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  2. I actually quite like to see him paring with HHJ unnie! yes, I agree PSH looked really matured lately especially in MoA! she match nicely with Hyun Bin! after read what Rachel98 said! I really don't think any big name actress will be interest to play part of this drama! I do hope he did not sign up yet! maybe he see his fans really againts it and he will change his mind! lets hope!
  3. Ah yes. I already forgot about it. Thanks for the clarification. The misunderstanding was quite hilarious.
  4. Yeah this is the first romantic comedy where Hyun Bin wont play a spoiled rich man. He will be more like a soldier, so manly and not rich, i like that a lot!
  5. Thankyou for all these information! now.. I am more confusing than I was! What make this webtoon so popular in the first place when the male lead so disgraceful! and why YSH want to play this hateful character! I don't see any funny or romantic about it! If he choose to play this character just to break his good boy image and surely this is not a very good move! If he pick a wrong choice why BS company didn't guide him!? or BS helping him to make his choice! or did we all miss out something good about this project!? or this webtoon is very popular within boys! within all men group they might see this as macho! so they pick it and feel very manly! just my thought!
  6. Like I said in HPL thread, how could he fall asleep on that position? I’d probably be passed out instead of sleeping because the lack of air. Ryan be like “Air? What is that?” They must be really comfortable with each other to pull off that position
  7. Do you read Chinese? I curious about the Cfans reactions. Did they make a commotion about the cut of this crucial fights scene specially WJ's line "Lend it to him" was completely cut out? Fans of HSDS are already complaining about this version's kunfu department are being weak and how dared they even cut that suppose to be an awesome fight scene short. TVB's version - Extended fight scene https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Hvv68hGof?fid=1034:4375076145959713
  8. I don’t have a least favorite character of HJW. I admire her for bravely taking some roles that are not her forte. It only shows she is versatile and one who wants to explore her options. Some roles were not be appreciated by many, but then she was willing to take risk and learned from the new experience. My favorite? All — seung nyang, kim hang ah, oh hana, gil ra im (including the movies as one, chronicles of blood merchant, closer to heaven). These characters have shown that despite all the hardships, they never gave up. They did everything they could for their love one and family. And even though they are a woman (which in korean culture seems to be weaker than man), they showed courage and strength. That’s why i love hjw. She makes sure that her roles can inspire woman to be strong and empowered. I am excited to see “chocolate.” I wonder what would be the twist in her character.
  9. If this has been posted here before, I apologize for the duplication. I cannot wait to watch the episodes where these scenes were taken from. EDIT: the set of photos with Veronica and Gal Hee wearing the same outfit and Gal Hee 's head on Min Ik's shoulder.
  10. Yes.. she was wearing his shirt and he is wearing a different one. They don't even need to show how they "undress" each other ~ we got the message! ---------------------------------
  11. @nateko wahhh. I wonder why KW is standing on top of...what is that?
  12. oh oh this is what I feel about wwwsk ep 8 kiss scene bts. PSJ pulled her close and kiss her right? she seems surprised for his full force on hugging her ( I bet they rehearse already). then cut then he joked that he ate it and both got shy. After changing the angle, she seems comfortable with him since we can see him joking about hugging her feels like hugging his bestie and she laughed out. I think PSJ try to make sure she's not uncomfortable with the long shoot for the kiss and from huge laugh, most of them are male staffs. He goofed around to make sure she feels comfortable tho it is consider serious scene. That is so sweet of him. And also the closet kiss bts, while they watching their kisses, PMY play along joking so both of them will not being uncomfortable. I think they really understand each other well.
  13. @Ameera Ali @lu09 @chococarmela @newyee after too much analysis I feel like. I will have amnesia soon _ 2
  14. @Lmangla I honestly will not put my hands under anyone’s armpit . The person’s BO is likely to overpower any romantic feelings this is suppose to ignite Maybe in the dead of winter & he’s Kim Young Kwang.... @thistle dear , Jang Ki Young heard you .. sent a food truck to support JKJ OST 6
  15. @Akuma Drifters I saw that - so happy to see her being referred to as a favoured dongsaeng of YJS! Can tell that he adores her and finds her hilarious. And I hope she does find love within 3 years hehe - the sooner the better; I live in suspense until then LOL @shamos83 good catch on the Insta connection! I saw his story of the pool but didn't make the connection. @TaengTaengoo Regarding shipping Jongkook with anyone that breathes, I'm kind of the same way with Somin LOL. I shipped the 1% of something OTP, Kwangmin, even Sechan and Somin tho that looks very platonic at this stage lol. I'm even happily tracking her non romantic ships like with Jaesuk, Haha and the other RM members. In terms of romantic ships, Kookmin seems to be the one sailing best right now ^^ It's always nice to hear from a long-time fan of Jongkook, since I'm more of a Somin and general RM fan rather than of Jongkook per se. So I'm always happy to read insights on Jongkook, as I want to know what kind of man my girl could possibly end up with hehe. Have you been watching him on MUD? I marathoned his MUD segments after getting into Kookmin. He keeps getting set-up with lovelines all over the place lol. What do you think of the fact that his squad didn't mention Somin's name when they asked him who he liked best out of Jihyo and frequent guests like Jinyoung, Dahee, Hana etc? I like your thoughts on why you think Somin is viable for Jongkook. I definitely think she finds him attractive. And it's nice to see an affirmation from a Jongkook fan that he has been treating her differently from other female co-stars.
  16. The rating is low for this wonderful drama. I guess SK people are not into fangirling stuffs ( the subject matter turns people off- maybe???).
  17. Instant love! Everything about this show just clicks... leads/story/ost It’s been a while since a drama has got me like this. The last kdrama was Secretary Kim and a cdrama About Is Love & they didn’t fail. Anyway, just wanted to share my enthusiasm for the show. Can’t wait for next week!
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