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  2. Every single thing in this universe is God's creation. But when he was creating you, Mr. Lee... it must be that one time He was showing off. https://twitter.com/JustLeeJongSuk
  3. 578 Yeah if ure in the mood to torture urself then watch. But their chemistry is good. Really.
  4. The fans did good job editing him wearing in a uniform!! Can't wait to see him official stills of him wearing a uniform.
  5. 576 busy days start until this friday hua ha ha ha btw I was want to watch my ahjussi but it is too serious and too tired emotionally
  6. Mook with Muwan (her boyfriend) in the temple ( Jirakith is there too.)
  7. Im done ah haha... i want to know ur opinion. My opinion in above spoiler 574
  8. I don't know how Jin Tae-Hyun accepted that role He is hated all the drama and will also die at the end
  9. LOL yeah I doubt it has anything to do with the real VP or GH. I think it's definitely related to him being nervous to give the speech. Remember the doctor saying something about higher BP can lead to blood flow to the affected area of the brain, hence giving him temporary vision. There was also the scene where GH told him his heart was beating really loudly before the meeting. I honestly think it's just due to his anxiety.
  10. Hmm... Da Hee's parents mentioned about wearing "Scarlett Letter". So can we presume they meant the worst that had happened to Da Hee as she claimed? I don't know but Da Hee does look guilty of blaming it on SH. It may or may not happened at all... I've not watched episode 13 and 14 yet so I may be missing some more clues.
  11. PSY is set to return this summer with his ninth studio album! May 21, PNATION announced that the album release is tentatively scheduled for early July. This makes it his first album in two years and two months. His eighth album, “4X2=8,” dropped in May 2017. PSY’s ninth album is also his first since he established the PNATION […] The post PSY To Drop New Album This Summer, His First Comeback In Over 2 Years appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. This week’s special guest was the Visual Director from Marvel Studios .. Haha those who like him with his 5 o clock shadow will be pleased
  13. D-1 to one spring night. It is good to know that they are comfortable working with each other. I agree that based on the drama scenes, the way they meet is very typical and ordinary. I am so excited for tomorrow
  14. PARK BO GUM BLOOMIN' #talkconcertinkobe JAPAN May 19, 2019
  15. The word they have been using all this while is just simply "sexual assault". So no one knows exactly the extend of the assault. We might find out soon in the next episode.
  16. Not rambling at all! All precious observations! If, as you have pointed out, “THAT deleted video still in the playlist is something that got published AFTER the yellow shirts kiss”, it makes you wonder what that video after the yellow shirts kiss could have contained, seeing it was (in the order it was put up) AFTER this kiss scene. Hmmm....the possibilities...
  17. @haelan I see that we continue to be on the same page! Couldn’t have said it better. This was definitely one of my favorite scenes from this episode as well and I completely agree with your thoughts. I mentioned that I wanted to see a scene where they created art together and so I was very satisfied with this scene. The fact that Ryan can’t even trace something when he used to be heralded as a genius painter is such a point of insecurity for him and the fact that he was able to show this to her and not only feel safe and accepted by her but helped by her was beautiful. I wholeheartedly agree with you about loving the connection between hands as a way to communicate safety, trust, and intimacy and so it was a perfect to use that as the first thing that he’s drawn with with the help of DM. I agree that they are both so observant and in tune with one another. Ryan was this way when he was protecting DM behind the scenes with her sexuality and also her fangirling. And now DM as she helps Ryan heal from his past. I do think DM is especially good at it and I agree about her being able to empathize so well. I realized that she’s really good at initiating conversations that lead to people opening up. For example, at the end of episode 12, before Ryan finally shares about the paintings and his mom, she just simply asks when he first saw the paintings, which leads to Ryan sharing. In episode 5, when they’re at the writer’s cabin, she simply states to the writer about hearing that him and the photographer were very close friends, which leads to the author sharing more about their history. She’s not pushy but creates open-ended conversations that allow people to share on their own terms. Love that about DM. I also loved the scene where DM says, “Hello, Heo Yoon Jae.” It reminded me of their conversation at the writer’s cabin. And I’m a firm believer in fostering and adopting, so I would love it if they decided to adopt a child from that orphanage towards the end! I doubt that would happen lol, but it would be awesome. I am honestly not that excited about this whole mom storyline and even their potential childhood connection, but like I said, I am all in with this couple and so I am okay with it as long as they handle it well. Episodes 11 and 12 were really great in delving into Ryan’s past and allowing him to finally be vulnerable with DM, so I’m hoping they would continue to handle everything in a similar manner. And echoing everyone else, I loved the recent BTS so much. I am enjoying them as much as the drama. LOL. I’ve never shipped a couple from a drama in real life, but I agree that they have such good chemistry off screen, that I can see why people are shipping them!
  18. @Lawyerh I shall not spoil the ending of My Mister for you... For me it's quite unexpectantly pleasant. 572
  19. Well considering none of them had ever played basketball..while angsty they sorta kinda ok...along with the tight editing... I usually try to find out who the directors are - those with cinematic background and/or 3 or more series under their belts generally produce a higher quality and intelligent BL series and understand the phrase " adaptation of a novel " more than those who shoot page by page. There are perhaps 4 such directors out there in the BL Universe. HCTM director is one of them. I've learned to watch raw so I don't get caught up reading dialogue on first watch. My Mandarin is much better than my Thai only cause I watch Chinese Historical Fantasies.....but I get by. Actually,
  20. I possibly would like the main couple subtlety if the main actor was better at acting, he literally has like 1 emotion :/ I just don’t feel the love as strongly as I would like between the two leads. I know you like Aarif but his micro expression that you said isn’t convincing :/ I think mainly because his eyes aren’t conveying the emotions for me :/ also his character is like every other male lead in an idol drama, lacking the layers, when he meant to have some :/ literally after his phobia with woman is over (for the FL), his character just dropped for me.
  21. I want to know more about this couple love them I want to know more about this couple love them
  22. I also would like to see a wedding scene and our OTP living happily in their married life. I don't know why, but if I can see our OTP get married, it's like they seal the deal for me and I'm sure they will live happily ever after and i will feel satisfied at the end of the drama. Hoping this series will end with a very nice and satisfying ending for everyone.
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