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  2. Abyss is still somewhat interesting and actors have done a good job. It would be unfair to compare this to Crowned Clown. I think we knew what we were getting after 2-3 episodes for abyss. And ratings would have been worse if Park Boyoung was not acting. But there's good chance it can still finish strong as long as there's not too much focus on crime. The plot is not just good enough to focus a lot on serial killing.
  3. Welcome to the thread! We don't know to be honest: very few infos have been revealed about the supporting cast to the point where if it wasn't for the character descriptions and press articles, i would wonder if this drama has hired anybody else beside the main leads. In her character description, it said that there's a feeling of rivalry between the main and the second female lead but she hasn't appeared in the trailer, so we don't know how much annoying it will be. Or if the rivalry is professional only or if it extends to love...  thanks for the reply
  4. Yeah I also didnt agree abadon or child scene of korean drama because its reality dont think so much when we are kids. But its different with Ryan character. Its complex, alone and trauma lost of ability drawing, didnt know of face mother or birthday.KJW make us feel how alone Ryan itself and feel sadness in the eyes. I love all characters Ryan although he that situation he become good person and leader.He didnt use as weakness and he good and respect to everyone. The most important he is good listener and say sorry if something wrong or mistake. So I love we know background of Ryan and others because the scripwriter had give moments more we want. Just hope we want to fo finale and be settled early.I still want more Ryan sexiness and naughty Deokmi... This is my assumption I read in here before to look episode 13 in tonight..
  5. Solar was at a restaurant called Spain Club. Her having Spanish food reminded me of the time eric and her went on a mukbang tour and solar tried Mexican food and American bbq for the first time idk why. I guess in a perfect world I want to believe he introduced her to it but thats just me hoping they're still in contact I've been rewatching wgm after the whole ring thing on twitter. Really miss seeing these two on screen. I hope we one day get a show with both of them as guests they're so entertaining together
  6. I agree with @Yongyoon I don't think solar was wearing her wgm ring (as much as I wanted her to). I also don't think she was wearing it on rewrite the charts show since it's most likely the same ring as she was wearing at the festival. It's easy to mistake that ring as hexagonal from certain angles since it's flat on one side I do think eric was definitely wearing his ring back in March though it looks to me like the hexagonal ring and the green one are two separate rings?
  7. From Healer to WWWSK and now HPL, i think these dramas are about long lost childhood friends... I hope this will be the last drama that PMY picked with the same story about a memory loss of her childhood.. but of course the 3 dramas PMY portrayed with different characters, so i can accepted it.. but a bit boring with the same story about memory loss of her childhood time...maybe it's a trend in a webtoon / manga... except Healer is not from the webtoon. I have nothing to complain about KJW because his previous work as 2nd lead end up the same in most typical kdramas but, he did a good job in picking different kind of characters in his previous dramas.. in future i wanna see him more as the lead like what Nam Goong Min has become which is from 2nd lead to all lead in his dramas...both KJW and NGM are my favourite 2nd lead and I always had a 2nd lead syndrome because of these two.. I'm sure in Ep 13 the writer will make RG problem solved and I'm afraid that they will have a new conflict which is about who is EG's real father, Sindy and her mom, and more issues about why DM mom's abandoned RG (which i strongly believe that is her who abandoned RG at the orphanage).. And not to forget...Where is the bed scene and when it gonna happen?? I hope the writer didn't forget to put this scene in maybe Ep 15...ekekekekek we will be very grateful if this scene was included in this drama
  8. Ah I see... because min-min-min is the sound that min min-zemi makes? So that's what the whole wosha wosha, chongwa chongwa was about @rahma92 looks like the MC wasn't confused, she started it lol Is this one translated yet? BG: I first take a shower... face, shampoo... MC: So you go home without taking off your make up first? BG: It depends on the situation... MC: So basically you take a shower after coming home... Somewhat, thank you very much. BG: Why are you saying thank you?? MC: That's true... why am I saying thank you? Shawa shawa shawa.... BG: *laughs* Hahaha the MC is cute Shawa is shower in Japanese but when she said it like that it sounds like cicada sound again Are there other videos that have not been translated yet? This is fun
  9. @nohamahamoud2002, in today's ep AR was shown at the beginning, OYH's adoptive Dad probably order his thugs/minions to hide heras a bargaining chip for the jewelries that NJ took and lost. You are right NJ will not die easily, what I meant set up the motion for him to be the cornea's donor cause his disease is progressing rapidly and if he gets into accident he may have additional injuries. Writer nim, what is your next move?
  10. Ramida posting some pics on instam about the series... Looks like they going to be together... I'm confused for now.. ( I Know the ending actually XD LoL )
  11. True enough,we still don't know the full story of what happened back then but i suspect that back then when his mom was younger she was in a more darker place to name it as that in terms of her artistic side,i think she struggled a lot and wanted to make a name for herself and maybe her own home family problems,like pointed before EG Mom also had a moment of weakness when she wanted to abandon him and i think here was also the case...I think at that time she might have considered him in the way of her carrer and when she got hurt might be the two posibilities,to leave him behind and do what EG Mom tried to do and DM mom finding him and not knowing were she was ending up taking him to that orphanage or doing it because she asked her...Even if it looks a bit like an error(by the PD) he played with DM and EG when they were small(the boy was too small to be way older than DM cast wise)...And DM's Mom always felt sad remembering those moments about him and don't think she did anything bad per se and it's clear EG knows more to it as well....I don't think they weill dwelve that into too much makjang with her parents forcing to abandon the kid etc.... So my i bet she abandoned him because she felt it was in the way of her carrer even more when she was in so high regard in her college days...
  12. This page said he got 4 offers. But this superstar miss lee is the only one got leaked. Okey Im curious if all 4 offers are romcom, then YSH didnt have any choice. If this one got leaked, its mean there's high possibility he will said yes too (except we got another news about drama offer). I tired with romcom, but if he take it I hope his character not typical flower boy anymore. It will be a good thing if good actress taking this drama, this fan page said Top Actress positively reviewing. Any idea? Is there any top actresses who still free? PSH? HHJ? If one of them taking this drama I will totally give it chance.
  13. All your options are nice and yes I second you on this. Any genre but just not romcom. He has already done two in a row. He got the change he wanted. I really wanted him experiment, to try something else, something new now. Tbh I wouldnt mind seeing him as a vampire even lol.
  14. Posted by BillyRocks_13 |Part6| "He likes it when people call him he looks like me."-- #LeeByungHun Lmao I can't. His laughs are absolute ASMR I swear.~
  15. doyoung said he's curious and looking forward to how korean nctzens will welcome them at the airport lol
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