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  2. Flight from Shanghai, our monochrome boy 1.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374690739728787/4374691134943861 2.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374691603763229/4374691768284161
  3. ....................I could fix us some sandwiches and coffee.....?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. English-subbed clips posted on twitter by BillyRocks_13 |Part1| Captain #LeeByungHun's voice cameo as 'Hint Fairy' to introduce the master in recent eps of #MasterInTheHouse. They were all taken aback. He laughs so much.~
  5. I guess it is true that she might be tired these days that Yoo Jae Suk said 'be strong' for the support truck.
  6. naughty TVN,how come they release this news the same day with Spring Night.. this is romcom right?? and yejin will play the funny part...
  8. Blossoming Taleen 2 hours ago from Suk❥iPhone client Happiness and happiness! because I have you @JShine Lee Jong-suk FanClub : [ @ Lee Jong-suk ] 190,522, "Lee Jong-suk endorsement " # # Romance is a separate volume appendix Lee Jong-suk sum37_official Update # # romantic is not, Appendix Romance is a separate volume appendix # more beautiful Lee Jong-suk # JShine Lee Jong-suk's FanClub Second shot video 4161 views 0:13
  9. Aaawww love they cheered both of them. Both works really hard for this drama. KJW must be a precious sunbae to them.
  10. Is that doll become official merchandise for HPL? I think the doll that Si An gave to SiNaGil-nim during fanmeeting become a merchandise too. no need merchandise, I just need the owner of that shoulder! Do I need to fight with Deok Mi to get that?
  11. https://storgram.com/post/BxwFuarlrmI .....summer 2013.....The water from the fish tank compromised the scene..........!!!!!!!! ....and...now....None of us know why we're trapped inside this fishbowl........
  12. He sings one of the ost! https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4374722759347792/4374723602702347 Cant wait for this scene LOL
  13. The only way to make sense on how they are being revived is that they are being revived based on the look of someone they hate. I've read from a review by parkmule3 in a site that in kdramas, the word “abyss” is often tied to Nietzsche’s famous quote from “Beyond Good and Evil”. It goes something like this: There are several ways to interpret this but the simplest one will suffice for this drama. It means “you become what you hate.” That’s the interpretation most applicable in this show. On the surface, it acts like a magic ball with a power to revive the dead into the form of its soul. But in a deeper level, when the individual’s soul is filled with revulsion for something or somebody, the abyss ball resurrects the individual into the image of this hateful monster found in his soul. Btw she/he also was able to predict the death of cha min by foreshadowing on how Se Yeon keeps on saying "Do you have a death wish?" to cha min lol. I bet that woman was revived from the looks of his husband she hated him maybe..
  14. This OST #1 did not disappoint my high expectations. Lee Moon-Se does his thing. Words do sparkle. If I were Kim Myung-Soo I would be one happy angel with a soundtrack like this for me. Album Dan, "Angel's Last Mission, Love" OST 1 Released 2019.05.22 Genre: Drama music Lyrics: Kim Jong-Chun Composed by: Lovelyee, Kim Jong-Chun Arranged by: Kim Jong-Chun This might make it a bit easier to sing along. This is a drama about an Angel, Dan. Dan is observing humans - Lee Yeon-Seo in particular, who is the center of his study, but this soundtrack quite brilliantly sets the proper and not-so-frivolous tone of what Angel Dan is about to experience as we wait with bated breath for this already fantastic drama to unfold before our glistening eyes.... I am so in love with the ideas of this drama already. (expressions fail)
  15. So far, the English subbed ones I've come across look identical to the 56-episode YT version. The DVD version has 55 episodes. I think the missing scenes are quite important and have no idea why they were cut in the first place and at such awkward points too.
  16. No wonder YM is an odd ball. Even if he's a student in the early 2000, I find it odd that he loved the Beatles instead of Jay Chou! Even my ex-students (in their 50s) and daughters (in their 30s) dont listen to their songs. I thought only a grandmum like me would love the Beatles because they were at the peak of their popularity during my high school days. Then again only YM would choose a simple T-shirt and masquerade as John Lennon for the party!
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