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  2. No just you, each time there is a look from the monk to Met! Maybe (surely, for me) it is an error from actor playing monk that forgot to not watch/have a look on "ghost"!!!
  3. What if young Yeonseo was a little angel when she saved young Dan. Then she disappeared and vanished because she got involved and saved human Dan so she turned into a human lol. Now Dan is back to save her so they are each other's guardian angel. Ok that's just my wild imagination.
  4. NCT 127 - Superhuman [Music Bank COMEBACK / 2019.05.24]
  5. Tonite roadshow in GuangDong 1.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375517592546908/4375518713447715 2.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375542141771084/4375544206333184 3. Compilation from roadshows, love how this movie encourage young people and couples to be brave with their feeling. https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375576438592244/4375579056893018
  6. they still consider her family, as she was married to VC and was DG's mom. As they forgave Esther and even VC after killing Yeona Jo Aera tells NJ let's go to US for the operation (she used word "miguk" which means US), and he refuses, saying I will not die (in korean "shugu"). we have to take over Aura group. His mother is ready to give up, but he is so stubborn, he doesn't mind he has a metal in his head, and wants to continue his revenge, he is sooo mad. I don't know enough Korean, but I am using the cc button on youtube, with some words I pick up here and there .
  7. Playing piano is New drama filming I share but dunno what's about Sr.Weibo
  8. There is someone working for the aunt that is close to LYS. The person knew that she was mentally unstable (trauma) hence he recreated a similar situation (broken glas) which triggered fear in LYS so that she would become paralyzed and remain close to the lamp. I have the impression that the new director KJW is actually investigating this company due to the board in his office.
  9. @ktcjdrama another one wishing for a kiss in a violent drama. I honestly don't get it So you have potentially the Male lead, becoming a bad guy and a Female Lead who most likely is going to stop him. And you want them to kiss? Wrong channel mannnn. OCN doesn't do romance....Okay...Maybe Mistress, that's it. 772
  10. Why did Chairman Park and PSH try to help Aera? What was their purpose? After all, Aera did a lot of bad towards them.
  11. I thought I was the only one who noticed how they coordinated their color during every episode of the drama.. Thanks for supporting it with this chingu..
  12. TV and film promotion is a bit different in the US than in Korea. I feel like it's a lot less personal--more about the plot and characters than about the real actors behind a project. I don't think we'll see a presscon and photo shoot and interview in the US media like you would in Korea. (Plus the cast is largely international, and therefore virtually unknown in the US.) I would guess the emphasis in marketing would be on the tie to the successful Jason Bourne movies, marketing heavily to the audience who loved them. Showing clips and trailers, some photos and a plot summary in various entertainment magazines, etc. Would be nice if Korean media did an interview, though. I'd love to hear her thoughts on it. As for extra seasons, yeah, that's pretty much how US TV works. They keep running seasons until people get bored and the show is cancelled. I guess they can always write out a character if the actor really wants to leave? For the actor, the plus side is regular work. The minus side is limiting your availability. But you know...the show hasn't even happened yet. It could be her best role yet.
  13. I know what's the problem with PMY, she's so pro and talented, she makes her costars look good. The similarity in all her works? She never strive to dominate the scene. (A good comparison is Park Seo Joon costar in She is Pretty vs WWWSK). Unfortunately , Kdrama female leads have not been too varied, thus she can't stretch her acting skills too much. Back to our gold KJW, he was wise to have his first rom-com with PMY. After watching HPL BTS, I can sense he humbly learns from PMY, rom-com is a new genre for him afterall. I like PMY since SKK Scandal, love her since Healer. Like KJW since he struts down the steps with MILK in his hand, love him after watching Antique. @Ondine, i agree it was too rushed when DM forced RG into art therapy. I was more moved when she rushed to the gallery to find RG and smacked him.
  14. Welcome back, @mouse007, I'm so glad to hear you had a great vacay! And super excited to hear you've plans to watch a few eps of PYHOMS and/or Le Coup today. 770
  15. @sushilicious I've been away on vacation and pretty much disconnected from social media and everything else. LOL Work is busy (catching up on what I missed while I was away) but the vacation was nice and I never wanted to leave! 768
  16. try Angel's last mission love. it is short and on KBS, it started on Wednesday, it already aired 4 episodes , I will start it after Left-handed wife finishes for romantic comedy, watch The secret life of my secretary, it is so good (I recommend it for @dramaninja I know he likes that genre ) Also Home for Summer is a daily drama on KBS too, it is good but I can't follow something long now. If you are a fan of Kang Ji Hwan, Joseon Survival will start on 8th of June. It is mix of historical and fantasy, shifting between modern and old times.
  17. @mouse007 hiiii ~ long time no see . How’s your work? 770
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