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  2. aww.. she's so cute! I think PSJ can understand English very well, and he can speak well, but I guess not as fluent as PMY. I think he wants to learn how to speak English fluently (like Lee Byung hun or Rain). To maybe widen his opportunities as an actor.
  3. I think it's the same director as HCTM ( he did all the My Skyy's) so yeah he understands the concept of adaptation which really means he has a lot of latitude. I read the book and there were places it bogged down so hopefully he skips over them...LOL One can not live on fluff alone...sometimes you need something to chew ! LOL I think it's going to be fun...
  4. for some reason i find it really cute that she managed to caught his attention when she wasn't at the peak of her career or beauty ( as in kim miso like beautiful). i also heard she was amongst the supporting character in high kick yet she caught psj's attention & left a good impression on him. so it can be said that he unconciously developed a silly crush on her now i can't help but imagine what was his reaction when he meet her for the first time & how did things went on from there
  5. Because of Haechi , I finaly watched Jang Ok Jung. Dong Yi I watched several times , it is an all-time Favorite They are not written as a trilogy, but together they make very clear what really happened . King Yeongjo in Haechi talks a lot about his mother , who is Dong Yi / Choi Sook-Bin. And her low background in his roots, which he is not ashamed of. In the Dong yi-drama , she is praised as a friendly lovely person to all people , high or low ranks. King Sukjong , King Yeongjo 's father, loves her a lot. Also in articles on the net this is explained. In the Jang Ok Jung-drama , she is a calculating, shrewd and cold concubinne. How acurate are any of these drama's ?
  6. Another filming location Inju restaurant https://m.blog.naver.com/anjoooooya/221533580338 TaMi couple's scene from episode 10
  7. So KNJ is back to being crazy and obsessed with Aura group again is he for real he’s about to die and he still wants Aura Cho Aera was right to try and take him to US to get surgery instead of focusing on Aura and letting her son die once again... honestly when will KNJ stop being crazy he finally has someone who loves him aka his mum but nooo he’d rather die and fight for Aura PSH is amazing made me so happy he saved Cho Aera a person who tried to ruin his life, killed his mum and abandoned him when he was a baby that just shows how much compassion he has some people need to learn from him cough KNJ cough cough Cho Aera HY dad is an action psychopath can’t believe he is using his daughters like that and more than likely killed his previous wife’s just to become more powerful ! He will start coming for PSH now since he stopped his evil plan to kill Cho Aera gosh hate him he better not touch PSH as he deserves to finally be happy there’s not many episodes left like c’mon let him finally be happy with his family!!! I really hope that Cho Aera ends up giving her shares to Park family and flies to US with KNJ or something, but I think in this episode Aera seeing OSH family in the hospital foreshadows that KNJ will be helping OSH dad get his sight back
  8. This is for Lilac Escarlata: Yes I remember the title of the drama its miss temper. Your right. You know your Korean drama. I watched that drama from end to end. This lead actress is of the classy elegant sterile genre. I wish they have more of Kim Ki Duk type of Korean movie using these kinds of classy actresses. I'll watch epi. 4 of different Dreams maybe tomorrow. I get why the women viewers are fascinated by the lead actors. They are all wearing nice fitting suits that seem hard to believe. Maybe the Japanese during that time were wearing suits but Korean rebels and Chinese henchmen in the 19th century might be a stretch of the truth. That lead actor Fukada his name I think. I seen him around. In Tamra Island drama, he fell in love with this diver girl from jeju island but theres this other guy a foreigner beat him to his lady. Same with this drama. He is going to lose to the bad boy.
