #NCT"
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  14. Actually, it is interesting in final episode he was using right, but then when he was holding knife and walk towards scar face he put it in hís left hand. Also, Kim Nam Gil himself uses his right hand to type stuff on phone and push heart when live. Maybe he's ambidextrous or uses one hand for certain things. I do everything with my right hand, but hold chopsticks or eat with left.
  15. @sushilicious love when he carry her red bag under sakura flower. Lol. Love the final ending 722
  16. Throwback. Precious pictures during the break, when Donghey just like kids having fun. On the same day, after playing wedding ceremony. Wookie making a green grass wedding ring for DH. They know about their forbidden love, that's why they love playing wedding scenes.
  17. The Wu girl and her father on snake island were those people who tricked ZWJ into revealing the location of XX near the beginning of the story right after he left Buhui with YX. They're descendants of the Wu brothers. The Yellow Dress Maiden only appears to help the beggar clan because she has a special relationship with them. YG's aunt was the chief of the beggar clan and I presume before YG died, he made his descendants promise to help the beggar clan whenever they're in trouble.
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