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  2. Closer version from NangChang 2nd Stop Roadshow. Credit as tagged. https://m.weibo.cn/s/video/index?object_id=1042151:4373830764840011&segment_id=4373830764840011
  3. I completely enjoyed the first two hours . I hv never watched the original / adaptations , so I have nothing to compare with . Yeo Jin Goo is a delight to watch, each time he called her yeojachingu & gave his wide toothy smile , I cracked up . I loved him in his dual role in the Crowned Clown but it’s amazing how you don’t see traces of that here . Here he’s just so darn cute - I think I need an Absolute BF myself While I look forward to how this robot - human “romance” will develop, he’s still not human at the end of the day . So I am actually very curious to see the changes to Wang Joon.. yep he’s a most typical jerk here but I think Zero Nine will be the catalyst to his character redemption, and funnily ( for now ) I hope he & DaDa reconciles ( granted he gets proper character growth ) The double fan service by both YJG & HJH is most welcomed . Keep them coming ! @Ameera Ali @ktcjdrama this is the thread .
  4. @strwbrry haha! But the guy whom she asked if it’s okay to show his face in her YT channel is her fan. I love how simple and humble hjw is!
  5. To me this totally gives it a different meaning. Ahhh the danger of translations.
  6. Idc no matter what other shipper said ,what i know is we are normal and sane, we just like to have fun here, And as long as PsJ or PMY doesn’t have official Relationship status, it’s gonna be fine for us to be delusional, well our delulu is always based on fact tho.. And if they called us blind or crazy shippers, they are wrong, because out there , i see a lot of ppl who ship an actor or actress who is already married or in relationships with somebody else. Ppl believe what they want to believe, and I guess they don’t want to believe ,and ignore the fact that PMY was carrying a Mont Blanc as a gift to the set of her current drama..
  7. D-2 before one spring night's premiere. I forgot that the new 9PM timeslot for wed-thurs dramas will premiere too this wed. Will that be a good thing? That we will know this week. Not sure what shows this drama will directly compete to but as always, i wish this drama will rate well and will be received well. Good things come in threes right lol. Fighting ji min
  8. I'd watched the first 2 epis too and loving DL's character, on the outside he's a typical rich spoilt heir but on the inside he can get emotional and tender..while ZYL's character so far just seemed like an arrogant 'gentleman' and Angelababy is acting pretty well as the 'gullible' character . Started out well but after watching the closing-credit scenes, there seemed to be more side characters with their stories and seem like a lot of miseries to them too..tbh, side-characters stories turn me off at times becos they're usually there to drag the drama . Does anyone knows the airing schedule to this drama, is it like 2 epis everyday?
  9. It is a very big deal for people to know about her biological daughter. Korea is a very conservative society. Look at how IS is using Director Park's unmarried daughter's pregnancy to blackmail him. -As best I can figured it, IS was a newsreader. Still not in the proper social level to marry into the chairman's family. -The public image she has created one of kind down to earth rich madame. This is why Director Park admire her. This was why she took off her show and the company's event to get herself on the same lever as ordinary employees. --That image would be blown to bit if it was reveal that she abandoned her daughter to be raised to the owner of a lowly ox-bone restaurant. --She would lose everything thing she had worked for since she married into the famiy. - Chairman would kick her out of family. She would lose all power. TJ might turn against her because he would doubt her sincerity. The board and the employees would turn against. The entire society would turn against her. --The chairman would do all he can to kill any serious relationship that TJ has that isn't on the same socio-economic level. FRom my understanding --gleaned from dramas-- marriages on that socio-economic level are more like business mergers than romantic coupling. Think about it as functioning the same marriages between foreign royalty when Europe was ruled by king and queens. --How is IS suppose to support a relationship/marriage between her "son" and daughter. What would her society think of it. It isn't genetic incest but it is weird--under usual circumstances. It's like someone allowing their child to marry their stepbrother. In dramas, it even an issue if someone falls in love with her sibling's spouse's sibling.
  10. Since YJ has had disclosed to him right after that she’s Korean Patriotic Corps (KPC) which led by Kim Gu of Korean Provisional Government (KPG) at the train station, it’s not necessary for her intention to get close to him anymore. They are now just cooperating together for one main purpose, independence. Despite having the same dream, it has been shown both KPG & Heroic Corps of KWB are not on the same path. Therefore, what YJ doing now does not mean it’s coinciding to what KWB’s intention. I think YJ’s biggest goal is to end the potential war with the intel she’s been trying to obtain from many high-ranking officials. While KWB mostly carrying out killing, like assassinating. Now he even has a bomb technician, it’s going to hurt more people. With his reckless nature, he could harm YJ one way or another indirectly, I feel. I’m a bit concerned that YJ keeping The Blue Bird book in her room. It’s possible later Matsuura or her other enemies could find it as evidence of her ID. It must have been a very important document which authorized her doing something big in the future that she’s been carrying around with her in the suitcase when traveling. It appears he also has had a backup plan already in case YJ or he is in danger and that Fukuda would help them. He seems like a very good father to YJ. I find it sweet he holding her hands when getting out of the car at the hospital. According to the preview texts of next week’s episodes, Hiroshi going to propose YJ to engage with Fukuda. Don’t know what the chance she would accept his proposal is, who knows she could stun KWB with her acceptance. There’s a scene in the preview she wearing a red kimono, could it be her engagement event? There’s still hope Fujin shippers.
