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  2. *** I hope we could get to see them MORE hang out together. ***************************************************************************** Park Hyung Sik On His Friends BTS’s V, Park Seo Joon, And Choi Woo Sik: “They’re My Only Refuge” Park Hyung Sik talked more about his close friendship with BTS’s V, Park Seo Joon, and Choi Woo Sik! During a recent interview with Herald Pop, Park Hyung Sik affectionately described his friends as his only refuge. He came to know V and Park Seo Joon — whom he calls his soulmates — during their time together on the 2016-2017 drama “Hwarang,” and on how he met Choi Woo Sik, he said, “Park Seo Joon and Choi Woo Sik are close. Because of that, Park Seo Joon had really wanted to introduce Choi Woo Sik to me and V.” He added, “Honestly, it’s not easy for everyone to be a good match, but when we got together, it was crazy. Everyone’s so funny.” Describing what it’s like when they hang out, Park Hyung Sik said, “We meet often and make completely ridiculous, lame jokes. It’s so fun. They’re my only refuge, a place where I can heal.” Meanwhile, Park Hyung Sik’s new movie, “Juror 8,” premiered last week on May 15. Source (1) / soompi news
  3. I just finished watching episode 14...I do not think they did the deed yet. I can't explain it but I am 90% sure of it.
  4. Pics from Star Speed Entertainment...Impressive! https://www.starspeed.com.sg/post/2019-park-bo-gum-asia-tour-in-singapore?fbclid=IwAR0uDDiypOi4SHl2k76yV6_6flIAGRz4zYIfvpnUdzeqgcXbGTwTUQFGNzU …
  5. ***I finally done watching his last drama "Terius Behind Me" - I wasn't able to watch this continuously during its airing since I lacked time to do so. Hahaha - I understand that spanking is highly discouraged in Korean culture, but good heavens, someone needs to do something to teach those children some respect and discipline. I would have them glued to my hip at all times so they couldn’t touch a damn thing. But, at the latter EPs, they became sweet. I found “Terius Behind Me” to be a mostly pleasant drama. There’s a good bit of humor and fun with Bon being the stoic secret agent taking care of a rambunctious kids. The romance between Bon and Ae Rin is subtle but sweet. But overall, “Terius Behind Me” was a fun enough story that mixed elements of romantic comedy, family, and spy action that I would recommend for others to watch. I did enjoy the heart-warming moments of Bon opening up a little bit and finding a family. I wanted to feel bad for Jin Yong Tae in Terius Behind Me but given that all that happened to him was a result of all the bad things he had previously done it was quite difficult for me to sympathise. The amount of effort Go Ae Rin put into all of her jobs in Terius Behind Me was both hilarious and inspirational.
  6. More of Eric, YAAAASSS!!!! Will see how it turns out but the concept sounds pretty interesting. 190522 Shinhwa’s Eric and Andy Head To Spain For New MBC Entertainment Show “The Barber of Seville“ Shinhwa’s Eric and Andy are going to Spain for a variety show project. Created under the motif of French play, The Barber of Seville, it will depict the story of a 53-year-old artisan barber working together with top Korean hairdresser and celebrity crew. Posed to be part of the crew, Shinhwa’s Eric and Andy will showcase their variety show skills and impromptu charms. Based on Pierre Beaumarchais’s French comedy Le Barbier de Séville in 1775, the modern tweak and Korean entertainment color are expected to present an interesting program. Moreover, the fusion of vibrant stories in the backdrop of East Asian culture and Spanish beauty salon will also be highlighted. A multi-talented performer, Eric has been highly successful in TV series and variety shows. Immense raves were received by him from dramas such as Another Oh Hae Young and Discovery of Love. Aside from that, his stints in Three Meals A Day franchise have garnered much interest from viewers. His cooking prowess has earned him the nickname of “E-Chef”. Likewise, Andy has been streaking performances in various entertainment programs such as Law of the Jungle, Shinhwa Broadcast and Grandma’s Restaurant in Samcheong-dong. Eric and Andy are leader and maknae of first generation K-Pop idol group SHINHWA, launched by SM Entertainment in 1998. In 2011, the group founded Shinhwa Company to manage the group’s activity. Sharing co-CEO status are Eric and Lee Min Woo, with members Jun Jin, Andy, Dongwan and Hyesung as shareholders. Meanwhile, MBC’s The Barber of Seville is scheduled to be broadcast in July after its scheduled filming in Spain. Source: Hello Kpop
  7. 190522 Trip Down the Memory Lane to Shinhwa Elementary School 2nd Grade Class 16, I am Mun Jung-hyuk 7th Grade Class 28, I am Lee Min-woo 11th Grade Class 27, I am Jung Pil-kyo 1st Grade Class 21, I am Lee Sunho #snapchat #BabyFilter Note: Grade is members’ birth month and Class is the birth date Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  8. Oh seriously? there is a cut scene? Maybe we will get to see it somewhere! Yes, you are right - WJ is not into revenge killing. I was hoping that he would at least confront them... oh well..
