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  2. I just finished watching the first two episodes and it is pretty decent. No cringing moments or awkward scenes (well expect for a dancing routine from that real estate company...that's a bit...) Nothing really to complain and I would say it is a easy watch. Jing Ran is suppose to have a cold exterior but so far I find his character distant but not unbelievable and not arrogant because of his position or fame. I enjoy that even though he is suppose to be cold, he is a very polite and well mannered gentlemen...well except I think he is a clean freak lol
  3. Awwww cute pix! I'm really hoping for romance! I realize it's going to center on action and adventure. But I'm still hoping for the romantic storyline! I guess they are almost done with filming!
  4. lol! dont visit other forums. i know its tempting, but you might have a fainted heart... lol! so you will be affected. its natural they talk about other ships as well.. let them. we know whats true and REAL. let them have their own delulus there.
  5. I agree. KIW's life was very different from the SJW lifestyle. It does not justify his violence with his wife, but that doesn't mean he cannot love his way. And he loved the YMR. His attitudes are the result of insecurity, because he always knew that the YMR didn't love him. In the second part of the drama, I thought the YMR was even cruel to KIW. In the scene where he stands in front of her to protect her from his father, he cut off his arm and she did not even help him take care of the wound. It's a question of humanity, people! Sad scene, among so many in this drama, is when she tells him that she doesn't love him and he says he is aware of it. He expression of sadness and desolation that he makes is touching
  6. yeah. some of my statements maybe overanalysed. what they think about us is the same thing happening to them too without them realise it. hardcore delulu and shipper? they are the same. But most hates come to us. Some of it made up stories to bring haters and some posts did not came from here at all. weird. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH that it seems weird why are they talking like that. you guys got nothing wrong. thats why discussion matters.
  7. Spectrum’s Minjae has shared a special memory from the past with his fans on Twitter. On May 20, Minjae posted two clips of Spectrum dancing the choreography to BTS’s “Fake Love” on the rookie boy group’s official Twitter account. He wrote in the caption, “An old dance practice video. BTS’s ‘Fake Love.’ A video that I […] The post Watch: Spectrum Shares Impressive Cover Of BTS’s “Fake Love” Including Late Member Kim Dong Yoon appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  8. There are comments that many people say that it feels the atmosphere. Something in the rain They like it very much. They want to watch it. But I never watched Something in the rain before so I could not tell. I'm just waiting for another 2 days. Not sure today will have a press conference about the drama?
  9. Another Fanpics Since not many updates these days Sr.Weibo
  10. Tao changed a lot of earrings, bangles,...during this event and previous events since last year but never changes this necklace which is similar to Ryota’s one (on Elle China) we discussed before. Fans are wondering if there is a special meaning/story behind? Maybe from important person (parents, bff, bf *cough*) If it’s really from BF, maybe Ryota? Or just coincidence?
  11. @Transition thanks for your posts. Ryota still mentions Anikoma and Tao, I’m happy. Tao is glowing as always at JRA events.
  12. I don’t think that was CSA since the age gap and timeline doesn’t make sense. - 1987= DM, EG, RG were born - 1993= Something happened, RG separated with his mom - 1997= CSA was born - 2004/2005= DM broke her right hand - 2014= DM got accepted as a curator in CU Museum, White Ocean’s debut year
  13. @lebeaucouple I am off to work and don't probably have time to clarify any queries. Can anyone remember dramas where the couple rings go on the left ring finger vs the right ring finger? The left ring finger is usually for the engagement ring and signifies if the writer wants to imply SERIOUS relationship here. I recall more right ring finger moments than left. This is a weekend drama. And Kdramas like to foreshadow things. That is why if the writer is sloppy things go out of whack. There are certain themes in a weekend drama. Family relationship must always end well by ep 50 being the main lesson. Birth secrets. Noble idiocy break up. Abandonment. Cancer or death. Family pressure/ difficulty/ finance issues ie debt etc. With a touch of blackmail. Not too much physical violence hopefully. Family meals with Korean food- week day dramas are when you get Subway/ pizza and steak/ pasta. 2 to 4 couples with at least one wedding. That's the weekend drama. Look at the above. We are at ep 18. 