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  2. I 'm PSJ's fan so long time. I like all him lead co- star. I'm ok with everyone but I never want to him to marry or be a real couple with him lead co- star. He has good chemistry with all the actresses who work with him. Until I saw this picture when she had to go back to Singapore alone after a reward trip in Phuket. When i saw it I immediately thought that I wanted him to marry her and want them to be real couples. She is a very cool woman, a person who takes good care of herself, so very smart and so adorable. OH!! She look totally awesome. she are such an elegant woman.............. I am wondering what makes she so fascinating. My PSJ has a wondrous relationship with this beautiful woman, He is so lucky. PARK MIN YOUNG !!!!!! I like you very much I promise to support you everything. Like I used to support Park Seo Jun before...I promise........
  3. feel free to ship PMY with her costars... It just proves she is doing great on her relationship with them.. keep supporting her on HPL (be our guest!) But, we (all) know what is REAL...
  4. I believed most of the kiss scene was initiated by MinMn in previous version. Only this version by WJ and a deep kiss too.
  5. 190421 xhlrud Twitter Update with NCT 127 "Something really incredible happened to me. Accidentally, during the New York RPD, NCT 127 actually came and danced to my songs. Still, all of this is a dream for me. Thankfully, I was invited to the New Jersey concert, and the second RPD was held in front of hall. #NCT127 #nct"
  6. I wonder why Allkpop had posted dating rumor news again. Some international fans ,Thai ,Filipino were surprised about their dating rumor 3 years ( actually we all shippers have been there before)cause they have never watch the drama before.I hope PPC will be having more shippers than these days like SSC. Maybe this is good for wwwsk to gain more viewers.
  7. Shall we change the name of this thread?? Kim Nam Gil fanclub?? Seriously each and every post is about him. LOL. @Sejabin You dont know Yeon woo Jin?!?! I agree he can raise the temperature very well. But for me it is his sweet smile that I found very attractive. He has no abs or anything but he is such a good actor. Watch Marriage Not dating if you already haven't. -2
  8. I laughed so hard watching it (probably because Ohm, Sing, Gigie, Guy and Amper barely could hold themself too).
  9. Park Shin Hye's instagram update: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwhkyEkFJjJ/?igshid=1wfd9vply7jt2 …
  10. Love MR and TJ in every scene tonight. Why do I feel their scenes are too short. I want moreeee I hope MH will end up with JB. I don't care about WJ. I find him boring. I dislike MS's husband, I can't stand him and his mom. I fast forward most of their scenes.
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  12. No, not at all, we need to wait patiently. I'm afraid we won't see his new work even when we complete re-watching LOBTS, GB, BH and DMZ. By the way, since he still is the spokesperson of Seven Luck, Good Base, Lotte Duty Free, and etc. May be we will see the new pictures or advertisements ? They have already used the old pictures for 2 years. (Thanks they even used old pictures instead of finding new spokesperson. The power of LMH. )
  13. hahah the 94 made me cringe! I love that MV too. I like the BG music.
  14. Only 1 article from Sportworld reported HB-SYJ’s drama confirmation so I’m waiting for more articles. Then there was another one but basically reposted and referenced to Sportworld. I hope what I thought is true. Fingers crossed! I think the reason why all the English websites are delaying because of Easter Holiday. So I guess we’ll hear from them on Monday. Yes yes...shocked!
  15. Hahaha! Watching the 94 version now makes me cringe. It feels more like a comedy but I was very hooked then hahah!
  16. Hey! I'm looking for people who live in the GTA & the ages from 13-16 to start a Kpop dance cover group! If you enjoy dancing and love Kpop! Please comment... More details to come!


    #kpop #kpopdancecover #GTA #BTS

  17. YES!! I already started to watch the series & I watched eps 1-2 in a one blow!! There wasn't a single boring moment!! The plot is really impressing! My dear @triplem @ktcjdrama & @stroppyse chingus! You are so right about the series!! I am hooked from the very 1st day!!! And this is my very 1st Choi Si Won drama!! And I am so impressed by his acting! 10/10 points for Yang Jung-Kook!! His comic timing is excellent! I really love his negative vibe as a con artist! The very 1st scene about the subway line was so hilarious!!! And what to say about the lady, Lee Yoo Young!!!! Her voice is so soft but her action is so rough!!! I loved it when guys were scared of her presence!! She is the most perfect female detective I've ever seen! She totally fits the role! And what a combination of a con artist & a cop wife..???!! The plot is already intriguing!!! I love this!! I JUST LOVE THIS!! And can't wait to see the next eps!!!! Thanks a lot for recommending me this series, lovelies!!!! Love the way the story is unfolding!!! And Oh God! I already see some of the cast of Jugglers here!!! Jung Sung Ho, Park Kyung Hye & Choi Dae Chul!! Can't wait to see Choi Daniel & Beak JIn Hee here!!
  18. I love love love Sung Si-Kyung. My Honey Voice.
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