  9. Quick note - This would be - "She absorbed/channeled/took on the role of a person whose eyes can't see." (every time you see 'smoke', it's 연기하다 or 연기, which in all drama contexts, is 'to act' or 'acting') From And again Shin Hye Sun, who had always took on lovely and innocent/pure roles, is attempting a different 'acting transformation' (연기 변신) into a cold/cynical and pessimistic character and,... From Very good @immorethant! The same thing cropped up in @Ni Wen article google translation. Just remember, Smoke = Acting
  10. I think this is the one that got cut before the start of ep 49. I never see this scene anywhere, but it's in the OP song. I don't think he would ever kill ZM's dad and brother even if they're the ones who kill her imho, 1st they're ZM's family, 2nd WJ just do not like killing people for personal vengeance
  11. LOL couple rings or not. PPL rings or not, that is one not- cheap couple rings. Guess it means a SERIOUS couple then huh? Every time I see one of those nice rings on Korean dramas especially those by Tiffany or Chanel I just want to buy one. But then I can't because I already have my own rings. I am not a bling bling sort of person and there's no point buying rings if you don't intend to change them all the time. But still... those rings are gorgeous. And my rings are perfectly fine but I have ring envy. I still have the diamond rings I purchased in the early days which I don't wear. Plus pendants- which I also don't wear. Impulse shopping is bad. What I really, really want though.... are the addresses of some of the nice restaurants and cafes they go to. At least I can look it up when we hit Seoul right?
  12. Agreed with this, I think there are many scenes in the drama that shown Ni-Na has a good heart inside (the scene that the car hit the dog , the scene that when Yeon-Seo entered the room she was the one who smiled first to see her, and the scene that the family visit Yeon-Seo after eyes operation). She just received bad influences from her mother and sister. And as I guess the story , it would be like this. - Dan need to find love for Yeon-Seo, so he will try to match YS with JKW - However, Ni-Na got a crush on JKW and YS is attracted to Dan (his mission failed since their 1st encounter from childhood but he didn't know) - At some point Ni-Na may act as b*tchy 2nd female because she understood that Yeon-Seo will return to ballet to take away her odette role and also take her crush JKW. - But in the end, as Yeon-Seo's heart belongs to Dan, I think Ni-Na character will be come more lovable and shown that she's not evil at all, and after that JKW may start to develop feeling for Ni-Na. (And I hope we will get to see both Dan and YS play as cupid to help Ni-Na and JKW to build relationship, should be funny and cute). - I also think that JKW may know YS at the young age too. He might watch young Yeon-Seo on stage and impressed with her dancing (or from other reason that kept secret for now). so he decided to become the art director and get this job position to get close to Yeon-Seo. He just shown up after he heard the news that YS will appear in the Ballet Fantasia party and suddenly declare the lead role to be for YS. (Sound like the 3rd lead doctor in '30but17' which he decided to become a doctor for female lead). Yes, that's the apt word 'sparkle sparkle'. Sorry that my English and my Korean so poor that sometime I can't find the right word to communicate, so many words translation from dictionary. So I just use this 반짝반짝 translation from the Eng sub of version that I watched , please forgive me. Wow !!! great ! I'm going to ask KBS that now we just finished first week airing ,please give me BTS. Thank you so much KBS and @Ni Wen for sharing. And wow...it's so scary seeing she really sat inside the car with the crane lifting and tilting it and need to act in that scene and still did that so well. (but actually I want to see more BTS of cute scene in the park ). And can I have 'Happy Together' too....after next week's episode ends ?
  13. Hopefully the Episode 15 will show the bed scene again just like the workshop scene.
  14. Although she wasn't in the photo, so nice knowing Hyemi was also with Eric 190519 Shinhwa’s Eric Spotted at UNIQLO in GunDae If my boyfriend didn’t ask Eric to take photo because I’m a long time fan of Shinhwa, I would not be able to take a photo with him… I was absolutely frozen. I did not even open my eyes, so nervous He bent his knees to meet my height. #sosweet A day thankful to my boyfriend, Eric and his wife who came to Gundae (Gunkuk University) for shopping By meeting Eric, I feel better I couldn’t see Andy oppa at Daedo restaurant #successful fan #from elementary school #SHCJ #Mun Jung Hyuk #handshake #soft hand #Eric oppa #so happy #faint #tension headache #severe #It’s Okay, That’s Love #so handsome #Shinchang #jackpot day #go crazy #it feels like a dream still #the happiest #still nervous #Shinhwa Eric Source: j_g8228 Translation: eric_munleader for EricMun.tumblr
  15. @samzz can you see the clans went to the same direction, none of them living a clean life. And the reason why they can't find job right now without the use of connection bc of their association. And the prosti visited their home..amazing hahaha
  16. That makes three of us then. I couldn't get through the last part of Something in the Rain either, and I was really disappointed the way that things sort of fell apart. Hopefully the writer has learned a lesson and will do much better with Spring Night. The story in the first episodes is already tighter and more cohesive. I really liked the way that our leads told each other their issues immediately. And I also like that they don't exactly realize that there are rumblings going on in the background with the people around them--that's gonna make for some good drama.
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