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  2. I completely agree with your assessment. Doing the right thing can present with difficulties and can even tear apart relationships. I think Han is greedy and gutter, but I also believe that she desires to do the right thing albeit right now it is for personal gain. She does not believe the system can be reformed, therefore, she situates herself on how to conform in a non-reforming resistant entity. However, her greed is getting in the way of her desire to do good. To me, her greed is fueled by her need to survive and prove her worth to be in her position. There was a scene last week that struck me concerning Han. It was when the former manager told her that she has no family, no friends, and no connections at the bank for her to have a sense of security. All Han saw was her job going down the toilet which is why she has earned my cancel bear rating of 3 1/2 out of 5. It seems that The Banker will have a lot of lessons about life that will ring true. Noh reminds me of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot without OCD. I just hope keeps his virtue until the end and that they do not take the route Agatha did with Poirot during her very last book. I am still miffed about that. She had the right idea to release that book 34 years after she wrote it following her death. Had she been living today and pulled the stunt she pulled with Poirot in 2019, I could see her fans dragging her on Twitter (RIP Dame Agatha Christie). Back to the topic, I do believe that Noh will be hurt about the continuous push & pull in their (Han & Noh) relationship. Han will play ball to get what she wants whereas Noh will walk the tightrope in the name of what is right. H
  3. ahhhhh thank you so much! that is why FP keep insisting talking about the green fruit basket, and later wearing as a hat with the bed sheet , and finally at the end STM confront him, what actually their relationship status is, check mate!
  4. Gosh..why are they playing with my heart. ..just confirm already...why do they keep delaying? I can't wait until May 11th. .. so is Sports World or Osen more reliable?
  5. I believe green hat means cheating in old time but could be still same in modern time.
  6. Its really unfortunate because Sky Castle was showing at the same time.. If it was another time slot I bet they would get at least 6% Did you see what Jongkook commented? He said "Ha" I'm wondering if Somin was just hinting everyone she might be in a rs or she just wanted to promote RM or the show.. I ship them so hard!! So min was totally into him because she kept pushing her hair behind her ears (what she does when shes interested in a guy) and Ji Suk kept leaning towards her while eating too. They're both AB and i read that AB are very compatible with one another also when they took the picture, their head touched while hers and seok jin did not. There's a clear boundary there Heard a lot of people rejected that drama. Maybe its not what he's looking for? We will see him in 'When Camellia Blooms'! I'm still hoping for TSYB2 but that would take more than a year even if its possible..
  7. Hi gtLmh, thanks for sharing TODAY's pictures. Wahhh..................so near................just a few sleeps away! Wow, there were many of them there this morning, huh!
  8. @celebrianna I too love the relationship between LA & SM. There is a clear connection & brotherly affection between them . At least up to eps 10 , I don’t sense any hidden agenda in SM looking out for LA over the years . I know there was a point where SM left LA , and then returned because it seems only LA can help him uncover the truth - however I do think that SM left as he was struggling & battling his inner demons . He returned because he could finally have the strength to put an end to his nightmares @turtlegirl I felt the writer throwing us some hints with regards to the Petit Prince . I have never read it, so lazy me just googled and I thought maybe the message could be this - not specifically referring to the any character but just how we perceive things Credit : http://thebestnotes.com/booknotes/Little_Prince_Exupery/The_Little_Prince_Study_Guide13.html So from our view point & even JI Soo & LA plus the stalker , it seems like SM’s affections are for Jae In , but it’s really only what we see on the surface . Everyone could be misinterpreting SM’s actions as they don’t know what’s in his heart . Also this part of the story feels like SM and JS . JS is the flower that SM does not realise is very special to him I think @bebebisous33 is watching this too . Maybe when she returns from her break , she can explain more as she teaches French literature & can give us better insights The sunflower locket is also giving me a headache since it confirms Ji Soo’s one sided love as per Greek mythology. Clearly the writer is trying to mess with my mind !!!
  9. First Impressions: Her Private Life https://thedramacorner.com/2019/04/21/first-impressions-her-private-life/
  10. Reading everyday 2 pages really torturing too I feel Ning Que . Sang Sang give his thing back? I know they gone have twins in the end. Just like Sang Sang I have twin boys my self too.
  11. So I'm already into ep.4 of HPL.... still not feeling the pull. I'm actually skipping scenes and multitasking. This is not good. And I wish the coordi will stop dressing Ryan Gold in baggy pants. I also still see traces of Sec.Kim with PMY when she is at work. Things only get more interesting towards the end of ep.4 during and after their fake date. We'll see... 874
  12. The OP pointed out that YJS asked Jihyo to comment on the fashion choice if it was her boyfriend, and if the color was black. The OP inferred from these observations that: 1) Jihyo has a boyfriend irl 2) Jihyo is protective of her boyfriend and/or he is present 3) Boyfriend really likes the color black The OP then opined that had HaHa not interrupted, YJS might've unleashed a new round of SA teasing following the cue to color black. It's probably important to point out that it was JSJ who actually said the bit about the color black. Personally I think this is pretty delulu. As much as I support this ship, not everything on the show is about SA. But hey, that's what shippers do right
  13. OYS: "We didn't really kiss. Actors are good at making fake stuff look real." KJR: "But what if you really want to kiss for real..." LOL. The writers were messing with our minds. TYH might seem like a super light, fluffy rom-com but in reality it's a total brainf*ck for those who think there's something actually going on between the two in real life. They were intentionally blurring the line between what's reel and what's real
  14. 872. Thanks @Lmangla @sushilicious will definetly avoid queen seon deok, bad guy, shark, pandora I think he look good in shark with son ye jin if not mistaken. I havent got time to study him properly.
