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  2. No its okay @gm4queen I love ur decisions its soooooo excitement and beautiful Yes it would be sooooo beautiful if daniel cast in man who bake cake as a lead man and its would soooooo cute if they r dating later soon i hope sure this is definitely the beautiful moment ever. They are perfect match to each other and i really love it. These two couple are very different to other couples idk why its feel sooo different And im certain when daniel says during 'radio apart' i will tried to answer that later on next time on radio apart. When the fan ask him if he was a girl and would date lee dail and i remember u posted something last 4 pgs on this site
  3. -2 lols found the picture to fill your curiosity lols cr: as tagged
  4. Wow Ji Min in the midst of preparing her own drama still manage to send food truck with her ex colleague in the age of shadow credit to author
  5. I know which guy she will choose in this drama, the answer is the brooch on her dress. It said 'R' which means the guy on right side of her. Or even the brooch is 'L' , then it also mean our 'L' anyway
  6. Wishing you all the best on your new drama. Fighting
  7. My Finale episode fantasy would be a big White Ocean concert where Shi An would do a killer performance and sing a song where he will call his Hyung on stage and see both RG and SA on stage and whatever they sing together is part of the OST. DM and Lee Sol will be both watching front row fan-girling/supporting the two SJ's barista will be part of the music collaboration so SJ and her husband will be watching front row too, as well as Sindy with her Mom who finally accepts her daughter being a fangirl DM's co workers will be there also and can we not forget DM's parents.. and EG and CDA together where they are starting to like each other EG's mom will be there too. Fast forward to a few more years, an epilogue maybe.. RG and DM are happily married with kids where RG is making art alongside DM while still being a true fangirl on the side.
  8. Moon Geun-young and Kim Seon-ho Starring in "Catch the Ghost!" Moon Geun-young and Kim Seon-ho are starring in the new tvN drama "Catch the Ghost!". Logos Film revealed that the two will be co-starring in the drama "Catch the Ghost!". "Catch the Ghost!" is a romantic investigation drama about a 'doer' rookie and a 'thinker' veteran of the subway police force. Moon Geun-young plays Yoo Ryeong, a newbie on the subway police force who acts before she thinks. With the tenacity to find her twin who went missing on the subway, she achieves some sort of paranormal ability. Kim Seon-ho plays Go Ji-seok, the chief of the police force. He graduated top of his class from the Police Academy, but has zero flexibility, as he is narrow minded and always very serious. Bad luck follows every case he is in charge of, but his life turns upside down with the appearance of Yoo Ryeong. "Catch the Ghost!" is written by So Won and Lee Young-joo while it's produced by Sin Yoon-seob. cr:hancinema.
  9. Am I the only one who rather see more of Qiao Yi with people close to her like her mother, her mother in law, her brother and her friend Wu Yi . Since I have read the book I just wish the drama stays close to the book rather than inventing the Wu Yi and Guan Chao love story adding the triangle Wang Wen . I am happy that they added her step father and Da Chuan . I wish they stay true to Yan Mo family which is stable and happy. Making his mother remarry does not add anything to the story. In all I am just in love with the couple Qiao Yi and Yan Mo. I am in awe of the siblings Qiao Yi and Guan Chao. I am touching of parental love Qiao Yi and her parents (mother and step father). It is a pity that they did not develop a bit more the relationship of Qiao Yi and her mother in law. And one factor that Yan Mo falls in love with her is because she is very much like his mum.
  10. @immorethant - I fully agree with you that the show needs to have more than just love. And yes, Spring Night so reminds me of Something in the Rain but slightly darker. Not really my kind of cup of tea! And yes, I absolutely love the way he keeps staring at her and properly both of them had to rain in their affection towards each other at the press conference. But I am so shipping both of them. I am seriously already starting to hate Kim Bomi, like why is she promising a rating of 23% if the main leads or the PD didn't say anything. It out of order for a junior like her to overstep. Our SHS was so respectful to all her seniors at the press conference making sure they stood in the middle while she went all the way back. This girl will definitely go far in this industry as she is such an amazing person.
  11. I mean that when KJW taking PMY pictures during BTS. He always says 'yeppeuda' to PMS when he is snapping her picture. And also during the kitchen scene when he smearing flour to PMYS face.
  12. I noticed there is limited posting on this group, so do visit this page as I have asked all of you some questions! Feel free to tell us as much as you want too! Let us get to know your oppas more. Maybe...we might fall in love with them too! Cheers!
  13. Seeing that this group have been quite quiet lately, so decided to do this little thing. We want to understand each other’s preferences and at the same time to get a feel on other oppas that we might not encounter before. You can indicate as much as you want. This page is for you to spread your desired Oppas in front of all of us haha. Questions Which scenes from your favorite oppas’ dramas is your favorite & Why? Aside from that, tell us, why do you love him? Why is he deserving of the spot on your bias list?
  14. My theory is they will be together. I also guess that Sian-Sindy will be a couple.
  15. EJ is admitting that she was at the scene of the fall but says she was confused and was concerned for her son. However, she did call 911 at the time she first saw SH on the ground and then hang up the phone. Would that not prove that she was not confused? She thought about her son. So she ran up the stairs and found a distraught JS alive and well. She attempted to dial 911 again and then remembered to save her son by manipulating the scene and make it look like a suicide, ran up and down the stairs to get the shoes of SH, laced it and put it on the roof. Then she bribed the security guard. JPY killed the only witness who could prove that EJ was not confused. There is proof of bribery but the police could still not prosecute EJ? If they find that she did call 911 and hang up and the time between that call to the time 911 was actually called was a long, long time would she not be guilty of neglect, that her actions were deliberate and not confused? Her excuse was that she thought SH was already dead. Whether one thinks that SH was dead or not, the first instinct would be to call 911, the police, EMS? Seems JPY has connections to the justice and legal departments that the police know that if they did not have solid proof of crime that their case will be dismissed? JPY prepared his son well by putting the blame on SH, that SH accused JS of something he did not do and initiated the fight. That JS never bullied SH. Now JS lost faith in EJ and clinging to JPY. I am afraid that JS will become just like his daddy. I do hope that they could find and protect the witness who could prove that the security guard's death was not an accident . I really hope the ending that the guilty will not escape punishment due by law. @Sloth3toeI think that the diary is necessary. It is better proof than SH who was in a coma for a long time and just woke up. A good lawyer will be able to make SH's memories seem fuzzy and questionable. The diary may contain details, dates and names which could be proven more accurately. The diary will also stimulate and enhance SH memories. I hope they find the diary.
  16. | 190521 #SUHO Instagram Update: "Please join me for this UNICEF HOPE Campaign so that every children in the world can dream of a hopeful future.#.UNICEF #.HOPERING - Photo by SUHO" =====
  17. Lee Seung Gi and Master Jung Do Hong, when they were watching LBH movie "Inside Men: The Original" together at the beginning of 2016 ... actree Lee Jung Hyun IG post back then ...
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