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  2. Thank you so much as well for all the wonderful pictures and news.^^ There are so many of them this week and I am so happy. I like his appearance in the press conference so fresh, young and handsome. It was funny that when the night was aired , some fans said that he is not handsome but now some said that he is too handsome for the role in MBS.
  3. Mostly in bts clips during a romantic or kissing scene the ones who usually talks a lot and make the atmosphere less awkward is the man or the actors, but in HPL it seems like PMY is the man, she takes over the role, she talks a lot and looks so relax. I think i need to go see the doctor because my heart isn’t responding to their first kiss, so different when i see WWWSK , I’ve been seeing wwwsk scenes million times and my heart is still racing....
  4. Hi alovebof, thanks for sharing MORE pictures. Finally.................I've seen his face without the face mask.
  5. JYP Entertainment (hereafter JYP) has warned people about a company in China pretending to be a part of the agency to receive funding under false pretenses. On April 26, JYP posted a notice through its official Weibo account about a company that is pretending to be a subsidiary under the agency and asking for money for a […] The post JYP Entertainment Warns Against Chinese Company Pretending To Be Affiliated With Agency appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  6. Joseph is very cute https://m.weibo.cn/2937980415/4365271441880550 One more, the third hotpot showing inside https://m.weibo.cn/2937980415/4365267091578123
  7. I remembered "White Christmas" and the blue man in the corner, who was constantly seen by one of the heroes ... Interestingly, here we will see the same thing ???
  8. 190426 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update Thank you New York & New Jersey ! See you in Atlanta - TY #WE_ARE_SUPERHUMAN #NCT127_SUPERHUMAN #SUPERHUMAN #NEOCITYinUSA #NCT127inUSA #NCT127 #NCT
  9. @Lawyerh a pure coincidence how i was on MDL and then you talked about it. SO I followed you lol You watched a lot hahah 694
  10. Even if we can’t get all 70, I’ll take 62 episodes. Oh, I really really hope the final dvd release will have 62 episodes (or more). I can actually imagine it being that long because there were several moments while watching that I thought plot points were getting rushed and whole scenes and dialogue had been cut. Now it makes sense!
  11. Former After School member Jung Ah is going to be a mother! She revealed the news through her Instagram with a video of her ultrasound and wrote, “Everyone, they say I’m going to be a mother! My nickname in After School was ‘Mom,’ and now I’ve become a mother to Ggulbokie (baby’s pre-natal nickname). I […] The post Former After School Member Jung Ah Announces Pregnancy appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. Looking forward to it, I have been listening to that short snippet for the last hour but it's only 1 min plus, wish it were longer.
  13. ......all the characters @#$%^? Gosh....even DoomsDay Hollywood movies leaves a few survivors. This is really one such ending..... The drama started off well and I like the two main ghostbusters but my interest fizzled out halfway and I waited for the concluding episode.
  14. @lightbringer06 I share the same view that it is pointless to let YJ die. Their love is already heartbreaking enough. Let's have the fictional YJ remains in the palace to be his moral and emotional support as he must overcome many more obstacles and problems during his reign. I have enjoyed Haechi so much and love the many touching moments of the king with his various officials, friends and people. It is heartwarming to find that his determination and humanity won over Minister Min and Chief Justice Jo. On a personal basis, I just love his scenes with YJ. I am glad that he hugged her and pleaded with her not to go to war but to stay by this side. His happy moment when she helped him with his robe. And, his love confession to her! Yes!! I have enjoyed reading the some many varied views and lovely photos/clips in this thread. Thank you friends.
  15. welcome to the club chingu thank you chingu, joining in, can't wait for this series, HJH looks so good in the trailer
  16. Grassland Reunion – PART 4 – Nian Niu Nian Niu Credit to Weibo Writer (Original Link - https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404364041568032393 ) Translation done in Spoiler. Enjoy !
  17. Ok I lied. Let me finish the whole HPL then I'll be able to judge lol BTW Ik this is PPC thread so I'm hiding the video below to respect of PPC shippers. The only reason I posted a HPL bts is I hope some of u would look so you can see it for urself and compare to how PPC bts vs. HPL bts first kiss/skinship is like. For me, I honestly see PMY looking at KJW with little sister older brother vibe in bts. I can't say the same for KJW thou lol I mean I don't blame him tbh. Oh btw I gotta say, funny to see how TVN showing off PMY and KJW chemistry. Meanwhile, they hid all of PPC bts to themselves and when they do show, PPC looked like suspicious robots around each other. Nice try TvN.
  18. When it's a joint HK-Mainland production, the two versions are noticeably different and I always watch HK's. For example, 再創世紀 "Another Era" was 36 episodes on TVB and 34 episodes on iQiyi. Mainland is very conservative and censors out many topics, like there was a sentence "relationship with mistress" and they edited that out so the conversation didn't even make sense anymore HSDS is not joint though, so TVB can only air whichever version they bought. With regards to episode count, I read that there were 70 episodes of footage but the production team's final cut was 62 episodes. They were forced to cut it down further due to broadcast restrictions of being allocated 50 episodes of airtime only.
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