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  2. Hi syntyche, thanks for sharing this. Here's MORE - during the "My Special Brother" VIP premier last week. ******************************************************************
  3. Yeah. Hahaha. He looks pretty right? ahhahaha 620
  4. I just realized that Yeo Ji had another ominous line when she was helping Yeongjo with his armor. She said "I will finish my job until the very end". Although she followed through with how he never seems to finish what he started, I still felt like this line wasn't just put in there in reference to how Yeongjo acts around her. Btw, why was Yeongjo wearing his crown prince robes when he met with Dal Moon about Yoon Young?
  5. For all international fans that wants to buy the fanmeeting tickets in S.Korea.. E&T has provide the link..
  6. I think that's how you picture ZM in your mind. She even knew before hand about the wedding scheme was all along ZYZ idea so for me it's kind of weird she accepts the truce talks idea. Remember in eps 42, ZM already constructed and explain clearly that she can predict why Ming Sect decided to reject the idea of killing the current ruler. She warned ZWJ to avoid these '小人' who only using his power, image and birth background for their own interests. When ZZR faked the suicide, she bared the facts directly to the people in the room. How come you guys pity this pretender, she got martial art skill yet failed to slash her own throat, given time and space it's so obviously faked just for attention. The writer has built this smart and intelligent character only to destroy them within 2 final eps. Anyway, i know it's up to us to interpret the character arc and i appreciate your POV. I still believe the writer can execute the story much better
  7. Js is light and power 4月25日 00:06 from HUAWEI Mate 10  Lee Jong-suk only pay attention to small details. The anger flew home and found Enhao sleeping in bed. At this time, Enhao was stunned and twitching, his eyebrows twitching slightly, his lips dried and his face was dry, his face showing a painful expression. Until he saw the anger, holding the hand of anger, and stretched out his two hands to drag the anger, begging, beside me, waiting for me to fall asleep. I fell asleep soon. Breathing together. At this time, the face showed a calm and peaceful look. Reminds me that when Enhao rushed to Gapyeong and held the teacher's hand tightly on the teacher's bed, the representative behind him put his hand on his shoulder and said softly, before my wife died, I must open it. Eyes, seeing me by his side to sleep peacefully. When the teacher died, the hand that did not relax Enhao was tightly matched, and each stem was buried very cleverly. The feeling of the actor grasping is also smashed. Robin of the durable goods. Endurance of the durable goods. I remembered the anger that every time Enhao called Danyi, it was four sounds, completely spoiled, and lovely. Danyi always said, Enhao. The tail sounds up. With an inexplicable pet. Both are geniuses of acting, craftsmen of sounds.
  8. It’s no secret that K-pop idols are known for their stunning visuals and amazing talent. Some idols, in particular, have stolen their fans’ hearts with their aegyosal, or the cute puffy under-eye bags, that add to their lovely smiles. Let’s take a look at some of those idols with cute aegyosal features: ITZY’s Yuna ITZY’s youngest member, Yuna, has […] The post Idols With Cute “Aegyosal” That Complement Their Eye Smiles appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. I've been caught with work but I've been catching up! Like many, I was so happy that the writers allowed Ah-Bong, Jong-dal, and Dal Moon to live as well as the storyteller and the other younger fellow. I was so afraid that Jong-dal was going to die when Ah-Bong was searching for him. The only thing I don't understand is how did Park Mun-su get all of that power in the first place? I understand that he was a high ranking official and in the drama, he's portrayed as the king's right hand man and brother, but it doesn't explain the power dynamic. I'm not complaining, I felt compelled to scream whenever he was hyped about winning the battle at Anseong. I enjoyed seeing those enemies getting what they deserved... Poor people being recruited though... The Queen Dowager secretly wants to get King Yeongjo and YeoJi together... That eunuch was definitely in the plan too! I was so in for it. Yoon Young is a poor woman; Dal Moon desperately wants to protect her and she keeps running back to Mil Poong for protection that she cannot receive. I know that she wants to become Queen, but I think it's obvious that he isn't going to get power. I think through the episode, we can also see that the Norons are slowly stepping aside to let the King rule. MJH is constantly shocked and surprised by the King's wise decisions, and ends up trusting him along with the Sorons. The two political parties that were absolutely divisive in the beginning really came together to get the Namins under control and the rebellion to stop. This sort of reiterates that concept of "country before politics," and that truly reflected here which I loved. I can't to see what next week brings. I'm conflicted that I want to see the ending, but I also don't want it to end. Does anyone feel that it's actually okay if they don't put the King and YeoJi together at this point? There have been numerous subtle hints but I think I'm coming to accept it.
