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  2. Hi @Doramy ...you shouldn't quote images.. it's the rules that you have to follow in the thread..
  3. hehe...i would prefer her not to have that relationship - personal bias...not against comedians..just not her 'style'? heheh
  4. Yup this movie definitely hit it home for the kpop fans. I see them using scenes from HPL to express their feelings LOL like some of u said here, it might not be doing well domestically, but internationally, its considered good.
  5. Hi gtLmh, thanks for sharing TODAY's pictures.....................The very LAST DAY where we could get to see him going to work everyday.....Tomorrow is D-DAY! I'm so happy now. I feel so happy seeing those fans waiting for him outside TODAY............so many fans out there. I'm curious what is LMH feeling right now that his military discharge is tomorrow ...............
  6. dvd will be released on May or June. dvd team said they're doing a last check and confirmation. the exact release date will come out soon.
  7. Still shots I'd like to share. Some of them I think were already posted here. And fan arts!!
  8. @zaireen Last night, when I look at Kplus on VOD, they still haven't upload episode 10 yet. I will watch it tonight after I came back from work. Thank you for the translation of that crying scene. So Mdm Jin gave the permission to DH to be CKT's lawyer but at the same time reveal the truth about the donor. I'm a bit confused about her revelation, is it because she was disappointed at DH?
  9. finally the dvd will be release on fall. I'm dying already waiting for the contents. Can't wait to get all giddy up with everyone here once it release!
  10. International fan like hpl.. especially idol fan..my younger sister and friends not really follow kdrama but they follow hpl..and became pmy fan..they are teenager it shocking me..
  11. APRIL 24 ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. SUNSHINE! Go Ae Shin ~ Kim Tae Ri Source: @BillyRocks_13 Source: @Kakashi_Rain
  12. She gain 300K follower in 17days..a lot of idol fan follow pmy..my youngest sister and friends follow her and they are idol fan not kdrama fan..
  13. i honestly hv no idea why MS didnt hire a nanny to take care of DB.. if money is the problem, didnt MR offer to pay for it.?. instead she makes her mom do everything for her.. anddd she complaint a lot.. the only tolerable daughter so far is MR... poor SJ.. she has to take care of DB, clean the house and cook for them.. on top of that she has a bussiness to run.. my own sweet mother would literally disowned me if i make her clean my house or cook for me lol.
  14. HPL is adding more international fans to PMY. How do I know? because I'm watching and reviewing all the comments and feedback. Get it PMY! This is what she truly deserves
  15. Yes. I will try my best! I hope i can translate the after rain scene well hahaha *shy*, after all its about them after consummating aka made love. I am patiently, very very patiently waiting for them to appear in TVB
  16. I am finally caught up and up to Ep 13. Urgh…that was brutal. I was in denial…witnessed the foreshadowing but just didn’t quite want to believe it… RIP JiSoo . I would like to see some redemption arc for SM and not for him to turn into the monster all the foreshadowing is alluding to…but…maybe it will be a final LA vs SM battle in the end just like Darth and Luke… Will LA (Luke) save SM (Darth) from his demons? This drama is killing me…in a good way. The mirrors played heavily in this episode. What you see without is not what lies within. All respectable on the outside but evil within – SM?. “What is essential is invisible to the eye” – this quote has gone dark…very dark . I hope the other famous quote from Little Prince rings true too in this drama “It is only with the heart that one sees rightly” – LA believed his Hyung to be good…let’s hope for his sake his belief isn’t shattered. The sticky notes on the mirror…9 in total…squares of a Rubik’s cube…but not all the same…there are still pieces in play…and SM the puppeteer is still doing the manipulation. Also, SM’s dad seems to be alluding to SM being the one responsible for knifing the 3 ladies in the apartment and setting fire to the building…although he admitted to the body in the suitcase. What I would like to think is that SM’s dad was implying that when SM stabbed him, he wanted to feel what it was like to stab others too so he killed the ladies?? Otherwise to claim that SM killed the ladies and set fire to the apartments doesn’t fit the timeline and story thus far…it was