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  2. It will be tough. Hopefully, MBS will attract different group of people.
  3. whats so crazy about it! haven't we all downloaded all the epi as soon as we finished watching the drama? if you have don't have enough stroage you can always save bits & clips on ig or in your phone
  4. oh you so amazing, please if you have a chance to see them again, tell them that the drama has a lot of fans and that we love them, and PMY that she is just unforgettable in this role. WE SEE ALL AND PRICE HER! Thank you so much!
  5. @cenching...is that Kim?!!?! later flying carpet top crop fly away. 804
  6. @Lmangla You meant this?? @sushilicious Darling.... every girl is beautiful in her own way. It’s incomparable...Just like a saying, “There is a Marilyn in every little girl, some are Monroe and some are Manson... +2
  7. Bollywood Actress always makes me sad because they are so pretty then meanwhile this little blob is just like... “I will never be as pretty as her.” 800
  8. My theories are similar: Hopefully, my theories are totally wrong, and this drama will be totally surprising and unpredictable.
  9. @tensaitekikuronekoLove your post. I love the last scene too and I thought it was very sexy. First of all our gutsy heroine DM gives the "come hither" look to Ryan as she backs off smiling without losing eye contact to follow her as she was entering the studio/painting room and Ryan's face as well says, "baby I'll play" but when they were in the room Ryan's face changed. DM at this point did not know how Ryan would react if he would refuse her request yet DM was undaunted. She asked Ryan to draw her for her birthday gift, letting Ryan know that she had faith in him. She put up her hair and sat posing her silhouette on the canvas. After such a request from a beautiful woman whom he fell in love with and who courageously put her full faith in him, how could Ryan not comply? Kneeling on the floor he took the charcoal and slowly, carefully, inch by inch drew her until he was done. DM said, it is beautiful "Artist Ryan Gold". She gifted him with herself and he gifted her with his trust and gratirude. The unpinning of her hair by pulling the paintbrush holding the bun and her hair cascading down her back, was so sensuous. Like the way he drew her silhoutte would be the way he would love her.... slowly, deliberately and gloriously all of her and she responds in kind. The tear coming down her eyes they as declared their love. That scene for me is more stirring and touching. More than that would have ruined the mood of what they were trying to convey, the deepness of their feelings and connection. Then we see them spooning in slep Couple sleeping positions and what they mean: Spoons In A Drawer Means New Love When you sleep closely linked with your partner, it means two things: y’all can’t get enough of each other… and it’s probably a brand new relationship. When running down couple sleeping positions and what they mean, this one is pretty self-explanatory: when someone is new and exciting, you want to show that you’re excited to be around them, hence the lack of space. It’s sort of a physical reassurance that you can’t get enough of that person. Though this position tends to change as relationships age, there’s nothing wrong with this being the beginning sleeping position for your new love. This position does tend to be a little uncomfortable, so if your sleeping suffers, make sure to change it up. The Intertwining Lovers is a Sign of Intense Emotional Bonding Typically this is after an emotionally positive encounter, sexy or otherwise. Both partners sleep on their sides, facing each other, locked in an embrace of arms and legs. This definitely doesn’t lead to optimal sleep, even on a good foam mattress like nectar, and is often the signal of a new relationship. Neither of you want to leave the other’s arms, which is great, but it can also lead to a lot of arms that have fallen asleep or waking up in the middle of the night.
  10. @Lmangla During the olden days when I was still watching lots of lots of Bollywood movies, I always loved and fascinated by the costumes. Bollywood costumes got so many ornaments like beads and embroidery in every color imaginable BUT it never looked cheap. Strangely, the moment the same theme is brought to Hollywood, it’s cheapens drastically. I always think that Indian ladies looked the best in their native costumes. Indian saree or lehenga(?) are really tailored specially for Indian. Rarely a non Indian lady can pulled off Indian costumes. That fuchsia gown is positively ghastly....It’s looks like Halloween costumes. +2
  11. [TRANS] #ParkShinHye’s IG Update2019.05.24. After work's done, now a tourist mode It was a short schedule but I’ll it used fully....!! cr.@YYSY_
  12. Watching episode 5: a bit confusing but ohhh unexpected twist at the end was good. I only dislike
  13. basically it was some mismash... but I always found it very distracting and so I was more annoyed as a child and didn't really enjoy the cartoon. ... the harem pants are okay but basically, there are versions of it all the way from turkey to south asia. same with turbans. basically turbans served a practical purpose -- to protect head from sun. but over time, there was a few politics and other traditions involved in it.. so yea, the father seemed to be indian-ish type turban... my confusion was more over her off-shoulder, navel showing top which seemed all sorts of strange and very impractical for a desert region. .. yes, childish me thought the cartoon was very dumb.
  14. I love your updates! just out out of curiosity, how much does KJW smoke? For example, does he chain smoke? I do think he looks cool with a cigarette, but I feel chain smoking can be so bad for one’s health. Guess he is not perfect after all!
  15. Omg X-Men Dark Phoenix premiere June 6th in China! what a very tough contender...
  16. @Ni Wen @Dramanoona @immorethant I have been thinking about the rat in the mansion and especially about the appearance of his angel's wings. What if the appearance of the wings are connected to the attempted murder? Notice that the time gap between the appearance of the wings and the fall of the chandelier is quite long. In my opinion, they appeared the moment the culprit started loosening the screw of the chandelier. During that time, KD tried to hide from LYS. Let us not forget that KD is moving from the yard to his room, avoiding LYS, giving him some free time. This made me think that the rat might have known that LYS was busy focusing on her new secretary and helper. @Ni Wen Yes, I like your idea very much. She saved him in the past as she was an angel and now he is doing the same. I have been thinking about the reason why LYS was able to hear him. I guess, this might be connected to the kiss. He did touch her in that moment, although she didn't feel anything. As for the new director, I have the impression that he was the one working for the driver Jo. Remember that Mr. Jo told LYS that she was in the middle of a battlefield and they were almost there. He added that they only needed just a little more time. As new director, JKW has the means and the ability to observe the enemies and see what is happening at Fantasia. They needed an insider who knew how such a thing is working.
  17. @Kasmic your are spot on so I think we all need to follow these guy step & keep ourselves full until next week
  18. 2019.05.24 @ssinz7 IG “After work in tourist mode Short Schedule ... !!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx2IgR8lnuH/?igshid=1kv9j1p29ujku …
  19. Dear friends, one of our (little) wishes has come true....Gun Woo will finally be meeting and Spoiler warning! Gun Woo with Director-nim: Source: https://www.facebook.com/pg/HKMYFC/photos/?ref=page_internal
  20. I’m a big PMY fan but not since ancient times (lol at the term). I’ve seen 5 of her dramas though and I’m always at awe at her acting. She can easily cry like a river (SKKS & 7DQ) or be charming/funny depending on what the character requires. I’ll just say that as she or her character matures so does her acting.
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