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  2. @Transition I agree with you. Rurouni Kenshin is filming now, there are 2 parts. I wanna see Tao's Misao. A lot of fans are praying for Misao Kasane had Chinese sub. You guys can watch it now.
  3. I can't believe it, here is the last curtain call for wookie in the musical: I have mixed feelings about it, we won't be seeing him in the musical anymore but it also means that we are even closer to the end of his service. At least, hyunnie got to watch the musical. She must be now preparing for her midterm exams who are starting on the 22nd.
  4. Wow hahaha nice kiss scenes Looks like only 2019 version kiss is initiated by WJ (okok, MinMin did kiss his cheek first, but that mouth to mouth kiss is still WJ's effort lol) I laugh like hell when I watch the 1994 one. My goodness hahaha Hahahaha not sure why, i love the never ending repeated kiss MV with different songs!!
  5. Hello! Happy Easter, Passover or whatever you may celebrate! I hope all our chingus in Sri Lanka are safe and well. So, I've been thinking about what we can do to pass the time waiting for LMH's 1st project after MS. I already planned to do the list of favorites, similar to what we did in the LBS thread, for all his dramas and movies. I thought one long list after the rewatch of GB (are we rewatching BH or LBS?), but after some head scratching, I think one question a week will keep the thread going longer and consistently. Additionally, you wouldn't have to keep returning to a certain page to find the questions. I have a couple of the obvious favorites, such as favorite drama, favorite character. If you have any "favorites" you want to submit, let us know! Now that our "newbie" @syntyche will have watched all his dramas, I'm interested in her answers. @gtLmh0622: Have you heard any rumors about potential projects?
  6. I have noticed this too. I think that's why even their simple hugs are really different and has a genuine feel to them. His body seems to engulf her whenever they hug.
  7. Lol. He will get it back don’t worry. 846
  8. Give me back his beard sushi 844
  9. I'm hoping it's not 'acting' but I know I'm lying to myself.. My heart fluttered too.. I kept rewatching their parts especially the part where he admitted his heart fluttered for her with all the small things she did. Even the slow mo part they did and he slowly broke into a smile stole my heart <3 Perhaps he wants a break from 'kissing' and to try a more diverse role. He really likes to buy shoes huh.. even in happy together back in 2015, Ji Suk mentioned he would buy shoes for his girlfriend. Such a lucky girl! Can't wait for his next drama
  10. I am torn too. I know that Mi Hye doesn`t treat Jae Bum well but I like some of their scenes, their familiarity with each other. He is such a good friend. Maybe Jae Bum will let her go and decided to remain a friend but I still have a tiny hope that she will choose him. I want him to be happy. I did not give him the nickname. I think it was said in the drama. About Woo Jin... He is a little isolated there at the publising house but I want to know more about him. Maybe he will remain a mentor for Mi hye or maybe they will fall in love. He will go to Sun ja`s restaurant. That`s a start. I will see if their story will win my heart in the end. **** Sun ja`s new employee
  11. no matter how many times i watched it, it always gives me thrill i even dont know why. A Kiss that comes from the heart?
  12. you're funny! lol! that person is not just someone.. thats her stylist! and they were not cue om a scene.. they are on break. but do feel free to browse here.. just don't say anything bad or offensive.. we are at peace here and we welcome good vibes only.. PPC shippers are full of love just like PMY and PSJ to each other..
  13. @Lawyerh be warned Of the possible goodness that was ever invented 838
  14. Some GIFs from 448 https://www.weibo.com/5815928682/HqGcl8lhz?type=comment#_rnd1555862088363 Some photos from 448. According to Weibo user, KJK pops his head out to try to get a good view of SJH dancing https://www.weibo.com/3172389104/HqFhC9DAS?type=comment#_rnd1555862388250
  15. Kim Hye Yoon showed off her dance moves on SBS’s “Running Man”! On the April 21 broadcast of the variety show, the cast and guests formed teams and competed in a mission to make “Running Man + [guest’s name]” become the No. 1 trending search on portal sites. During the first round, everyone tried to guess […] The post Watch: Kim Hye Yoon Wins Over “Running Man” Cast With Cute Cover Dances Of BLACKPINK And MOMOLAND appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. SBS’s “Running Man” has shared an exciting preview for next week’s episode! On the upcoming April 28 episode, Yoo Jae Suk will return as James Bond, or “Yoo-mes Bond”. This is an identity he adopted to carry out secret missions with his special water gun. He first appeared as “Yoo-mes Bond” in April of 2011, and […] The post Watch: “Running Man” Teases Upcoming Return Of “Yoo-mes Bond” In New Preview appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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