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  2. There was so much foreshadowing I feared JS was going to die. I’ve also feared since the beginning that SM was responsible for the apartment fire which we’ll see, but the pieces are coming together.
  3. After I got informed that DD will be in EN2, I watched the first season and dang I am so excited for season 2. I fell in love with Arthur, but I can't wait to see DD in this one. I'm so glad it's finished. New to Chinese drama, so how long does it take to film a drama of over 30+ episodes?
  4. Episode 9 was tragic, you just CAN'T have a boring 9th episode when there are only 12. Thanks god episode 10 was intense and interesting but I can't believe that next week is the drama finale when there are still a lot of unanswered stuff. Seulgi still doesn't know about KSH, are you serious writers ??? Like I said previously, DHJ should have find out about KSH in episode 5-7, then fight against him for a moment with the police team and then team up (secretly, without the police team knowing) with him to kill or arrest DJH ceo to revenge the killed children. Well that's how I wanted it. Don't want to be the perv one but I really wanted a hot scene(s) between the leads. Both are gorgeous and obviously attracted to each other and we only get that "call when you need me" common richard simmons while cutely grabbing the coat, just no. Come on you're OCN, give me sexual tension. /perv mode off I would give this show a 5/10, maybe 6 if the finale is great. OCN should thanks the leads charisma and acting cause they basically save the whole show. The plot really is interesting but too confusing and most importantly too SLOW. 12 episodes felt really looong, I don't understand people who are begging for 16 episodes on OCN ig and facebook ??
  5. Also..rewatching TYH makes me realise that aside from LDW..YIN also had her influences into the show..having pink everywhere..wardrobe to lappy..and having her ttalgis and flowers...in picnics to cushions..PD nim really allow their influences to be that obvious
  6. I finally got caught up and I didn't understand why Lee Ahn was crying in some of the spoilers I'm seeing today, until I saw what happened. Why? Why did they have to kill JS? I'm sorry, but she was a loving Noona to LA and a great friend to Dr.Hong and her love for SM. She didn't even get a chance with him. It's soo sad. LA come on work hard for your Noona. She always let you into the morgue and let you use your abilities and trust in you.
  7. It was definitely a fun live vid to watch. Learnt of their deep friendship..guess only IU knows the 'truth' Pray your guess is right..if so..means they were dating since 2017..hahahaha
  8. Usually the remake doesn't success like the original which is the first version. However, this is the very first HSDS that i think it done successfully with Joseph & Yuki (WJ-MinMin) performance. I shouldn't think there be a negative and it not fair for Joseph as I think he have done a great job as WJ. I have also watched remake of ROCH 2017 but not really hooked like this one. I'm still re-watch nightly before I go to bed. Hope I'm normal.
  9. Ooo. What are the rumors? And i'm curious if this did better than ROCH 2017 as well.
  10. today, I'm free I will arrange the top 5 photos of WWWSK that I like the most. 5 4 3 2 1 (I like this photo Because it's not Miso or Yong Joon but in the picture it is PSJ AND PMY. I feel that It's very real) What about you like?
  11. My pineapple bae is in the middle of shooting an historical fantasy drama. I think it will come out later this year. So excited for that one!!!!! Not been watching anything much lately. Sighh. __________ I actually do get why GoT is much hyped. Dragons + sex/nude scenes + political feud between 7 kingdoms. It's what epic stories are made of. Haha. I watched the first 2 seasons but for the life of me I couldn't get past the 1st ep of 3rd season even though I have been told pretty great events happen in the 3rd season. Like the red wedding and all. But I have no motivation to watch it anymore. @Dhakra I guess something happened to Arya or she did something because all memes in FB are about her. LOL. I remember liking that girl, she was soooooo tough despite her age and size. Hahaha. -2
  12. Looking forward to their promotion as a couple at Japan, 'coz I really miss them. TVN should make an effort on this! since they didn't promote TYH well back in the days. Suffering from TYH withdrawals for a month now.