32 episodes to go. There are at least 2 lots of break up happening. Based on the hints then the viewer will or can guess which one is going to be bigger. Currently the writer is going for In Sook and secret more than the Chairman separating. I mean all 3 are there. But the IS and secret is being ramped up in the storyline. Listen to what IS is saying re the marketing team and MR. Then MR and her position going with TR and the graduate hire. The Chairman hasn't done what the usual family opposition moves yet. He's mild compared to what I have seen. He hasn't met her directly yet regarding the relationship. I don't know but it seems to be setting up for a massive confrontation. But 18 episodes is still early for a serious relationship. It usually can take to almost ep 30 to get a confession. And sometimes even longer for a couple to get together. To give a couple ring and first night scene in week 9 of a 50 ep drama is early. So the ring goes on the left. Hint hint. Serious here. It can turn into an engagement in a flash. He has said love a few times. Hit that with a confrontation by let's say ep 24- 26 and we are then set for a separation. At the usual drama time it is supposed to happen. But then that's just me. Might have been Kdrama trained. I started Kdramas and immediately or almost immediately was trained to notice details since I used to do a bit more than watch. Inevitably which episode had good moments and when episodes dragged. And I want to die and chuck the drama but couldn't because I was committed to subbing or a team. I hate weekend dramas subbing. When dramas drag you lose subbers and your brain is wired to know " ergh, its coming its coming. How many episodes is it going to be. Please, please don't make it more than 10 episodes of suffering." Weekday drama separations are usually 4 episodes. 24 episode dramas can drag on for 8. That's how it rolls. A long bad drama separation are those over 20 episodes long. So right ring finger. And left ring finger moments? Tends to stick in my head. And now really need go to work. May not comment till next week. Since I watched most of ep 18 IS moments and heard her. Ergh. What a selfish woman. I like weekend dramas because they use every day conversations and its the easiest to learn Korean. And I probably learnt to cook because of the dishes on the dinner table. Don't knock those family meals. My banchan repertoire has greatly increased watching the dishes. Hahaha. All the Koreans I know are impressed I can cook so much. And practising your standard Seoul accent? Use the weekend dramas. A lot a lot of everyday vocabulary. But I digress from the right ring finger comment. But that's my take on the left hand. And a branded ring vs a spur of the moment ring on finger moment.
  14. Park Bo Young will bring out her secret weapon in the hopes of saving Ahn Hyo Seop on “Abyss”! Spoiler The previous episode of the tvN drama ended with the shocking murder of Cha Min (played by Ahn Hyo Seop) and the cliffhanger of the second resurrectee Oh Young Chul (played by Lee Sung Jae) getting ahold of […] The post Park Bo Young Brings Out Her Best Puss-In-Boots Eyes In “Abyss” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. @quietobserver while I appreciate that you just wanted to keep peace. and please dont take this the wrong way.. you're last post is way overanalyzing. we need check and balance. yin and yang. we will never be able to figure out whats right or wrong or fact or fiction if we would totally control what should be posted. We cant control everyone. thats why if we feel like someone is obviously posting here things that we clearly know by now is incorrect.. Someone is already corrrcting it. As not to prolong any mishandled info. theres a reason why this forum is already almost 800 pages... open talk. good example is whats been talked about the lasf few days.. its clear which are fantasies, facts and opinions. we already know the things on your list...thats how it is since this is a public forum. I will not make this post longer... just my point is.. there were already guidelines made. as for the reports made. dont worry too much about it. As you can see.. yhere were users here that made a fuss and twisted things.. maybe they were reported instead of being dealt here. Again, dont take this the wrong way. I do apprecuatr your post.. but I hope yoi understand that everyone here has their freedom. We all just asked for a few things right? --- Dont say bad things, dont spread hate and stick wit FACTs. peace out! PPC love!
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  17. Thank you for taking interest! I'm halfway done. And thank you for the info. I should have specified about the subs. I meant without the English subs already embedded into the video. I would be interested in finding the original videos subbers used, preferably HQ ones, if they exist. I did some searching last night and ended up at xiazai001.com where I found you can bulk-download all the episodes. Who knows if it's the cut I need but at least I would have a HQ back-up. Perhaps I can tweak the existing subs by rockfella to work? I also came across http://www.2tu.cc which has the episodes in their original state but they have three versions! Each one was cut a little different. My head is spinning. lol. I could only download one of the versions (I used episode 49-50 for a frame of reference) and my downloaded subs didn't match. I think they would only match the particular cut, shown in the screencap above. Are the talked about missing scenes in some cuts, egregious? Or are they removable? I don't even known what I've missed, if I have at all, when I first watched. The drama flowed fine for the most part. I just wasn't enthusiastic about misplaced preview-teaser scenes before the intro. Anyways, sorry this is long. I wish there was a definitive version.
  18. Marathoned this drama over the past couple of days. I have to say that it was a pleasant change to see Namgoong Min in a different role--other the silly lead male. However, I have to say that the drama is over the top and every "doctor" in this drama should have their license revoked. They exploited their knowledge of medicine for their own selfish needs whether it was for greed or revenge. The drama needed some balance.....a reality check now and then. Side note: It was interesting to see the use of oversized SUVs. I think this is a first for me in my k-drama watching.
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