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  2. I love the vibe. I love the songs. I love JHI and HJM's chemistry! The storyline feels a little bit fast but I'm not complaining y'all!! The fact that JH and JI being honest to each other is so relieving. Based on the preview, JI asked for a break and then goes out with JH so she's not having an affair yeay. I kinda feel bad for her boyfriend but truthfully, he sucks. Hahaha. I'm having such high hopes for this drama! (I love watching drama about a little family ><)
  3. Really liked the first episode of the show and the music is kind of nice... It is kind of slow but that's how real life is LOL... great show to watch if watching heavy crazy dramas like Voice 3
  4. @cheerkoosis ... Is there english version of KOO's novel ?! How can we buy her novel?! There are so many sunnies from worldwide want to purchase novel but unfortunately there is no english version. I saw so many sunnies asking KOO for english version in instagram on her post.
  5. I think theyd still be on the listbof buzzworthy dramas.. and yeah PMY will still continue to be more famous after this! hmmmm.. but how come I have a feeling that she will take a long time off again? Good thing Busted 2 is just around the corner too..
  6. LOL.... oooh the pressure!! 694
  7. I noticed too!! JKY and Hongbin (from Wednesday 3.30) also reaaaaally liked to tease her even tho she's a noona to them ;;; She has this natural cuteness that they all can't ignore and want to be close smhhh. KYK though, he's naturally dorky and friendly to everyone but his body language towards her is as if he's too smitten and he can't keep his eyes off her. Tho in the interview they called themselves siblings/brothers as an explanation to their closeness LOL
  8. Two dramas started yesterday KBS with Shin Hye Sun drama and MBC with Jung Hae In - Han Ji Min drama. But I think HPL cast will remain Buzzworthy topnotchers this week. Not sure about next week because Arthdal Chronicles will be starting too but since it's going to be HPL finale, they got high chance to remain on top of the Buzzworthy cast next week.
  9. Hi everyone. Ystd's episode was great! Anw, below are my thoughts on the episode: 1. I LOVE OUR OTP SO MUCH. Their relationship is so full of love, care, affection, strength and mutual respect for one another. They definitely set a standard for a healthy romantic relationship that I would love to have in the future! I love how SDM was so understanding and concerned about RG's condition and gave him space to think and process the situation that he is in. The way she expresses her concern to RG was great too. She was soft and warm. This is a good lesson from SDM. Im the type who tend to talk to the person who is in a complex situation like RG because I wanted that person to know that he/she is not alone, and I can lend my shoulders for them to cry on and my ears to listen to their thoughts. But SDM taught me the essence of empathy. She understood how RG felt and shared that feelings with him. He gave him space because the emotions and thoughts were overwhelming for RG, who has such a lot of baggage. She provide a room to him to tank the things that has happened so quickly. But giving someone space doesnt mean u leave them alone only. You do check them up. SDM did 11hrs later. She gave such a good vibe. Her positivity brightens RG's day. Just look at their hug at RG's doorstep. That is so cute and warm. SDM is aware that RG is physical touch. So that 11 hrs of being alone in a way deprives RG from love and a big warm hug was what RG needed so badly. From this, SDM is such a good role model for ladies, be it in relationship or not, SDM taught viewers that it is important to empathise people. 2. I think SDM's mom expressions upon knowing that RG is adopted was more of a concern mother. I mean... she is a kind hearted lady who cares for children. She took in Eun Gi even though she doesnt need to. EG was taken in as it seems that she doesnt want EG to be left alone without a mother's love, care and protection. So, I believe she her reaction was more of her being thankful that RG was adopted and was well taken care of because there are many children who are unluckier. There are children being left in the lurch and needed to fend for themselves. So at least RG got lucky despite being abandoned at the start. This makes me wonder... was it SDM's maternal instinct to be concerned about children's welfare or did she ever experience such a situation where she is an orphan? Her level of empathy and sympathy for children is commendable. It is not easy to take care of their own child and what more someone else's who has no blood relation. Thats why I respect foster/adoptive parents. It is not easy to be one because it might be hard to handle their foster children's traumas. 