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  2. Not only an absolute sweetheart. He's definitely one in a million, filled with raw honey that everyone wants to have him.
  3. This looks like a spam. I dare not click the link. @angelangie can you check & remove?
  4. Part Four of my blog for Left Handed wife https://my-favourite-korean-drama-reviews.blogspot.com/2019/05/part-four.html plz if you like it tell, I will continue even after the drama ends, because it is soooooooo exhausting to finish on 31st of May
  5. Всем тепла!!! экономичные обогреватели для жилых помещений
  6. So.. PSJs bestfriend (awesome boss) is celebrating his wedding anniversary (?) Look at PSJs comment...
  7. Omg i rewatch both press con and i must say that he did looked awkward or force i dunno. Like the time when he switch place standing beside director instead of HJM and director giving him the "what r u doing" face and switch his place so that JHI stands beside HJM. Lol I too cant bring myself to watch SN but maybe just 1 ep, just to see the chemistry to compare
  8. KBS’s “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” has released a new preview ahead of the first episode! The upcoming drama is a fantasy romance about Lee Yeon Seo, a ballerina who doesn’t believe in love (played by Shin Hye Sun), and Dan, an accident-prone angel who is tasked with becoming her Cupid (played by INFINITE’S L). The clip […] The post Watch: INFINITE’s L Protects Shin Hye Sun As Her Cupid In “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” Highlight Teaser appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. Wow, our Jiwon for leaving for Greece. Can't wait for some pictures and even videos from this trip. More success and good health to our yeoja.
  10. He explained that because she can understand his music (“the second you told me how you felt about my music, I knew you are the one for me” that’s what the General said when she is like “I don’t understand why you want me, or love me when we barely even know each other”). I think he’s always so guarded, and hiding behind a facade for so long, that no one can read him. But when he plays his music, that’s the only time he’s true to himself, and she can say outright what’s really in his heart/mind.
  11. I’m so confused with the real identity of prosecutor Seo¿?¿ Let’s say that him turning in YC is to cover up himself, commanded by his foster father (the head prosecutor i think) so his foster father must know something right? But what is Seo’s motives? Judging from his childhood, surely Seo hated YC for abusing him so why work with him? I thought YC being locked up in jail will reduce the questions but I am soooo wrong. It was such a relieve knowing CM is back being CM. And at the same time, it really hurts seeing SY’s sitation:( ah! that explains a lot. i was wondering whether he’s from abroad or pure Korean. the ahjussi from SY’s house right? He gave them a picture SY dropped the night she’s murdered. Later on, he said that he hide thinking SY will catch him putting the newspaper beneath her house again but saw a young man walked out instead. He thought he’s SY’s boyfriend but it turns out he is the killer, so he said that the killer is not an old man. Then SY remembered there’s another man with YC killing her. The picture given to them and the others found on the notebook and Seo’s drawers will be a clue and those three pictures are childhood pictures. I’m guessing that the three pictures correlate to each other.
  12. Very true bez I didn’t see that too. I was like why you like her and when? Either it was not film correctly or the general didn’t make it too obvious. Lol
  13. Thanks I've been posting for a year now and you've been telling me to leave him. I finally did. But it hurt me a lot physically and emotionally. I find it very difficult to leave someone you really like. But in the end he was just a guy looking for seex. There was nothing more to him.
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  15. I know it would've been crazy if I said that I've always been shipping Son Ye Jin and Song Seung Hun since Summer Scent drama. Whether the dating rumor between Ye Jin and Hyun Bin is real or not, absolutely they would be a great couple. SSH, SYJ, HY - all of them are huge celebrities. No Korean dramas other than Winter Sonata, Summer Scent could have touched my heart with beautiful scenery, the stunning beauty and the chemistry of the two main lead, amazing piano songs,... that's why I love seeing SYJ and SSH together. Btw many comments were showed that Hyun Bin exactly look alike SSH's father lol
  16. I was impressed with the ending..because it says a lot to stay on pitch ....I wish they would drop the register...his voice would really open up I think that was Karma. Payback for how he acted with Thun....LOL. I'm thinking only Ngoon...but they certainly left enough for a season 2...there is still the rest of the book to do.
  17. Thanks for all the update. I watched the long teaser. I really like it. It's fun and light. I am also glad that the color scheme is not as dark or bleak like Something In the Rain.
  18. Are they? Because their latest series get engsub quite quickly. So i don't think we should be worried about sub for ToL, DBK and other GMM-series. Every time i listen Singto singing i just can hear how hard he tries to do his best. And his efforts pays off. He did nice with the song, and i like a capella part in the end. May be in the series reality it is typical for monk to gain the ability to see ghosts eventually after being a monk for long time. But I'm actually mostly curious about Khem: can he see all ghosts now or only Ngoon?
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