definitely SM’s dad who took the jacket off JI, he wheeled the suitcase into the apartments…it wouldn’t make sense for SM to suddenly have the jacket and knock on the apartment next door? I can accept he potentially set fire to the apartments to hide his mother’s identity though… It bugs me that KGY didn’t kill SM’s dad in the altercation at HanMin. “I could kill you here but I would lose my VIP customer”? “You need enemies to have allies”? SM was the VIP customer? Hmm…unless he is saying that SM is paying him for every identity change, and therefore the dad needs to stay alive for that to keep happening? Had he killed SM’s dad, all the running and hiding would be over? So no more business with the VIP customer? Did SM order the ‘tying off of loose ends’ with the ladies in the suitcases? Also there was a second entrapment of SM…his mom said so…which is why he had the bleeding ankle at the apartment. Where was his mom then? How did he escape a second time?? Last but not least, if SM was driving his mom away from the HanMin home (and he was dressed in the same black outfit as his dad )…where was KGY? He had her last (she was drugged out and said she only came to in the new home?). That doesn’t make sense. SM didn’t know where his mom was after that incident?? Or that was how it appeared anyway? Unless he ordered KGY to stash her away again but just didn’t get the chance to get her name/where she was before KGY died which was why he was glad to find out what her new identity was when the Dragon Recruitment (?) bust happened and he reconnected with her again. There is still some ‘good’ left in SM. He wanted LA/JI and his mom away from the confrontation with his dad – he sent them to the other station. What he didn’t foresee was that poor JiSoo didn’t get that memo and therefore ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time to try to stop him – my heroine to the end… He loved(?) her though. His tears said as much…that’s what I want to believe anyway. Notice how LA never used mirrors? He always checked his hair with his reflection on a window pane or photo frame. No mirrors. With his psychometric abilities he knows full well that what you see on the outside is not what is really on the inside. Sunflowers in Memorium for JiSoo. She died in the arms of the man she loved. Technically she died in theatre but hey, his was the last face she saw and she was the last person she spoke to. I think given the fact that JiSoo is dead, all the foreshadowing related to SM would ring true too. He's the Little Prince. Jesus on the cross. The Little Prince dies in the story to return to his rose. And in this case SM dies to return to his sunflower JS. (I have another lengthy post I typed about finale predictions which I posted in PM3's blog comments but hasn't appeared yet so I will wait till that appears before reposting here). Someone asked about the pills that SM took. I will take a stab in the dark and say that they are likely Beta Blockers. Off label use for patients with anxiety. It reduces the noradrenaline levels in your brain. Which is why LA could never read SM. Until he tossed the pills away and his noradrenaline levels reverted back to normal. Noradrenaline is like adrenaline - it kicks off your body's inbuilt "fight or flight" system. When you encounter stress or danger, your body releases it to ready itself to fight an enemy or flee from danger (increase heart rate, heightened responses). Noradrenaline also acts in the brain to trigger memory... So in future events, you will have a faster response time. Explains why you remember more when in a stressful situation than say your usual humdrum everyday activity.
  17. Thank you for the new stills and motion poster. Thank you for the subs. This is the first time I've watched one of her Vlive and she has such a warm, pleasant personality. I liked her story about trying to driving on the motorway and her advice for learning lines too. The part about reading comments made me sad though. Hyo Seop on variety should be funny as he is so shy and nervous but cute I think it's cute how she calls him Min and I think she says Hyeseob-ie too so sounds like they get along well I know we were talking about Netflix yesterday. This is the press release for anyone who hasn't read it: https://media.netflix.com/en/press-releases/netflix-to-launch-korean-fantasy-drama-abyss-1-1
  18. Hi hnfragile, thanks for sharing the video. Ye, on April 24, 2002 RAIN debuted on a cable music channel prior his actual & official debut on April 28.............
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