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  2. Some press photos from HB's departure to Taiwan. Does this mean we'll get airport photos from both HB and SH on May 10!? OMO! And as I mentioned before, somehow these two always have new contents at the same time lol. Seems like SH will receive an award for her philanthropic work? So proud of her!
  3. Here is some more update of new casting for KSH new drama. He will play male lead brother in the drama. Hope we can get confirmations for male lead soon also! Am really missing seeing KSH acting! Hope drama can start film soon and we can have BTS spoiler pics! Let us all post and keep forum alive till KSH comeback chingu-dul!
  4. Haha well none of them as hilarious as Choi & Dan byeon so far. Lol at fake marriage license for u & hwang... u guys going to elope? This is unexpected ending for FP 526
  5. its just 4 episodes and there is a riot already.... hahah.. and yes, since this is the PPC thread, there shouldn't be a comparison about her leading man in other drama, other than WWWSK for this thread... As i wrote in the HPL, i tot DM's bestie sounds like Seo Jun, hence wanted to see what updates our couple have here...
  6. It is so quiet now that we have no more new updates from KSH side. Hope we can have many many updates soon for KSH activities and new drama casting. Some pics of KSH for SOUP 2019. Don't know why SOUP have so much photoshop but KSH can still looking beautiful! Wish KSH would also do movie this year. It has been long time last movie. Hope also we can get release date for LA soon! Look forward to all KSH fan meeting pics and videos soon!
  7. I think some of you guys feel like she dont have any chemistry with KJW are whether they do act like bro-sis or our forum peoples' hearts are very strong for PPC. Kudos for our strong PPC heart! come to think about it again I think PMY build up good vibes between HPL casts as it helps her gaining good relationship with them so that the actings can come out well. She said they've been stayed up nights for shooting so it is important to stay happy while shooting. And I guess that's why she wont bother posted ABH's photo with her in IG. I think she has become someone really free and dont bother what people think anymore. Or...her heart is already belong to someone we know. haha. love my delulu mind.
  8. Ikr.. cute beyond words Not ounce chance for me to get SLS too... Im waiting for more scenes of the OTP. Haha ya i also found them so cute on & off screen... Long time not into shipping business these days lol
  9. Kim Seo Hyung will be returning to the silver screen with upcoming film “Alma Mater” (literal title), a reboot of the popular Korean horror film series “Whispering Corridors.” Kim Seo Hyung has taken on the leading role of No Eun Hee, a teacher who returns to her alma mater. Upon her return, the memories she thought were […] The post Kim Seo Hyung Confirmed To Star In Reboot Of Horror Film Series “Whispering Corridors” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. What's the chances that Shi An and Ryan Gold are siblings? Lee Sol maybe their mother? Very high i guess... And man, Park MY is hot when she does kissing scenes.... bold... Ryan Gold (KJW) maybe worried about how serious she is into it... hahha... cute episode... And DM's bestie - Seon Joo? - sounds like Park Seo Jun to me?
  11. I still find it unfair that they have been affected by one person's actions. CTH and KJH was betting for fun and they even returned the money. It was a personal bet between friends. I can't believe how narrow-minded some Koreans are. Two decades worth of hard work down the drain.
  12. I'm sorry that I missed the 1 year anniversary celebration here. So many exciting posts since my last visit (I skimmed the last few pages). The nominations for the Baeksang are exciting and well deserved! "Daebak!" For me the one year anniversary was some time this past week or so. I didn't start watching when it first started. I wanted to have a few episodes to watch before I started. Can't believe it is already a year. Can't believe I can't re-watch it since DF closed down. I wanted to say that I watched 'Touch your heart' and the way the lead characters finally expressed their like for each other was how I wanted our DH and JA to express their feelings for each other. I kept seeing DH's and JA's faces over these other characters. I also saw 'The light in your eyes'. I almost gave up on it. I actually said to myself that if the younger version of the main character did not appear soon I would stop watching. The younger version showed up again so I kept watching. But it was only for one episode. I understood the focus on the elderly and the message but I felt 'come on give us the relationship of the young leads'. Finally the big reveal occurred in ep 10. Everything made sense. I think 3 or 4 episodes could have been cut to make the same point but the beauty of how everything 'connected' reminded me of MA. In MA every episode (except maybe half of one episode) was crucial for the story to fulfill us. TLIYE was close. The acting was great but a tighter story would have made it better. I guess nothing matches our MA. MA spoiled me. Now no other show has really satisfied me. The search continues. Just have to wait for a LJE and LSK reunion!!!
  13. @Lmangla, wow u watch Arabic series, I watch Tango , it’s very good drama . @Sejabin& @sushilicious. I hope u feeling better soon @Lawyerh , @triplem @ktcjdrama good evening girl @Lawyerh I am lurking HPL but I am not feeling the girl with the guy , is there support character I may like -2
  14. off topic. how can u post an ig link? iwanted to share something from ig but i cant. am i doing it wrongly? i pressed link URL then pasted the ig link. ive tried many times last night, my brain is slow can someone please teach me? thanks. ive searched it on soompi rules i still cant should i just give up? hahahahah
  15. Sam Cox, an artist who goes by the moniker “Mr. Doodle,” will be appearing on the second season of MBC’s “My Little Television”! On April 19, MBC revealed, “Mr. Doodle will be appearing on the MBC variety show ‘My Little Television V2.” Mr. Doodle is a famous pop artist from England. After uploading videos of […] The post Artist Mr. Doodle (Sam Cox) To Make Guest Appearance On “My Little Television” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. @sushilicious Well in your case maybe he just need to smirk & smile a bit and u will get the same effect as his needle @Sejabin haha its ok to keep dreaming. They say its good to have dream no matter how unrealistic its . Ep 2 hospital is cute. And ep 4 will be the dead of me Let me know once you're there... 526
  17. It's only only us PPC shippers who were not able to see chemistry between PMY and KJW. I saw a little chemistry I admit on Ep 4 but nowhere near PPC chemistry. So for solid fans and their shippers , go to their shipper thread and not here because you cannot convince people what you see.
  18. @Lawyerh you sure? Lol. He just nonchalantly poke a cellmate with a needle causing him to go full blown chest pains. No no no. 524
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