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  2. Welcome to the thread and to soompi!! The poet's name is Jeong Ho-seung. But I can't find the exact poem translated in English.
  3. they done a lot of rolling then But you know @cenching , @Lawyerh & @triplem & @annie1234 & @Sejabin if it was for me they would end like this or better position * watching a lot of lion scene affects me
  4. Why The 3 Leading Ladies Of “Different Dreams” Are Absolute Girl Crushes May 26, 2019 by S. Cho MBC’s “Different Dreams” stars Lee Yo Won, Nam Gyu Ri, and Park Ha Na, who are greeting viewers with three different girl crush charms each week. “Different Dreams” is a historical spy drama, set in the Joseon Dynasty during Japanese colonial rule. It tells the dramatic and action-packed story of doctor Lee Young Jin (played by Lee Yo Won) and Heroic Corps leader Kim Won Bong (played by Yoo Ji Tae). The drama also commemorates the 100th anniversary of the forming of the Korean Provisional Government in 1919, which is seen as the foundation for Korea’s government today. Lee Yo Won portrays classy Lee Young Jin, who leads a double-life as a Korean-Japanese doctor and spy. Born to powerful Hiroshi, a hospital director, Lee Young Jin has grown up perfectly protected. She is a delicately presented woman, with elegant clothing and a graceful vibe. Lee Yo Won grabs viewers’ attention just with her gaze, and is showing off impressive appeal in both her professional role as a doctor, and her determination as a spy. Viewers can now look forward to her increasing role as a spy in upcoming episodes. Nam Gyu Ri plays Miki, a jazz singer at a rock club, and showcases fatal yet irresistible harshness. Miki’s charm comes especially from her flamboyant and luxurious outfits that you cannot take your eyes off of. In upcoming episodes, the audience can look forward to how she portrays her soft and lovely side, as she begins to reveal her feelings toward Fukuda (played by Im Joo Hwan). However, there is even more curiosity surrounding whether Miki will be a friend or foe to Lee Young Jin. Park Ha Na made her first appearance in episode 12 as Cha Jeong Im alongside Yoo Ji Tae and Cho Bok Rae, setting the tone for her antique and retro character. While on the outside she is simply a dressmaker and designer, Cha Jeong Im is also the only female member of the Heroic Corps. She came to join after recognizing her feelings for Kim Won Bong, whom she has known since they were young. As a relatively newer character, viewers can look forward to how her story will draw out, and how she will fall in line with the action. “Different Dreams” flaunts an impressive cast consisting of Lee Yo Won, Yoo Ji Tae, Im Joo Hwan, Nam Gyu Ri, Heo Sung Tae, and Cho Bok Rae, and is directed and written by staff of “Saimdang, Light’s Diary,” “The Legend,” and “Iris.” The drama airs every Saturday at 9:05 p.m. KST. Source
  5. agree with what you said ... They're mirroring each other & maybe with and without their realized it
  6. They are like twin flames . Its like jihyo is the mirror of joong kook same with joong kook to jihyo. Im not surprised why the fortune teller said that they are compatible because they act like "one"
  7. @ellelyana88 I find that it's easier to guess from picture below... Someone tall, with long neck, and long fingers as well... And there is another person with him... Who have they captured?? Det.Na?? Okay, my first guess ~ Yoo Ah In ~ I don't know why, just suddenly thought of him. But his ear doesn't really match, and he seems to have shorter neck. I must be wrong. I am so curious....!! And we have to wait a whole week.....
  8. Ohhh~~ so KW is not cancelled just yet. From the text preview, it seems like det. Na appears just in time to stop KW from killing the guy, which then escapes. Det. Na finds out that KW is a born psychopath (I'm sorry, but that's not how psychopathy works...but ok) but he agrees to keep it a secret after KW pleads him to not tell anyone for the time being. That doesn't stop KJ from sensing that det. Na is hiding something though. Agent Jin will cooperate with Korea's best white hat hacker to speed up the investigation. I guess that's how he finds Shun's identity this fast. Plus they will have to deal with another case about revenge driving(?)
  9. I visited the TYH thread here and saw that the earliest comments were discussing the initial cast. Correct me if I'm wrong but I gathered from the comments that it was JKH who was first confirmed for the role and YIN was only "considering it". Later on, when LDW was the one suddenly confirmed, YIN confirmed as well. Or both of them confirmed at the same time. So perhaps YIN really didn't sign on yet for the role until the lead was given to LDW. Or perhaps I'm just delulu again. Hihihihihihi
  10. I don't care that he's not the leading actor,i love him and i will watch this drama i love that is a historical drama(my favorite type of dramas)
  11. In japan culture they will wrap cloth around their heads. Look at how Kousuke is that on to his prey haha
  12. It’s under very different circumstances of cause. For sure, I don’t need to know I already know 958
  13. I guess you're right.. I wish when they release the DVD they could add uncut scenes for the ending as well. The last episode ended rather abruptly. I have lots of unanswered questions, like where is ZM's brother (Did WJ confronts him in the battlefield? Is he alive?), what happened to the Ming Sect (especially YX), what happened with ZM after she return to mongol (I mean to the mongolian people she's supposed to be dead right?), etc. Oh yeah, really wish there's a kiss at the end too. Coz seriously.. They met again after we don't know how long, he is supposed to kiss her.. fiercely..
  14. you're right! I believe he will find a nice girl that is perfect for him! YESSS I really hope to see them in a romcom soon! Just watched them in Happy Together and I must say they look ridiculously good together! side note: Have any of yall watch The Chronicles of Evil?
  15. @ellelyana88 They didn't show the face, actually not even his mouth in that scene. I have no idea who could it be. Is he wearing a swimming cap or something? I must say, the killers in Voice sure have an interesting taste when it comes to the tools they use. MTG used a kettlebell, BJS used hedge shears or however, those are called and then Shun uses a wire out of all the things. Those aren't the easiest things to kill with, but definitely innovative. Is it just me or does anyone else find the sound of Shun playing with his lighter familiar? I swear I heard it before somewhere, maybe a different drama... Don't remind me of that Since it's not with KJ I'll pretend as if nothing happened. I've seen nothing!
  16. Yes. I wish TJ will do something more solid when he is in CEO role but that may take a while because we still have 30 Ep to do and i am quite surprised the paste runs pretty fast for weekends family drama...but i like it.... I hope the writer can develop some funny plots for both MR and TJ , let TJ continue to show caring on MR although MR will try to avoid him for sure after the truth reveal...I hope to see something different, not the same old kdrama would go thru. I was just wondering why this couple not so close anymore after they have been staying together in the same apartment....no more kisses.....i missed those sweet moment on earlier EP... It's a pity that the storyline has to divide into few areas to cover the sisters' and mum's and mum in law stories in order to sync up with the title....the storyline can be richer if the airtime for TJ and MR and IS/Han could be given longer but I doubt so... FYI, the male lead, Hong Jong Hyun (TJ) is staying near to Han River in real life. I remb he said that in an interview. He loves to jog in the morning with his white dog, if anyone is staying in korea, can meet him there.... He said most people noticed more often on his white dog rather than him
  17. It happened in HPL between KJW and PMY..... +2
  18. MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “One Spring Night” has released new behind-the-scenes moments of Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In. “Spring Night” is a romantic drama that tells the story of Lee Jung In (played by Han Ji Min), who is faltering in front of reality as she faces a sense of weariness with her […] The post Han Ji Min And Jung Hae In’s Smiles And Dedication Bring Warmth To Set Of “One Spring Night” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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