  11. hehehe... i liked this ..... how SJH know KJK wears like that at home? you all can answer already..... my answer : because their spend a lot of time together at home....
  12. KBS 2TV’s “Mother of Mine” shows no signs of slowing down! On May 19, the hit weekend drama broke its own personal record once again as its viewership ratings soared to a new all-time high. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest broadcast of “Mother of Mine” scored average nationwide ratings of 27.4 percent during its first […] The post “Mother Of Mine” Achieves Highest Ratings Yet As Hong Jong Hyun And Kim So Yeon Take Their Relationship To The Next Level appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. Good morning !!! D-2 Thank you @meechuttso I love this , YNK photo are the best ! and wow ! they worked so early today (must be the same excited as us)! My favorite pics (beside those posted already). And I love this too 빨리 ! 빨리 ! 발레리나 Quickly ! Quickly ! Ballerina. I hope May 22nd to come quickly.
  14. @nidcha202reviews are mixed with SITR. I have watched it. I like the PD, most of his dramas i like. The only drama that i have not watched is heard through the grapevine but i also plan to watch it once i have time. The dramas of PD ahn pan seok are mostly melodrama and how can i say it, human dramas where in it deals with topics that are both sensitive and not easily talked about. SITR is for me 50/50 because first half is very watchable, chemistry is overflowing but the 2nd half, a bit hard to continue. I think it has got to do with the mother which i am not used to watching. I find her quite annoying lol. But the story is something that might be happening in real life. If the writer improves and adds more conflicts which is an improvement for SITR, then it will be great D-2 to the premiere. Hoping the press conference is today or maybe tuesday or wednesday hahaha. The promotion of this drama is too inconsistent so we don't even know when to expect the presscon or the full teaser. Ratings ruler for wed-thurs ended so it is up for grabs. I hope this will rate well, please drama gods. And han ji min's last 2 dramas have rated really, really well. I hope it comes in threes
  15. Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Look Just Like A Real Couple Behind The Scenes Of “Her Private Life” TV/Film May 20, 2019 by E. Cha The chemistry between “Her Private Life” co-stars Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young is a force to be reckoned with! On May 19, the tvN romantic comedy shared new behind-the-scenes photos of its two leads filming the drama’s latest episode. Even when they’re off-camera, the chemistry between the two gorgeous stars is undeniable, and the staff has often praised their stellar teamwork in the past. The next episode of “Her Private Life” will air on May 22 at 9:30 p.m. KST. In the meantime, catch up on the latest episode of the drama with English subtitles below! CREDIT SOOMPI
  16. @thistle I agree that forgiveness is key to any relationship and to living at peace with everyone. We've also been shown a few times already how some characters in BW chose to forgive. Many characters, especially IH herself, struggled learning how to forgive. I'd say this surely is one of the themes of this drama.
  17. So today this is the episode where mothers get called out for bad behavior. I don't think that IS is only doing whatever she is plotting just to get power and money. I may be wrong, but that's what I think. Whatever IS is trying to do--no matter how noble or just she think she is, her methods are bad, really problematic. I also have questions about the writing and the editing. Sometimes it seems like too different writer with different intentions. The editing seems to have these graceless jumps that makes disrupts the flow of the show. After the meeting with Chairman Grandpa, the way IS treated Director Park, one of only two people in the corporation on her side, made no sense. Then in the same episode in IS's second meeting with Director Park she acted as if they relationship was as strong as ever and tried to bribed him with a good marriage for his daughter. Well, Park may seem to go along with her plans, but she has revealed a ruthless about her that he did not know existed. He always spoke of her kindness to him, so the way she is treating her daughter is a shock to him and may lead him to re-evaluate who he thinks she in.. What I find so disgusting about IS's actions in these last two episodes is that she's been putting pressure on MiRi by lying and using information unscrupulously to have people MiRi care about to pressure MiRi. She tried to get the chairman to fire her and her mother pressure her to leave the country. --ANOTHER TOPIC-- I try to pay attention where the camera lingers. Sometimes it's just product placement [Yeah, Tiffany has . nice boxes], other times it is a plot point. The camera lingered on the picture of IS and TJ in TJ's bedroom. I suspect the next time MiRi is in TJ's bedroom she will see it and ask questions.
  18. YNK has released SHS BTS pics from her photoshoots! https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=20253793&memberNo=33175148 Thank you for the D-4 & D-3 posts! Welcome 'back', @diane90
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