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  2. .........it was love at first whiff.... ...it was love at first listen.... ....well, it sounds like love at first crash... .....so....you mean it's about love at first bite...?!!!!!!!
  3. D - 7 Light testing part 3 Lmao he holds her arm as if he has all the right to do just that and Hyunie is all smiles . Lmao when you know that your girl is looking and you wanna show off your talents (as per neck tie bts we know that hyunie doesn't know how to tie a tie ) ctto
  4. I just see a clip from another drama and still i remember tyh.. huhuhu... I like tyh scene mooreeeee... miss ldw n yin... No offense at all to hpl drama.. but this accidentally hug scene if they want to drop as funny scene, i will choose another miss oh jumping hug scene that way much better than this scene.. For yin character as oys or ojs is more cute than "crazy" like shj..
  5. Well, that would be nice if it's true, but I'm not sure about it too, since I don't speak Korean language... What I heard when Jung Nam sang was "Jump... Jump... Jump..." (I could misheard it too, please cmiiw) However, if JK said Jihyo's name, I'm sure some media already noted it and made an article about it. So, in conclusion, imo maybe what JK said pronounce similarly to "Jihyo" but he didn't mention her name there.
  6. @Lmangla Hahaha JNR does seem like the shy type. she has such a innocent face, but I wouldn't say no to Oppa. Hahaha. I want to watch that show, but i'm afraid that it would feel so outdated to me. It was in 2002!!!! I think my mom did like bepennah. Otherwise she wouldn't go that far as to install an app just to watch a show. She is not me. Wait maybe she is. Now I know where I got my fangirl tendencies. LOL. She did say the main guy should put on some weight, and his face looks distorted. I don't know what she was talking about, he looked fine to me. LOL. The major reason why she started watching it was because of Jennifer winger. She loves her, she was impressed with the psycho character she played opposite Kushal. Lol
  7. Photo] Song Hye-kyo, 'Beautiful Momo Calling Spring',Enter the article 2019.04.20 at 1:23 pm View origina[OSEN = Park Joon-hyung] Actress Song Hye-kyo attended an eyewear brand event at the Lotte Department Store in Sogong-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 20th. Song Hye-kyo poses. / soul1014@osen.co.kr source credit @https://m.entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=109&aid=0003993857&rankingType=default&rankingDate=20190420
  8. yep.. exactly.. even if ratings are not high in Korea.. pretty sure HPL is still famous internationally.. given that PMY is already recognized internationally. so, it may be a fact that HPL is not for everyone even to her adoring fans. I think it would still be stable. Im a fan of PMy.. and even I know that she did great in QF7D.. I still didnt watch it.. because that type of drama is not my taste.. But I respected the role she portrayed and its story.. So.. what Im saying is.. just because its not our type, doesnt mean it would really fail.. because as I can see and read.. HPL has a lot of positive reviews. differrent roles in different genres helps the actor grow and improve her craft.. So, I hope others can respect and just appreciate HPL for what it is. If its not for you just don't watch.. that's it. let's not make a big deal out of it.
  9. Wookie is soooo kind If the Almighty wills we have only one week to go!! Kiyaaaaaa
  10. @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama @Ameera Ali @Lmangla I don't mind watching 150 episode dramas if the drama is good. I used to watch Turkish and Mexican dramas I strongly recommend the Turkish drama, I love it so much And the Mexican I watched them in Arabic dubbing I watched them on TV long ago. Ameera knows Arabic so I can give her the Arabic links 598
  11. @autumnight: Happy Easter to you, too, and to everyone in the thread! Happy that Bo Gum's Soompi playground is alive with news once again! @rahma92: Bo Gum is a mainstay poll winner even without projects.☺
  12. i wasn't able to understand... especially the ending because the available copies online don't come with english subtitle... can someone pls share to me the ending... based on what i watched a baby.. was abducted... then the king was sad and then the queen that was so mad shouted...
  13. ..............you know.....scent of a women.... Stoner Stoner 12:11 on April 19 from the iPhone client 190406 SU: M37 ° CF no official version logo L Stoner seconds shoot video stoner
  14. 190420 mtv IG - NCT 127 190420 daniellacardona IG story - NCT 127 [Tweet]https://twitter.com/nctinfocenter/status/1119394779899371520?s=20[/Tweet]
  15. Lol burning incense is to call sushi for exorcism. I only need to give u a lot of sweet stuff Yes i didnt pay much attention to jaw, but his hair is yummy. So you sign up? 600
  16. Sharing this musical story from a new Jiji Shipper .She watched Suspicious Partner after 100 Days My Prince & deeply fall in love with Nam Ji Couple after that . credit to the owner
  17. Q1 : What time do you usually get up?SJ : I don't have a special regular wake up time. But try to get up before noon.Q2 : when you woke up, what first time did you do?SJ : Confirm what time it is now and then groom (means like face wash or took a shower).It seems that the most common thing to do first is exercise/workout.Q3 : What do you like for breakfast?SJ : I like to eat light on the diet, like bread, eggs, etc.No more sauce and more refreshing food.Q4 : Is there a mantra? (means, frequently spoken words)SJ : I seem to say "in fact" and "to be honest" a lot.Q5 : How much time does it take to accompany your dog "Simba"?SJ : I will spend time with him on the day I back home until I go out. If I don’t go out after going home, I will spend almost all day with him.Q6 : What clothes do you usually use when at home?SJ : When I was at home, I almost wore pajamas. .Q7 : What will you do before going to sleep?SJ : Use a mask. Because skin management is very important. CR. @parkseojoonmy
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