  9. Reading thru some of the thoughts on the dramas from where I've stopped and here I am to share some thoughts. I felt both episodes 13 and 14 storylines were going on a smooth pace despite the scene when Lee Sol was explaining her reasons to Ryan. As what majority have felt that Lee Sol shouldn't have just left Ryan and headed for meeting, in my opinion, no matter what, never ever leave your child in a place whereby he or she couldn't feel your presence. The moment when Lee Sol let go of Ryan's hands, I could see that he doesn't want to leave his mum. And if Lee Sol lost her memories from the accident and indirectly lost Ryan, then if I were Yoon Jae, I could have forgive her. And the unfortunate part was, Ryan was in such a pain when he couldn't even remember how his mum look like and till then, his memories faded away. The scene when Ryan could remember everything, he was filled with pain and compressing his pain throughout. And I was thinking, how much pain has this boy went through over 26 years, it's really painful seriously. So I could understand he tried to ignore SiAn for the short moment because he needs all the ample time to recover from all these pains, I'm glad that Deok Mi is always giving him the personal space for all he needs, comforts him at the rightful time, she couldn't be more perfect. But of course, in reality, given the time constraint, me or we as a supporter of HPL, we tend to think more deeper and wish that the plot could be even more stronger and that will allow the drama for extension perhaps? The way how Deok Mi heals Ryan to get back in drawing was amazing I felt, drawing is not always being amazing and artistic, it can be cute in your own way, just like tracing the hands and silhouette are something that I would never have thought off. Deok Mi, you're seriously amazing. And did anyone realize that up till now, Sindy, Curator Yu and Yoo Seop are still unaware of Deok Mi's being a fangirl of SiAn? I guess that's what HPL is all about I guess. Only RYAN GOLD knew~
  10. Here is one of filming location. Hanchon seolleongtang restaurant. https://m.blog.naver.com/hrlee10102/221542924950 The scene when Miri treat all her staff a lunch in episode 12
  11. +2 I have a problem. Jang dong gun seems hotter than song joong ki in this drama wkwkwkwk If I must to watch this, it is because of jdg
  12. Really?! Good for her! I want to know the details, too. I hope he's a good guy, just like Ok Taecyeon. We support her and Taec. Hahaha. When did she post this? March 7 of this year? Was this song something they played?? I can't remember now. I went through Ok Taecyeon's twitter? account and I saw him "jumping" again (or leaping). This was 10 days before his discharge. Hahaha. The sheep!!! 9 days before his discharge 8 days before discharge D-7 D-6 D-5 D-4 D-3 D-2 D-1 Then on D-Day, he posted this: This guy is really such a good planner. I'm glad our Guigui met him.
  13. Kim Tae Ri talked about her career and more in an interview with Elle magazine. The actress graced her second cover for the magazine and shot the pictorial in London. In the accompanying interview, she talked about traveling to Berlin and New York this year. “I try to make an effort to stay for a long time when […] The post Kim Tae Ri Describes Why She Loves Being A BTS Fan appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. Are you sure that must be mean Chanel ?! But right, for me definately CHA Dal Gun , I must be in "Vagabond fever " as everything reminded for him Ps.: Although even if just Chanel doesn't make big difference, if you remember ... ;-)
  15. I only read the translations, not the actual novel itself because, as you know, Chinese isn't my first language or my second, third, fourth, fifth... unlike you multi-lingual ladies here. I read at least two different translations after I've written my blog posts. I didn't want to be influenced by the writer's novel so I only read the translations after I've blogged about most of the episodes. You see, the original writer's novel may be different from the screenwriter's script which, in turn, will be different from the viewer's interpretation. I had to read more than one translation. Because the style, flow, and the language proficiency of the two translations were different, I could determine whether I'm missing a certain nuance or translation of the original writer's novel. See? I did my due diligence. The movie's okay. The story's still interesting. But as I said it’s not faithful to the original novel. I f you want one example of the difference between the movie and tv versions vis-à-vis the novel, I just completed one post about it here: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/05/24/love-o2o-the-movie-vs-the-tv-drama I’m sorry you’ll have to visit my blog for it because I don’t have time to transfer everything including the pictures here. I''m behind with my blog posts on the Chinese dramas, "Put Your Head on my Shoulder" and "Le Coup de Foudre." lol. I'm being asked to post on "Abyss" and "Angel's Last Mission: Love", too. So many dramas, so little time. Tagging @rocat .
  16. I've watched the trailer 4 times and all i can see is ANGST. LBC and HICTM spoiled me and I'm afraid now that i won't get enough sweet OffGun/KaiThird-moments. I like watching him getting better. He did well in Our Skyy. I can't make myself to continue to watch "Wolf" yet (i like the cast but already annoyed with a plot) so i'm going to pay very close attention on Off's acting in ToL. Your words reminded me that for some photoshoots Gun indeed sometimes have been putted on some kind of stand to make their height difference less.))
  17. k-dramas almost always default to the childhood connection because the OTP is always "fated to be" from a long time back. Half the time, it's lazy writing, because you already have a ready-made relationship to expand on. It is much harder to create new memories strong enough to turn two virtual strangers into lovers. There are also many ways to work around Ryan's inability to paint, instead of the mummy route, but that's a topic for another day. Shi-an has been shown to have a relatively good head on his shoulders - he has been perceptive and and sensitive to the people and events around him. So it is disappointing that he never once thought to consider Ryan's feelings the more he came to know him. Perhaps, as you said, it is his youth that tripped him up there. I think the characterisation was a little lacking there, and the acting was also not on point. Ryan and Deok-mi have a pretty equal relationship based on love, trust, respect and communication. The fact that he is not afraid to be vulnerable in front of Deok-mi shows his inner confidence and strength. He has nothing to hide from the woman he loves and who loves him. Deok-mi returns his faith in her by being there for him when he needs her. This is a relationship virtually unheard of in k-dramas. As for WWWSK, not much substance there, methinks.