  15. @rahma92: Since 2016, entertainment industry experts have been in favor of Bogummy referring to him as one of the 3 Drama Kings together with Gong Yoo and Song Joong Ki and the "Representative of the 20s Actors" and the most sought after actor in terms of receiving the most number of "love calls" for film/drama projects. Forbes is not only for dramas since those who figure in the list are also kpop idols, star athletes, etc.
  16. link: http://m.cafe.daum.net/ok1221 http://m.cafe.daum.net/subdued20club if you want to read all posting and write on the sites, it need approval to join the cafe. it need to verify yourself and after joining, you should satisfy the qualifications. so you can read and write. unlike portal sites, because daum cafes, theqoo, oeker..(etc) are not allowed spam accounts and one person can have just one account through the strict identification process, this is why most celebrities and advertising officials check these sites. because they can see reliable ppl's real reaction not to be manipulated.(this is why comments about Idol on portal site are always good. idol fans make multiple accounts and control to been seen just good comments about their idol. even they buy the portal accounts. but they can't do that on those sites.)
  17. CHAPTER 891 F****** is the sexual behavior low lives performe to produce offspring. Since you tried so hard to make me remember the sexual relationship we had and threatened me by claiming to restore that relationship in the future, then I must destroy your genitalia. After all, you can’t have sex without your genitalia.” Sangsang explained and looked at him without any emotion. Ning Que looked at her quietly and said, “Have you ever heard about sexual fantasies?” Hearing this, Sangsang’s expression suddenly changed because she felt like she was touched by a pair of hands. .. She couldn’t cut off the connection with Ning Que due to the reason that she was his natal item. Ning Que’s thoughts were concretely present in her consciousness. They shared the same sorrows and joys, and of course the same lusts. While torturing Ning Que, she suffered just as much as Ning Que did. She could take the pain which was too much for human to bear, for she was omnipotent Haotian. But when it was for lusts, could she still take it? CHAPTER 892 She felt warm, itchy, unsettled, nervous, tranquil, fretful, humid, thirsty, joyful and terrified at the same time. The feeling was strange but not new to Sangsang. In her memories of being a human being, she occasionally had the same feeling when Ning Que held her little feet to sleep in the past. And as for the night in the log cabin by the Snow Sea, although it hurt a little, she definitely felt the same way as this moment.... Nobody lost the battle, and nobody won it either. The war would inevitably continue, and nobody knew for how long. It might last until the seas have dried up and the rocks had eroded or until they have reached old age together. CHAPTER 893 Haotian’s will was so powerful and irresistible that he was falling into an abyss of surrender. It was either because of his instinct to avoid pain or the pain being too overwhelming that he fell into a dream. In the dream, he was sleeping and cuddling Sangsang. He touched her lotus-white little feet and well developed figure, and felt some increasing moisture on the tips of his fingers. He tossed and turned on the rock bed in the cell. The pain was keeping him from falling asleep, but he could not wake himself from the dream. Blood was all over his fingers as they were hanging by the edge of the bed. Thousands of miles above the Secluded Pavilion atop Peach Mountain, Sangsang was also having a dream in the Divine Hall of Light. It was a beautiful and romantic yet annoying dream that enraged her. In the Divine Hall, she lay on the ground, with her eyes closed and lashes trembling, while tossing and turning. Her thighs were tight and her breathing deep. The green flowery dress she was wearing seemed to be ready to blown at any moment. Ning Que was still in great pain in his dream. He was about to collapse. He got up from beneath her and saw her face. It was not the indifferent face of Haotian, but rather the young, slightly dark and amiable face that he knew well. She was staring at him curiously with shining smiling eyes. He felt a sudden peace and forgot all the pain from his body. Slowly lowering his head, he placed a tender kiss on her lips. And with that kiss, he saved himself. That is a tough war for NingQue he is in a lot of pain. Awww his SS is the only one who can save him. Thoughts??
  18. Yassssssssss! He needs to go on more variety shows!! I feel sad that I can only see him on PM and drama and insta.. I wonder what he will share about his life on the show?
  19. Last person casted in Spring Night. This veteran actor will be Ji Min's drama dad. An educator in High School. See link below. http://m.mk.co.kr/entertain/headline/2019/248251 More info about Ji Min character: Credit to author
  20. EXO’s Sehun has shown his support for Super Junior’s Choi Siwon. On April 22, Siwon shared a photo of a snack truck that Sehun had sent to the set of his drama “My Fellow Citizens.” The truck’s banners read, “Citizens, fighting! Siwon hyung, Fighting! From EXO’s Sehun,” and, “Citizens, actors, staff members, please enjoy and […] The post Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Thanks EXO’s Sehun For Sending Thoughtful Support To Set Of “My Fellow Citizens” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  21. Yes I noticed that as well. Those two have a war going on between them. Neither one wants to give in.
  22. @Lmangla that explains alot thanks. Loll for Movies.He died in pandora. Shameless barely made it hahaha. 870
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