3. I love how the story progresses. Altho the scenes were a little choppy, we are able to see the conflict, like a tightly tied knot being loosen bit by bit. I also like how the last scene was depicted. RG was confronting the conflict head on! Ohhh, that scene is so full of emotion! I was sooo touched and I was crying along with the two actors. Their acting was incredible! Look at their eyes and neck. RG looked like he was choked up. He couldnt string the words to explain why he brought Lee Sol to his mini gallery of LS's paintings. So he plucked up his courage to reveal his identity. That must have hurt a lot... dang... LS was sooo affected. Her eyes are full of longing, sadness, regret and shock. Soooo saaadddd .... Anw, I was hoping that RG would draw SDM. N oh bless the scriptwriter. Seeing the teasers for tonight's episode is making me super happy! I also hope that we are able to see RG-LS conflict to be resolved. I hope LS shows the last painting that she kept. I think it is in the church where she prayed. Maybe the painting is a picture of HYJ playing with the bubbles. That would be so sad. From the trailer for tonights ep, I think EG would apologise to SDM because his confession cause them to be awkward and rift apart. He treasures the friendship that they had and wants to continue that way. I guess he learns it from CDI and also from ystd's drinking session w SDM. Btw I like how SDM draw the line so clear. She treats EG as a friend and family. Nothing more, nothing less. U go gurl! Oopps i wrote too long. Hahahaha i shall stop here for now. My lunch is about to end soon. Thank goodness Im fasting hahahahaa. Need to get back to work~ i look forward to reading your posts later!
  10. @Lmangla really like your insights!! I think you are able to extract the merits of this romcom concisely. Tho it really has cliched tropes but the PD and writer are able to show uniqueness and wisdom behind this drama. I'm glad they also showed the medical perspectives and explanation behind his face blindness so it doesn't make too much logical flaw. Also, everyone previously was puzzled why Min Ik became such an idiot not to recognise his secretary's voice, they were able to show that he did recognise her voice after all (but couldn't make the conclusion) when he confessed to Dae Ju - I'm just glad they didn't leave that fact hanging and addressed it. Partly because of his face blindness, his EQ did decrease a little since it badly affected his usual interactions with people, poor boy!! It's so much more refreshing than the face blindness in Beauty Inside and Rich Man Poor Woman!! Maybe because we got to see his whole journey becoming handicapped too?
  11. Zhang Yu Jian rarely post on weibo, seems like he prefers IG, no wonder his weibo followers are fewer
  12. Hello Goners! I just wanted to welcome any new shippers to this thread. I'm sorry if I don't call you out by name but I just wanted to share a few videos for anyone here that may or may not have come across it on YT …. I believe there were at least one or two that were asking for more info on these two so I will just share some beautiful compilations that were shared before. Anyhow, I am excited to have time tonight to read through some of the pages and catch up on everyone's thoughts. Enjoy! And welcome! 101 Reasons Why I Ship … https://youtu.be/DNVDYt5flb0 This is so beautiful and shares some key moments in bts of JiJI/NamJi/JiNam https://youtu.be/9pd6oN09fSg This video is so beautiful and on replay everyday. I am not kidding. This one feels like NamJi home for me. Thank you to our lovely chingu who always creates with love. Anyhow new shippers and silent lurkers. Thank you for coming by and following the journey as we all are... may you enjoy it and not be overwhelmed but always remember that whatever makes them happy we too will always be happy. Ship or no ship. They are beautiful and worthy of a love that liberates them in whatever sets their heart's desires. Happy shipping!
  13. Were you guys surprised that Ishida, chief surgeon of The Government General Hospital is mixed? I’ve always thought he’s pure Japanese by his character description. Never ever trust the description again! Nevertheless, I think it’s a good development that he is. Not only Hiroshi could cover his criminal act, now Ishida has even more reasons to dislike YJ for her origin and being the daughter of Hiroshi. For this, I appreciate the writer for writing such script. The characters have motives for why they are.
  14. Another plot to overcome the trauma. Oh well. LYJ gone through trauma through kiss lol. how bout this one then... I was wondering what will happen in ep 15 and 16 too. I assume SDM's mother have something to tell, probably later there would be problems in their relationship. Then, somehow try to win each other's hearts again and who knows... later they skip to the scene where they have kids and her kids also a fangirl LOL. At least, it ends as fangirling things too. lol.