  18. DHshii, for you and your current partner to read. This thread of course has so many on Wookie. For reading pleasure.. People often get jealous of their partner's former lovers or exes, to the point where they obsess and feel in direct competition, explains Michael Brustein, PsyD, a clinical psychologist in New York City. In most cases, there's nothing going on between your partner and their ex, but you might act or feel as though your partner is currently cheating, Dr. Brustein says. So, while you know deep down that your partner is, in fact, over their ex, you might still occasionally check in on their social media to make sure that you're still better than them — you know, just in case. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.refinery29.com/amp/en-us/boyfriend-girlfriends-ex-jealous-insecure
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  20. I think you meant her bro, not step bro. A lot of characters in EOG could shoot your blood pressure thru the roof. Among, Jang Tae Joon, step mom, her cousin and bro, which one irritated you the most?
  21. Extract from Hellokpop: MBC K-DRAMA K-Drama Premiere: “One Spring Night” Ripples Realistic Romance Right Off The Bat By abbyinhallyuland | May 23, 2019 FINDING TRUE LOVE THAT SPEAKS THROUGH YOUR HEART IS ONE OF THE TAKEAWAYS FROM ONE SPRING NIGHTPREMIERE. It could be the music, or the minimalist vibe that highlighted the character’s introduction, or both — One Spring Night settles you in right away the moment it begins. Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min’s new drama kicked off to a great start with impressive viewership rating of 6% for its first episode. Premiere Week Rating: Featuring Director Ahn Pan Suk’s signature indie vibe and Kim Eun’s lyrical screenplay, the writer-PD tandem of hit 2018 Something in the Rainseries, sure knows how to draw hearts in a subtle yet lingering approach. PREMIERE WEEK RECAP (spoilers ahead) After drinking with her friend the night before, Lee Jung In (Han Ji Min) heads to a nearby pharmacy to buy some hangover medicine. Assisted by handsome pharmacist Yoo Ji Ho (Jung Hae In), she drinks the hangover cure. However, she forgot her wallet so she asked for Ji Ho’s phone number so she can send her payment later on. In tacit agreement, Jung In steps out of the pharmacy, only to be surprised when Ji Ho follows to give her money for her cab. Later in the evening, Jung In drives with her long-standing boyfriend to Sang Hee’s place. The mood gets sour when he opened the topic of marriage to which Jung In quietly disregarded. Coincidentally, Ji Ho stays in the same building where Jung In’s friend Sang Hee lives. He spots her with Gi Suk, whom he recently met as a new member of their basketball club. When Jung In and her older sister visit their parent’s house for dinner, she declares her firm stance of marrying someone when she wants to. Clearly disregarding her father’s pressure to marry her boyfriend. ONE FATED MOMENT Not getting any response from the pharmacist about his bank information, Jung In visits him as he tries to invite her out. She politely refuses and heads to Sang Hee’s place. When she picks up the chicken delivery, she gets surprised to see Ji Ho, unaware that he lives in the same building. Mustering courage and craziness, she sends him a message. Under the falling snow, Ji Ho rushes to the pharmacy where Jung In is waiting. Clearly drawing the line, Jung In reveals her current relationship. At the same time, Ji Ho confesses that he is a single dad. He adds how he has been so curious about him after meeting her for the first time. Knowing her boundary, Jung In offers friendship to which Ji Ho refuses, reasoning it will be uncomfortable for him. Still bugged about Ji Ho’s thoughts, the two meet again when Jung In goes with her sister to the basketball club’s game. PREMIERE WEEK AFTERTHOUGHTS I really like the indie film-ish vibe of Director Ahn’s story execution. His ability to present a love story that uses bare reality is always engrossing to watch. He makes sure that following the rule that drama characters are all connected, the link he utilizes leads the audience to feel the world of the characters as they move in the story. One Spring Night delves on the romance experienced through pain and bliss. In one scene, it highlighted the prelude of how cheating begins between partners. In the case of Jung In, who has been in a monotonous relationship, meeting someone who sparks something in her heart and mind made her do things that are unbecoming of her. As Jung Hae In keeps getting better as an actor, his new single dad role, and how it will go along in the story is also something to anticipate. I am curious how the relationship between Jung In and Ji Ho will finally happen, and how they will stand strong in the chaos that will come after. We are 15 episodes away, but yes, I can’t wait to unravel more stories. We are also looking to touch the perceived reality of parent’s influence on the marriage of their children. In contrast, shedding light to brave insights of single people about marriage yields another gravitating point. One Spring Night airs on MBC and is streamed globally via Netflix.
  22. Dongwan spotted on Instagram. Also https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx0nQeMpRv4/ https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx11IvXJ6zD/ Alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221545291251 https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221545767746
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