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  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwt8_MjpQmQ/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1prfgxsp5zqpu Guys, have you noticed this?? Today her manager nim updated 2 picts to announced that she will be back in 5 days with KBS Radio Volume Up. The thing here is that 2 picts were not revelant to each other at all. One of it was here selfie, another one was her pict taken by YG agency. But it look-a-like the same with “someone” fanship profile. Same posture, same type of flowers. Guess it guys It must be more special when the uploader was her manager nim Is it too suspicious? Or is it just a coincidence?? Give me your idea chingus ahh
  3. Hello everyone! Here’s our Superman! 621 days!! Can’t believe it! Finally he’s back!!! Welcome back Wookie!!!
  4. the author had already set up a hint that Ryan and Shi An are brothers since the first episode... at the Shanghai Auction House, Deokmi had already thought to herself that Ryan's side profile looks similar to Shi An and she couldn't stop herself from admiring him
  5. My experience was largely positive. I got a degree in CS and now I work in IT. It was my old dream.
  6. 778 So I was just watching some B99 funny clips on YT, and one lead to another, and I ended up watching all the SNL sketches. Some of them are darn hilarious that I have abdominal cramps now from laughing too much. Wahhhh this is what I need in my life right now. LOL. Poor Zackie looks like he is about to cry. LOLOL.
  7. There isn't a smoldering KJW in FP, I need something sweet to balances out the bitterness in real life so I go for HPL first....HPL isn't as sweet as TYH anyway....Nothing fluffy with KJW, that guy is hopeless to fluffs up.... His gory aura difficult to shake off, it's like trying to turns Pontianak/Kuntilanak into Snow White.... +2
  8. Bbq pizza with salad and chocolate ice-cream for dessert
  9. I just know miss tea @cenching will love cotton candy and lion combine together. Thats why i summoned her lol. 780
  10. LMAO! Her gifs are always on point! Hahahahah If its possible, all lurkers and namji shippers pls come back to the thread to celebrate as wookie returns to us and Hyunni (couldn't resist). Lmao. Sharing my tots on D-0! Still can't believe its really here! Hello and good morning! Wookie, so darn glad you are back with us! Welcome backk! I see many peeps going to cherwon to welcome u back so bask in the love u will feel today!
  11. @Lawyerh he got to be experimental so that he can show his true form lol like he wanted it to be...hahaha +2
  12. 776. Long time ago he already practiced & experimented with lipstick @angelangie
  13. My Ms Tea...who promised me to watch FP....Guess HPL took her heart first. @triplem Father Kim never bring her in lol. But Lion took her in...Guess Kim be siting on the kimchi fridge and not do anything lol. 774
  14. Whew finally was able to log in again.. I have to say NJ seems to be the one I am disappointed with the most.. His initial goal was to make his mom pay for his abandonment and the death of his father. (Of course I always knew that his mommy issues were just him crying out for his mom.) Not since AR has found out he is her son has he done anything to really make AR suffer like he promised. Instead he has joined forces with her just like I said so long ago to help take what does not belong to either of them. Those people had nothing to do with the choices AR made that lead to his abandonment and his fathers death. If he is resentful that he had to accept charity for his education and life up to that point then he can make them humble a different way. How quick he was to join AR's bandwagon when she showed him a little fake love and care. AR is a snake and is only using him and does not really care about him as a mother should. NJ became the next tool after the loss of her son. Why is he resentful about DK? Because AR showed love to him when he was alive and lived as his mom? Why does he hate LSH? Because he has DK's face or is the true grandson of that family or because LSH is very smart and able to beat him at his own game? Why take something that has nothing to do with what his original game plan was? Aura is not the cause of his mother leaving its his own mothers character and personality! He has experienced bad things by a family member yet he turns around and does the same things to someone else messing in their life! I am just waiting for the moment that he fully realizes that AR may not have ever cared about him but was using him or AR finally realizes that all of her actions hurt her children but its too late to save her 1st born because of her actions. I have a question. Does NJ know yet that it was his own grandfather that killed his father? If not I hope he learns this information and does not listen to AR's excuses and goes back to his original game plan to get revenge on her. I still feel that NJ will end up sacrificing himself for either AR or someone else trying to save their life. Perhaps seeing another son hurt or dying will wake up AR to her evil character.
  15. I couldn't find much info...but yeah, I love her hair. So nice to see when everyone else colors their hair! https://mydramalist.com/people/22846-yang-hye-jin
  16. Hong gil dong is from older times 2008, Fireworks 2006 , just try watching some parts, you will know what I mean
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