  13. @leekthis is a forum for psj and pmy, because we love them, so stop giving unbalanced comments even if you are psj fans cause here we are parpark to be one. so leave discussion and focus on things that are not important. we support their future projects with some of delusional. No need discuss things already on 350 .
  14. oh, sorry to hear that. maybe there's still time for viki to pick it up as well... let's hope this won't be a netflix exclusive deal. if it is, let's hope there'll be some fan subbing going around.
  15. Not the same mv but the same song was used in the mv below, which Joseph posted on his weibo. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av49731395?from=search&seid=13248327792217219866
  16. hello @imgreatgal ! good question. Below is our dear friend's @packmule3 analysis. You can read more over her wonderful blog http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/01/22/memories-of-the-alhambra-olis-bugs-and-dungeons/ Q: Where was he in the meantime? This was @oli’s actual question. I understand that she was venting. hahaha. It felt like the open ending was there because the writer couldn’t think of a believable reason for JinWoo to come back from being deleted. Or make up one in 1 episode. Sure, we were led to believe only his character was deleted but.. that’s not really true either. He even had the guns when the servers got back online after a year. Where was he in the meantime? Could he see HeeJoo in the church coming so often to the place he disappeared from? That was his instance dungeon for sure, the church, the walls turned in the same way they did when SeJoo activated that feature on the train while being in danger of being killed by Marco. How did he come back? If like SeJoo he was stuck in the game for using the instance dungeon to avoid being killed by Emma when she was deleting the bug or something like that (?? I’m blabbering, I think..) and he released Master from the instance dungeon when he, JinWoo became the new Master.. how did he came back after a year? @oli, I think he was hidden in this “instance dungeon” or fourth dimension or alternate reality or virtual escape zone/panic room (I don’t know what to call it!) that SeeJoo created when the game was reset. Remember, SJ said he created that space precisely for those times when the master was “in danger.” So definitely, the real Jinwoo (not the NPC Zinu) was transported there. Zinu got deleted, of course, but Jinwoo survived there in the same way that SeeJoo survived for a year in that no-man’s-land for a year. MY FOLLOW-UP question: But but but how can anybody survive in that space for a year without eating??? Well, just think of it as a limbo or haven/heaven. A minute in heaven could be a year in real time. I wouldn’t be surprised if the writer used this concept of “relativity of time.” When you play a game, you can easily lose track of time, right? Hours could have passed in the real world, but for you who’s focused in the game, it feels like only a minute. So for SeeJoo and Jinwoo, being trapped in the dimension, where TIME does not exist, could have been a relatively short period BUT very prolonged duration in our time. BTW, Jinwoo knew that SeeJoo had escaped that hidden place. He said so in his narration, “With Se-joo’s return, my long and lonely journey has come to an end.” However, he didn’t have opportunity to talk to Sejoo about what really happened in that alternate dimension of his. When the new game was launched, he came out of the virtual escape zone and started trying to escape the game world.
  17. I hope you all ask @leek first are her/him parparkshiper? I read some of your comment leek on this forum i think you didn't like PMY
  18. KPOP STORIES Netizens Share The History Of K-Beauty Brand, Etude House’s Model MARCH 28, 2019 If you are a fan of K-Pop, K-Dramas and K-Beauty, you would definitely have heard of the Korean beauty brand, Etude House. Some people get to know this brand through K-Pop idols that became their models. Recently on an online community, one netizens shared the history of Etude House’s models. It was very interesting to see how the concepts and models for each ‘era’ differ. Let’s take a look! Park ShinHye (2009-2010) We also cannot forget about Park ShinHye, the innocent-looking actress that had stolen the hearts of many out there. She looked pure and suited the concept of Etude House rather well! Cr:https://www.kpopmap.com/netizens-share-the-history-of-kbeauty-brand-etude-house-mode …
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