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  2. Nahh we are just adding some ‘chaos’ into the pot. Haha joining the dark side is fun you won’t regret it. Stay and just watch as Kousuke starts coming out. ps, I have a obsession with Kousuke. I want to see him in person! I want I want! Haha was kinda sad about the dream, but wow..he looks good covered in blood
  3. @annie1234 whoever hate this drama or complaint that this drama is no good, they are actually jealous of our couple's best chemistry when they are together.. If they said they don't like too many skinship in this drama, they must be not normal people who like to watch rom com drama.. otherwise they probably those who like to watch horror/ thriller / mystery genre drama Just forgive them... or maybe if you guys saw someone complaint about too many kissing or skinships in this drama, let's reply to their comments and tell them to watch horror / thriller drama.. don't watch this drama and talk bad about this rom com drama..we who love rom com love this drama except those who still cannot move on with PMY and that other person (i don't want to mention his name here) chemistry not as good as PMY and KJW
  4. I know right, what have you two done? How will I live with this? The more I watch the more I'm getting pissed off that KW doesn't go to the dark side. I was sitting there watching the latest episode and thinking that I want to see Kousuke already, come on, director, bring it on. Gosh, the dude is such a tease for two full seasons, I can't even! I feel so torn right now, on the one hand, I'm so curious about Kousuke but on the other hand, I want more of that tsundere KW from season 2, so that skinship made me squeal like an idiot. I feel like at the end of this season we'll all develop multiple personalities if this goes on.
  5. I hope they don't make adjustments for ratings. I always believe adjustments spoil the original story/script.
  6. I still want to feed my shipper's heart at the moment. I will leave his craziness for blood aside first for that first skinship.... Haaaaa.... I'm half full tonight. I am not gonna hope for far-fetch kiss scene, but I would love to see at least a hug this season. Oh my heart.... I'm already squealing my heart out over the excitement (and imagination...hmmm )
  7. yes, it did some. but still wondering what is that point of change in their relationship because from the outside, it doesn't look like their interactions have changed that much. at least to me, it just feels more or less like a continuation of before. they are super at ease which is why we are getting so much skinship as a non-couple. it is like those friends movies where we see two people who should be together but they don't see it...from the beginning, it struck me that she was acting more like wifey than secretary. if we see the other ladies in the office, they know how to draw a line. however, gal hee saw it as more keeping her job..... but no one commented on it earlier...
  8. Omg @meon I think we successfully converted Nate haha. Didn’t you said in the earlier pages that you wish that KW will not go bad? Hahaha.
  9. I love our community here.. Coming from different countries but united to show the love for PSH. And we all are staying positive and hoping our star will shine BRIGHTEST!!! Love to you all
  10. 884 what to watch after mister gold? I want to watch angel but that guy is too young and seems inexperienced wkwkwkwk Mr. gold raised my level love him whenever he pushed pmy and corners her and pressed his body onto her. After this, I can not watch any actor who doesn’t know how to kiss properly Kwkwkwwk
  11. Videos yesterday roadshow. I think CFY didnt come to today ChongQing roadshow, dont know why. 1.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375976164158020/4375976609125655 2.https://www.meipai.com/media/1113177563
  12. @meon I don't trust him too but then again until KW completely goes to the dark side I'll like him
  13. Honestly I think it’s that extra element of ‘caring’ and ‘worrying’ for each other. For example, DJ first noticed it when Dom got worried that he had been tiring GH after DJ pointed out how weary she looks. Before this, DJ has seen that Dom didn’t really care or notice how he has been pushing GH around almost like a slave. That’s why it took him by surprise to see this new side of Dom actually caring for GH. Even for VP - the thing she pointed out was GH’s eyes. Being a movie critic, she knows how important emoting and facial expressions are. She can clearly see that GH is worried for Dom not as a boss, but a person she cherishes. VP also mentioned that it’s usually easier for a third party observer to see when someone likes another. And this was proven once again when GH noticed that couple on the beach who looked like they were fighting but just from seeing the girls face she knew it was love. Did that help?
  14. @Lmangla @triplem omg. My internet is so bad it’s bad till the fact that whenever I refresh my YouTube page, all the thumbnails of every videos are not even showing. Soompi..sigh. Seeing the loading screen..again again again. As I wait for my notifi to load. Gave up haha Edit so..I have to sit up right to get my WiFi working smoothly omg. 884
  15. @Ameera Ali Hwang jung eum sad siting there like why I'm i here haha
  16. Yes, thank God he is married. It is not the first time he stared uncomfortable for Mi ri. I found the Director meeting moment more uncomfortable. I hope it is the last time. Do not forget the creepy moment when he asked In Sook to move close to his home because she has a big house. He asked if she is seeing a man in the house, because she is still young to date. He gives me bad vibe. Creepy. I noticed that too. It looks like she talked about her insatisfaction with the family. I think it is related with In Sook. Tae Joo seems to feel bad/ feel guilty and I get why he can`t tell her who he is but he has to tell her soon. Joo Hyun Mi is Korean-Chinese and maybe Wang Wei is the same. I wonder why she did not reveal that she speaks Korean as well. We know that she likes Mi Ri, she apreciates her. Maybe she likes to hear her trying to speak Chinese. Seriously, maybe she wants to have the upper hand, he won`t reveal information about herself. She and Chairman Han seems to know each other for long.
  17. 882 @sushilicious i havent peek haha... But yeah they always need to stop him on time lol. @Ameera Ali hes quite entertaining... I have to say the rest seems not important lol....
  18. https://my-favourite-korean-drama-reviews.blogspot.com/2019/05/part-eight.html @Ameera Ali my blog, new post. -2
  19. https://my-favourite-korean-drama-reviews.blogspot.com/2019/05/part-eight.html Part eight of my blog @kimdaehwi @Ameera Ali @lu09 @chococarmela @dulceres I will try to post more tomorrow, to catch up, I am still in episode 52
  20. The director really good. He captured the non verbal exchange of glances, heart flutter moments of the relationship. And thank you show for creating strong minded female lead.
  21. Hm... I'd not trust him... He's just afraid that watching blood makes him crazy... and...
  22. Does that mean romance between our Ballerina and Dan is what attracting audience? I hope KBS keeps this in mind. I wonder how many episodes they have shot so far? In case they have to make any adjustments for ratings.
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