  10. Denisefen48 18 hours ago from Super Word Li Zhongshuo LDF staravenue update
  11. I'm actually so glad that Ryan found out DM's identity for some strange reason. I feel like there isn't any lies between the two now and that there's more clarity. Clearly Ryan doesn't seem to exactly mind the fact that she was a fangirl, and seemed genuinely happy from the trip back, promising that they'd continue to fool Sindy together. I don't know if anyone remembers that PMY actually said that episode 6 was where they had to "control" the scene, so I assume we'll get something here from the two...? Man, stop playing games and just get together already! We're all already fried with this invisible electricity and the subtle hints. I'm so sure that DM is jealous of whoever that girl is, whether she's an ex or whomever that hugged Ryan in the preview. I laughed so hard when Ryan became "Latte." The episode with the novelist and photographer's relationship reveal was really sentimental, I definitely almost shed a tear. Can't wait for tomorrow! Give me that confession, Ryan!
  12. I dislike the last 2 eps also, but at least I would like to defend ZM here. She agreed to arrange the truce because it's a truce talk with ZWJ the leader of the Ming sect which by all account an honorable person. The fact that RYW also accept it is also precisely because of ZWJ's reputation and he thought he still has Xuan Ming elders loyalty. Truce talk is always dangerous in ancient times, but usually you still goes if you know the war is going nowhere or going badly either for you or for the other person, or the other party is honorable enough not to stab you in the back the moment you loosen your guard. It's not about intelligence but sometimes you just have to trust that the other party won't act dishonorably. ZM knows his father won't act dishonorably, no matter what is said about Mongolian ruthlessness, they are still known to at least never harmed diplomat or peace envoy unless you kill their envoy first. What ZM did not expect was ZWJ's subordinate plotting behind his back, she really only thinks that they want to kill ZWJ to take over the Ming sect not disobeying him and pretty much smear his good name as an honorable person. After this there will never be any truce talk between Ming and Yuan dynasty ever since ZWJ cannot be trusted to keep the unwritten rule of parley.
  13. yeh they say it was taken during his training, some said they saw someone in mask and hoodie and later they said it was him
  14. Both of them are not willing to back down. It's fun to hear WJ said "If you think the reason I saved you is because I still have feeling for you, you can just give it up" Lastly "You used my godfather's life to threaten me to run away from my wedding. I did not even have a chance to explain to ZR. You make me become a bad person. I don't want to be with you for this life time, and I also don't care if you're dead or alive" So did he mean, if MM didn't crash his wedding, after marrying ZR, he still want to be with MM in this life time.

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  16. Grassland Reunion PART 3 Translation. Credit to Weibo writer (Her original link below) https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404363901264347349 Translated article in Spoiler:
  17. In my country, we have awarded ZM as the 'temptress who have the approval of 5M viewers' Hope these answers your curiosity. ZM was never chivalrous enough to begin with. She used tricks, poison, bribe, threats and traps (yes, you can add the list) in her operations. These are given as her background in mongolian military. You can not do everything openly in order to win you must attack and use your opponents weakness precisely. That's why the last 2 eps are very disappointing for me as someone like ZM can accept and arrange truce talks. This is an insult to her intelligence because she must know ahead that this is purely trap for RYW. This is the reason why i arranging fanfic for the last 2 eps. The show failed to give me good closure so i'm making one by myself besides the story deviates already.
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