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  2. HI LADIES!! Thank you allll for the aaaalll the cool stuff posted here! Thanks for translation @mei2018 -- I agree with you and epinklyn that the interviewer was probably his friend, that everytime he tried to seriously answer, he fell about laughing instead . I now want to know if the interview had finally taken place at all, and if so where would we read it. The basketball court video... WOW! What a long shot! We know he loves basketball, and apparently he does pretty good in that. I'm so happy we're getting a steady stream of CFY stuff this past couple of weeks. Do you remember the photoshoot videos I posted some time ago? I believe some of the photos that have been coming out now (him with white outfit) are from it. I really like his hairstyle here. I think he looks really handsome and mature with such hairstyle. Boy loves his bangs, though, which makes him look like a teenager. Yes, I know he still IS a teenager . When is the Dior event? I guess we can expect more pictures on the way, right? Hurrah! Random comment: he seems to genuinely like his Dior man-purse, since he wears it everywhere. TBH, I hate that bag hahahah... it just looks weird, it's a little small to carry all the stuff that men perhaps need to bring with them, like their wallet, water bottle, phone charger. I dunno, maybe I'm just too used to the postman bags or backpacks. Whatever works for him CFY is cute with glasses, but the ones he's wearing in the pictures don't really suit his face shape IMO. I'd prefer him with a Clark Kent style rim. .As a crazy cat lady, I so love this picture! What a beautiful cat. The cat's probably a pro model, since it looks right on the camera and is so in-sync with CYF. Although to this day nothing beats Luna the demon cat . BTW, I notice that CFY makes sure his legs are covered. He was full clad when playing basketball, and wore leggings behind his torn & worn jeans.
  3. @triplem me & my honey cheering you -2
  4. Yup...I think I was so emotionally invested in that pairing that I felt betrayed. Thanks sushi. Sigh what to do...it's ok I will go watch my other 2 dramas Your neighbourhood looks really pretty 934
  5. I laughed on the reactions I agree though. The rubber shoes are fine but those sandals. aigooo. It doesnt spell elegance or trendy, imo.
  6. @triplem err... wow thats so unexpected... anyway im really busy with sushi's darling. So i might not watch that first lol 932
  7. @Ameera Ali his suits is what makes him more awesome. Its kdrama villain 101. Villains has a killer wardrobe. Hahaha
  8. @triplem you at this moment...I understand... *hugs* 932
  9. Yes..i understand your point. In this ship i trust psj as a captain. As far as i know, he is really gentleman, he Will do everything to his lover ( as we know, even he moved his house near pmy's house).However, i just worry , does pmy' really move from her ex? ( Coz idk, what kind of the person she is...). She is very humble to all her co star. How can i detect if she is falling in love? .I belive she is dating now ( honestly, i belive it because the reporter said they are in relationship). Now my question, is she really falling in love with psj? Is her love as big as psj?. I hope their relationship Will get destination ( wedding announcement).
  10. BOBOSNAP Film X CFY 2nd teaser, cant wait tomorrow for the full version! https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4363967355679955/4363967742866172
  11. @triplem , @sushilicious & @Lawyerh .. that would make ur heart flutter today loved messy hair , I want to run my hand and fixed it Cr to owner -2
  12. I edited my post above .... 932
  13. IKR!! Maybe he took it seriously. Lol. Knowing JSM, its for fun and variety only. I wish they could've met and talked about it tho. Haha. What's up with the random guesting!!! Anyway its a winwin for the both of them. Hahaha. But the shippers have gone wilder than before, his insta is full of JSM's mentions. Also, judging by his comments on his fanmeeting and RM's jenga game (JSM's reasons for picking HSJ were on point, also her, choosing KJS on that two shot question for business purposes lol) I agree with you on them being platonic. *still crosses my finger for these two, coz they look toooo cute*
  14. (Continuing from ~0.46s...) Q: How similar are you to your character Gu Wei Yi? What are the similarities and differences? LY: I think we are perhaps similar in appearance but differ in intelligence. (comment from a bot: Does he mean what he says {Beijing slang}?) Q: What is a classic line from your character, Gu Wei Yi? LY: Si Tu Mo (heh...he looked embarrassed) Q: Can you show us an angry expression and do something cute for us? LY: (does his thing...haha) Q: let’s gossip: this is your first drama where you had to kiss someone. How many NG scenes did you have? LY: I was indeed anxious and my mind went blank during the scenes. You’d have to ask the Director how many NGs there were! Q: Can you describe Gu Wei Yi in a few words? LY: He is intelligent and cool. A genius physicist. Q: Have you ever done anything embarrassing in real life? LY: Yes. I once did {something, sounds like a pose/dance} on the floor of a large mall with a lot of people after have lost a bet with a friend. Q: Would you like to be in a period drama? What sort of character would you like to play? LY: {He mentions a drama and character that I am not familiar with}. I would like to play a character who is dashing, good-looking, cool. (Will stop here ~2.03min ... continue later if I can, okie?)
  15. Lol...yes I am typically not emo...but they cannot undo what they have done tonight. All sorts of curse words in my head thrown at TVN @Lawyerh No. Kim Kwon still alive...however the episode will break your heart into a million pieces. Really major spoiler 928
  16. I'm not fan of psj and kjw..i don't say kjw will married pmy..do you think pmy that easy.?i doesn't mean kjw older..because psj also not too young anymore he is at 30s just 2years different fr pmy..psj also at age of marriage..but its psj just start shinning and need more focus than two other..
  17. 2019.03.04 #Valentino #ParisFashionWeek #ParkShinHye Twitter shook over this few pretty pics of her via @adepark7
  18. A song that will always reminds me to my beloved papa. He was always playing this song in his room
  19. Thanks @turtlegirl for the recaps...maybe with sub we will have better understanding. I am really unhappy ( this is an understatement) . I don't know why they had to use Ji Soo's death to move the plot along. My ship that never had a chance. Yup she was SM's flower . When he called out her name here , i think that is the most emotional we have seen him. Tvn , wae???????? Yup.....
  20. Oh beautiful memories of my awesome Mr Hwang - his suits were top notch Cr to owner of gifs
  21. Im depend on the drama. If im not that crazy about it, im ok with spoiler. Is kim kwon die @triplem? If yes im out from drama. Lol. Ive been complaining about the romance a lot also haha.... 926
  22. It's so quiet here today. I can't watch the entire episode. Ep 76 preview: Chairman, granny, NJ, AR & Esther in park's house. AR says something that makes granny bend down in anguish VC stands up beside his bed with LSH. He feels pain or giddiness & LSH helps him onto the bed. SH & her dad come into the room. LSH in tears looking at a sleeping VC. LSH is outside Park's house. Esther asks AR & NJ what to do. Esther goes alone to meet LSH. He tells her something about NJ & chairman. She goes back in & seems to hide something from AR. She is walking up the stairs when she overhears AR & NJ planning something & she looks back. (Is she jumping ship to be LSH's spy?)
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