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  2. April 26 2019 First teaser trailer for tvN drama series “Search: WWW” First teaser trailer added for upcoming tvN drama series “Search: WWW” (English title) starring Lim Soo-Jung and Chang Ki-Yong. The teaser has Lim Soo-Jung as Bae Ta-Mi talking to the media/court and stating “Our Unicorn manipulates trending topics.” Unicorn is the web portal company that she works for. “Search: WWW” is now scheduled to first air June 5, 2019 in South Korea (takes over tvN’s Wednesday & Thursday 9:30 PM time slot after “Her Private Life“).
  3. Am very grateful to Mr. Kim for always encouraging Rain to act, giving Rain that dual role in the school project to convince him that he can act. As I said earlier, I came to know of Rain as an actor first and he is such a fine actor that I really appreciate. I like it that he doesn't want to be boxed in a stereotype of characters and acting. He challenges himself to portray different roles and act in different genres, both on small and big screens. Unfortunately, for a drama or a movie, it takes so much more than just a good male lead to be successful. Rain's latest Weibo post Credit: RainVietnam fanpage It actually took him about 20mins to finish the post haha, it started with just a "Hi" Then he added in some more words ... Then, finally, he was able to upload a picture! Tada!
  4. Grassland Reunion PART 5 – Sheep herding together Credit to Weibo Writer. Original Link: https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404364336901538532 Translation done in Spoiler. I happen to be able do one more part today, as for the next two days, i won't be in office. So i usually can't use the PC at home, as my son will pester for my attention. hahahaha Enjoy !
  5. NCT 127 Talks Their Love For Lil Dicky, Chooses Between DC And Marvel + More 190426 DOYOUNG, JUNGWOO IG Live
  7. Btw, can I say there is a connection between the smoldering Ryan with that Idol boy with the painter they both seem to attach to??? +2
  8. Seeing how this show is well planned with lots of clever red herrings and the writer tends to twist one situation into something else in the following episode, you could very well be right. It definitely wasn't a quick peck though, he went in for a full kiss -at least that's what it looked like. The weirdly posed "lips barely touching" kiss at the end looked like it was filmed for the ending shot to me. Of course I could be biased since I really want them to kiss for real hahahahaha! He's definitely not the macho type to kiss without permission, couldn't agree more with this. We shall see next week. Edit: OK I read some other comments, and yeah, I'm thinking it's a fake kiss too. ARRRGGGHHH why do this to me show DM is a clear goner though. She even admitted it to her friends -like Lizzy from Pride and Prejudice- that she can't bear the thought of losing his good opinion, and was disappointed upon realising that Ryan was only helping him thinking she was trying to stay closeted, not because he was interested in her. I wonder when EG will make a move, he's been watching and observing till now. If indeed this week's kiss was an act and Ryan still has not decided to act on his budding feelings, a romantic move against DM from EG could be the nudge he needs. He's moved by DM, but not letting the reins go as yet. As an artist myself, I completely get Ryan's anger at his private studio being entered without permission. That's a no no. Poor Dm though, she's juts so enamoured with him, how could you stay angry with her? Dragging her out forcefully was a no no as well. The woman carried you home, held your hand and put you to bed remember? Ryan realised he was found out about the Lee Sol paintings and also the empty canvas is both a symbol of his disappointment in himself as an artist combined with the grief of abandonment. The artist's block of depression is something I've been struggling with for a long time, and I get his pain. Don't push around the people who care for you though, silly lion. My heart broke in two for DM at that moment. PMY really nailed the look of heartbreak there.
  9. キム・ヒョンジュン 『KIM HYUN JOONG JAPAN TOUR 2018 一緒にTake my hand』 DVD&Blu-ray 幕張メッセ幕張イベントホールでの追加公演を完全収録した映像作品が自身の誕生日である6月6日にリリース決定!!! https://www.hmv.co.jp/news/article/1904261005/ … @HMV_Japan by iku
  10. I re watched Midas (my 3rd time. 2 times were real boring, 3rd time slightly better). I was wanting to compare Kim Do Hyun & Kang Pil Joo. Needless to say, JH was awesome in both drama but for sure, age & experience definitely played a crucial part in his performance/acting. Kang Pil Joo - just his presence & his aura is enough to make one cringe. Than I compared both ladies...the lady boss in Midas & JMR in MF. I would prefer JMR. Her acting is very entertaining. The lady in Midas was stiff or maybe her role needed her to be such. There was a line where she asked Kim Do Hyun, "has he ever seen her a a woman"? I was like NO...but yet we see KPJ having good chemistry with JMR even though she was way older than him. Next, I compared the lovers. In MF Kang Pil Joo was not allowed to love Mo Hyun openly but we could see the emo in his eyes for her. However, in Midas, the actress is his fiance. They broke off & got back together. They slept together after they reconciled, but there wasn't any romance scene except for a kiss (which looked uninteresting) prior to sleeping together & a fully clothed bed scene indicating they had slept together. Other times when they were strolling or when date each other, they don't hold hands or hug. I find this odd for a couple in courtship. Although the actress is pretty but she don't seem to have any chemistry with JH in this drama. (Enough of my comparing). @azureblue7lets put that gym as a MUST VISIT tourist attraction should any of us visit Korea. He seems to be there alot. And his punches! Yet in reality, he looked a gentle guy. Do you know if 新海 drama is ever coming?
  11. Repost Only: SONG HYE KYO @SULWHASOO EVENT IN THAILAND...source credit @mon_narakorn
  12. When listening to music, we sometimes get a sense of déjà vu that reminds us of a song we could swear we’ve heard before. Since music production has a very long history, it’s only normal to come across similar melodies every now and then. Yet, there are times when we listen to a song that sounds original, only […] The post 8 K-Pop Remakes That Did Justice To Their Original Counterparts appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. @adqu Yup, already tried requesting it on Viki a few times . Hope we can still watch episodes subbed the next day after it airs. But I remember that Netflix subbed also Mr. Sunshine, and the translator is Korean, so I think Netflix has its own translator so maybe we can expect high quality subs. I just don't know about the cutting/deleting of scenes though.
  14. in recent psj interview with Esquire, he said he recently had traveled to Japan with his family. but seemed like something bad happened. someone(Korean traveler) spoke ill to psj(maybe, psj rejected autograph requests or taking pic together. because it was his private travel with his family.) he said he didn't care because this happens to him all the time. but his brother was very angry to hear that. he told about difficulty with living as an actor(celeb).
  15. Repost Only: SONG HYE KYO @SULWHASOO EVENT IN THAILAND...source credit @voguebeautythailand and @missroses_thefangirl
  16. I havent been watching since last week... perhaps too much talk and Go Ara is missing... but will finish it soon... since it is ending soon anyway, hope it will be a happy ending at least... the king deserve to be happy..
  17. So recently I read singer Chancellor (Don’t know him) will make a comeback featuring Taeyeon with his single. The single is called “Angel” and releasing on May 1st! I thought it was too much of a coincidence seeing third promo is releasing on May 1st as well? Ugh, if Taeyeon ever sings for Hae Sun ... I think, I’ll die out of happiness!
  18. KIM HYUN JOONG Official Weibo & Instagram Update 2019.4.26 사진 공요 http://m.weibo.cn/u/2792518661 instagram.com/ by iku
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