  15. I want to hear your out the box analysis . I know you well enough to know you won’t give me the usual heart squealing type analysis. 696
  16. I finally watched it with subs and I'm loving it. But I have to admit, (I almost dropped my phone when I saw who the mother is lol ). @richelle You made a good point chingu. The pace of the drama is too fast that I'm worried. Hopefully they have enough material to cover until the end. I love the sisters' relationship. They have each other's backs which is good cuz the parents are gonna be so pissed off when they find out what their daughters are up to lol. First daughter wants to get divorce, second daughter is about to break up with her arranged boyfriend and will date a single father while the third daughter is in Korea when she was supposed to be abroad. Not to mention, according to her, she got charged for stalking in Paris lol. Let the trouble and screaming begin. I felt bad when YJH was like "I have a son" like it's something he feels guilty about. However LJI surprised me with her "So what attitude". I'm glad she didn't judge him just like what his friends are doing now. From the preview, they are broadcasting his family situation to the current boyfriend which as friends, shame on you. He needs someone to tell him not to be ashamed of himself and that it's ok to be a single father. LJI is a strong woman and I like her. She knows what she wants in marriage and is taking it seriously. I guess, she is gonna break it off completely before she dates YJH. The OST, I love it. It fits the mood. Hopefully they release it
  17. Yes, to all you said. It's such an honor to be part of a team invited to Cannes. But a lovescene? Where did you read that? I just hope there's some kissing because I think LSK needs to get over his fear of kissing his co-star already
  18. do you notice, eversince being in relationship, Deok Mi starts to wear skirts to work and off work.... like she is more confident to show skin to her boyfriend. hihihi
  19. NOW WE ARE GETTING DEOKMILISA - BY RYAN GOLD. Tbh, I don't really know much about art. But whatever outcome of Ryan's painting, it come from his heart after all. Since it is subjective, the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Ryan is a famous painter. He have his own fans that love his masterpiece. He always creates art but did he ever received one himself? Call me delulu. But I can see how much he treasure DM's and the girl at the orphanage painting which they gifted to him. He mostly and based only on my observation is a Giver and not much of a Receiver. And if ever he still can't paint (not that I want to jinxed him) it may be painful to him and I do understand if he can't paint DM no matter how he tried. I'm not really know how to relate this but he was in pain but never ever DM take pity. She shows compassion and supports that he need. Like let's ride or die to moon and back. HANG ON TIGHT HUN CAUSE I GOT YOU. DM will never be just a sideline or used as tool for the ML conflicts. HPL you can't let me down ya' hear me. I am counting on you. Ryan and DM is so sync with each other that it get me goosebumps. They completed each other. They got each other back. They understand each other. They are the ultimate symbol of how healthy relationships should be. They make me choose my next drama wisely cause they simply raised my expectations. It's nice to see a FL that takes leads and ML who put his trust with his other half to actually leads them on. They were equal. That's it. That level is one is hella hard to get from other drama.
  20. You can tell the hubby is not all in on the adoption idea. His mother coming back and stirring up trouble is a problem as well as she continues to be rude and butting in yelling about continuing the blood line and not take in someone else blood. He is slowly falling in the web that Sang Mi is weaving and he will cheat we all can see its coming. Once this marriage is done I hope he does not end up living well. It is ok to not want to adopt and he should have told his wife that he would prefer not to adopt and give him time. He did the worst thing possible and ran away and ended up betraying his wife. You could tell that his mom will be part of why he betrays his wife and ultimately leaves her. His mother is all about money and a rich daughter in law is going to be up her alley especially if she thinks the woman can have a baby too. The sad part is I bet Sang Mi is doing partly based on some misunderstanding from the past and the fact she is a spoiled rich girl who has no respect for the sanctity of marriage. He best punishment is to not get the perfect marriage she wanted since she stole a man and to have the same thing happen to her. (What goes around does end up coming back around. ) The man she stole ends up cheating on her is perfect punishment or he is not happy with her after he ends up with her. A good twist will be for them to find out it was never his ex wife who had the problem but him who did and he gets to see his ex living well and happy with her new man , the adopted kid and a baby on the way. I am hoping they are done with all the busting and betrayal by episode 45 and they are divorcing so we can see the lead female start over.
  21. Aahh..if the plot is like this, maybe 'bed scene' can happen. Psj u should marry pmy' earlier to get 'real bed scene'
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