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  2. Hold up. Why call others maniacs when we are already one? he is our sunbaenim remember? That’s rude It can’t be because Moo Tae Gu’s soul is in another dimension falling in love and kissing until mouth dry haha Definitely the same guy who cried on yukiko’s body. I just felt that they teased him, but he never really do anything eh. Just walking in a tunnel, to where?!
  3. +2 I just know that bebe is a he kwkwkwkw I thought he is a she Ok need to do my homeworks before take a vacation xixixi.. brb guys
  4. After watching the proposed scene for TJ and MR, i could only analyse few things after MR rejected : 1. Abandon child status is not a real big issue, nothing to hide in a relationship if she truly loves him (there are many abandon and succide cases in Korea society), this will only happen in Kdrama if it takes it a big issue for relationship. Bottom line is , she should tell him her past background, not just hide....(Unless the lady was being rape during younger time and had been through the trauma period, then it would be so hard for her to reveal her past and accept a new love or enter into a marriage because it takes a long long time to heal. But for this case, they are not) 2. Her real inner call should be her ambition calls, she wants to prove that she can climb up by herself with her own capability to reach her dream. 3. At this point of time, TJ doesn't provide any sense of "security" , not just in terms of monetary sense, but it must be a grow up mature mindset that most women want. I kept hypnotising myself when i see both parties want to hide their identities in their relationship....... this is a kdrama only .....
  5. Hello! I see you in there too! You think my gifs are funny? Well, you just made me so happy I just want to make people laugh. And yes I love Real Housewives of Atlanta. It's so funny! I see you posted handsome Kim Jae Wook! I'm so happy. He's so handsome. Me when I see Kim Jae Wook: "Hi Kim Jae Wook Oppa!" -2
  6. Because of the mv made by Theresa, I can't forget the giggle of YIN after she played Make It Count by Chen during her Special DJing It gives my stomach butterflies!
  7. @Lawyerh yesterday after everyone went crazy, we converted @ktcjdrama too and I love how she was like “Omg, I’m in the company of psychopaths! Let me out! Let me out!” Then one of our thread friends was like sushi! Convert her! And needless to say I laugh until my face turns red. It’s hilarious! x20 omg. This is the best drama thread I have been in so far x20. Everyone is so crazy omg! Awww. This is gonna be fun Hahahaha. It’s honestly a stress reliever and a workout to laugh hahahahaha. +2
  8. @zurah90 hello friend. Yes that belt i know its common belt for artist but atleast they both updated it on same day.
  9. From the young boys who sobbed heavily during their first win, to the young men who are standing proud before us today — it has been an amazing four years with SEVENTEEN! They’ve continued to push themselves to be better artists and people, growing gradually and steadily. And through it all, their fans, Carats, have […] The post #4YearsWithSEVENTEEN: Here’s To Their Achievements And More appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. Yes! Even from the first epi, i could sense WW being a supportive women’s empowerment advocate and this epi validated it. I also fancy her to have a huge but secret role between our fave couple. One wishful thinking... taeju can just assume his successor training timetable but assume a faceless identity in the company. Since everyone already knows he is mingling among the workers, he can have the upper hand of watching staff for who and what they are at the same time, people will know that the chairman’s son is hard at work. Hah, what-ifs and mind ramblings...
  11. Throwback to this precious scene in WWWSK, which BTS showed PSJ singing "Oppa-reul, saranghae" when he was asking Mi So to call him oppa. Still remember PMY's reaction to that *adlib*. I thought she would choke.
  12. yes dear! thank you for tagging me too! He should sign a contract with adidas too!! HAAHHA he is back again with his Ghost Detective look huh?
  13. To continue my previous post... The reason why Min Ik is also attracted to VP (Gal Hee's VP) is because he did not expect her to be caring -- when he saved him from eating peanuts, when she massaged his hand to ease his indigestion, when she took out her umbrella to cover them, when she waited with him for the security guard. He was touched by her actions. Later, it will get confusing for him. Gal Hee is as caring and he will realize that he's attracted to 2 different women (of course he has no idea that they are just the same person).
  14. 587 days left....You, guys, are still with me, right? Of course, you are! Nothing is too long for all our willing hearts, you know.
  15. Jaehyun said Winwin and him talked a few days ago and from what he knows, Winwin currently has a schedule in China. He also said they’re rooting for each other and they’re doing well The hand on Jaehyun’s ankle was Yuta’s hand and it was a prank by them Mark was also tricked at first and Renjun asked Mark about it. Even Jaehyun’s middle school friend and choreographer contacted him to ask if it’s real
  16. I second this! I also observed in the last few bts of goblin and most bts of tyh, LDW can act silly in front of YIN to make her laugh..
  17. I also like the twist to the story that it's the male lead who has a child and is a single parent. And his awareness about societal assumptions about single parents. If the writer had written that it was JI with the child, it would be a more common plotline. You can already feel how he is worried for her and what others may think if they are together too often. But I like that JI is quite strong-willed. However, I expect that throughout this drama, she will feel the pressure from people around her and I wonder if she will be resistant to the pressure.
  18. About ep 19-20: I do still wonder why such a good series has only 9 pages of comments, why are we so few who comment on the series? I like it when I can not only watch a drama but I can also discuss about it, chat and fangirl overall (*) with others. (*)
  19. @bebebisous33 joined Angel's last mission, he is a moderator so the thread is better also his analysis is so accurate and not too long. I usually lose focus from long posts -2
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