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  2. I love this drama, really enjoying the mystery and the main leads. What i find interesting about Hiroshi is he is so mysterious that i would not be surprised if the storyline about his past would be he is actually from Joseun but raised by Japanese parents hence why he raised YJ to keep her Korean identity -it was mentioned several times in the drama Hiroshi raised her with Korean speaking helpers etc. I would soooo love it if this was true because he has that sort of wickedness where you want him to be loved in the end. Theres definitely more to his story that i am looking forward to finding out.
  3. Oh NO NO NO!!! I can't see him crying at all! Specially, in the scene of Today's Detective, where he cried so hard for his mother's death, I was so heart broken!! I never can see him crying!!! I now saw that tears are falling from his eyes in that scene, friend! His crying is so realistic! I think it's from the bottom of his heart!!! And that's why his crying scenes are so emotional for me!
  4. Them actually being seated next to each other makes the taking SEPARATE pics w. the same ppl look all the more funny Isnt it much more convienient to take the pic just once rather than twice lol. Since sitting next to each other it wouod be the much faster way lol. And also with 1 pic show theres nothing to hide, rather than take separate pics and none together making things only more complicated. If they want to show there nothing there simply take pics normally and dont behave like ninjas lol
  5. The same guy from the end of season 2 who is in the car with the old man. And i lowkey think he is the killer. Because it sounded like him.
  6. I guess WJ just sit there and look at the woman he loves the most eat the food he himself prepared . For him at that moment, ZM is his unattainable dream so just to sit there and stare/talk to her to his heart content is heaven. Like some said, it's a great joy to see the ones you loved enjoy the food you prepare for them. ZM might be petite princess but that petite lady packs so much punch that I won't blame if WJ, who is much bigger than her, feel scared hahaha. He didn't really win any argument against her, if I remembered correctly? Looking at how WJ seems to end up protecting ZM instead of ZR nicely show his deepest and truest feelings. Now I am not saying he is cold hearted person who didn't care about ZR, but deep inside, the most important person is ZM. When one is in a threatening situation like a life/death or fight/flight situation, most times he/she cannot conceal the true feeling anymore, which can be perfectly camouflaged in normal situation where one can carefully consider any "this is the best for everyone involved" type of logical scenario. Under extreme conditions and under high duress, all pretense tend to fly out the window. That fear, adrenaline rush that one feel under these conditions tend to open the floodgate of the most honest desires that push one to take action without thinking twice. It's a reflex at this point. One of thing that I like about this version is the use of this less obvious contrasts that highlight WJ feeling toward ZM. Peace all
  7. I know it's a dark comedy but I am having problems to laugh at it because the dark is more than the comedy.... 1000
  8. for what it’s worth, i think this person is probably looking for a bad reaction from us.. that’s y she keeps repeating the same thing over and over again and make stuffs up.. she said shippers make PMY look bad but it’s her actually who does that by carrying PMY’s name around and speaking on her behalf like she’s her lawyer or something.. therefore, i think the best way to move on from this whole fiasco is by stop responding to her when she’s being unreasonable.
  9. I have'nt watching yet but just read the news.tami couple spent the night together.in the morning miri want to leave silently but tj found her. Then tj gave her ring and kiss her
  10. @mindstar Seeing people at the background wearing formal attire too and look like the picture is taken at the entrance/exit of the theater/hall. I think she's into watching musical theater right now thus that explains why she's dressed like that.
  11. I was rather disappointed that he talked to him in a normal way about how he would die if he fall, stuff like that. He should've engaged his attention with a word game, calm him and distract him from everything else below. Sorry, I just finished the episode and still so frustrated with what happened to Hyun Soo. I found a working live streaming channel. I might just live stream tonight. Btw, who do you think was the guy who cried by Yukiko's body?
  12. That is my main purpose chingu. I am defending actor Jin Tae-Hyun mainly. I know the viewers hate the actor when he plays the role of a villain, that is why I am trying to show them how much effort the actor is exerting in playing such a role. Some viewers watched him in "Monster", he played a different comic role and gained some popularity. I really hope he doesn't lose his fans. Unfortunately almost all his works are not available in English subs, so most viewers will not know his real talent. On YouTube, one viewer was saying she believes Jin Tae-Hyun to be an evil man in real life, which is really so funny and sad at the same time.
  13. @Benji D marriage is definitely on jsm's mind. based on the article for this episode and whatever little i understood watching that part, jsm said she would get married instead of having to do embarrassing things in front of male guests. when jsm did her first live video the day before kjk's birthday thanking her fans, she said she will find someone and live longer. i believe there is something going on between them and the more i see kjk, the more i feel he wants to settle down soon. it will all depend on RM. do they want them to wait? if so, how long? also, in this episode all the members were on the same team. later when they broke into two teams, jsm was not on kjk's team. yet kjk uploaded pic with jsm which for me is a deliberate choice. it is not like the weather was suddenly so good as to warrant a picture. that jsm was the only one who commented on the pic shows she knew it was meant for her in some way. lks and ysc didn't comment on the pic though they were there as well.
  14. @seoseo I have seen the posts at the other shipping thread they also do not want you there. Solid fans should not meddle with shippers. We also love PMY but we also will declare our love for PSJ in this thread. We based our posts on facts which can be researched if you want proof. Being a solid fan does not give someone an excuse to be blinded. If solids call shippers deluded, there are some solids too who are very sensitive and blinded and put their biases on the pedestal and will attack anyone who gives constructive criticism or any comments about their main bias.
  15. @nohamahamoud2002 Wow! You really go to the length to analyse KNJ's character in this drama. I am well aware of your attachment to this character & actor since your first post here. I agree that you did make me feel for the actor Jin TaeHyun but not KNJ. The hardest thing for me is to embrace the rival of an OTP in any k-drama. The moment the female lead clarifies herself but if the rival continues to be persistent, he will be struck off my list. Moreover in this case, KNJ changed PSH face but has the audacity to want SH to love him & after being rejected, he tried again & tricked her into marrying him. I can change my mind about a character only if he will stop pursuing the female lead. In this case, NJ tries to make SH his & totally disregards her feelings & marital status. The most disgusting thing that can happen to a married woman is to be tricked into marrying her enemy & eventually lost her body & soul. If NJ can't have SH, he can well remain single for the rest of his life. He has no right to rob the happiness of others just because of his own misfortune.
  16. Its about the image..if u opened up..can see at the edge of both pics - the same blue white striped shirt. So the post conclusion is that LDW and YIN were actually seated next to each other at the wrap up party My personal opinion is that prob YIN cos of personaility fit also more suited than the other 2...sometimes aint about age..there have been cases where age gap is huge..but the couple gets along well..just happy that if it really turns out as such
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