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  2. Ratings ! 20.3% For mrs hwang @Ameera Ali I think they mention his IG here I believe this must be a role that KNG loves very much . Yeah season 2 please & KNG for the Baeksang !
  3. SALT POST(2019.04.19) [#박신혜] 신혜 꽃이 활짝 피었습니다♡ #Mamonde #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パク・シネ https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=19318345&memberNo=4872266 …
  4. Ok so grandma said that her son, LSH's dad, has been in "exile" all these years. Unless it's a new term for death, I'll maintain he's alive. They either told everybody else that he's dead or people just assumed he died since he's nowhere to be seen. From the VC's dream, the dad looked like he was a painter. Maybe that's why he was kicked out. He had no interest in the company. He did look off though. Was he mentally challenged or just in shock? He certainly didn't look like a hyung in that scene. The question is Who killed the mom? The VC is holding that utensil so he looked guiltier but he could have picked it up after the fact. But the fact that he was calling her by her name when she was his sister in law. Couldn't he use the proper term for sister in law? I rather VC was guilty than the dad though. Poor LSH doesn't need to find out that his father killed his mom. Not that the uncle doing it is great either lol Bottom line, that was the most interesting development of today. Now that Oh Sanah is on the case. NJ, you won't be the fake grandson for long especially since they are coming for her husband too. Crazy Sanha will be coming for y'all. Chairman just like that just believed those accusations. Even if he thinks his son is weak like... it's your kid. What about benefit of the doubt??? If LSH was greedy, he would have stayed PDY lol They are really forgetting that he's the biggest victim in all of this. So just because of his whiny wife, he's just gonna be back in trusting NJ over the person who had his back . I can't wait to see his face and his dumb wife's cracked when they see how they've been conned and lost their company. I really don't care about Aura Group or about them right now.
  5. Lol! Nahhh. I have too many oppas . I’m constantly in love . @Ameera Ali mr hwang is a good kisser. In Misty you can see his skill @sushilicious ok removed your posts . I know how it feels to miss a drama & find it irreplaceable. ...but I’m also watching so many at a time like @ktcjdrama that i move on quite easily. Also the blessings of having so many oppas , there’s always one to look forward to 578
  6. and I'm back with some updates that there will be a Hatsune Miku Expo Digital Stars 2019 in Taiwan date is Friday, May 10th 2019 at 4.30PM - 8.30PM address: Klash Taipei, 信義區松壽路22號B1, 110 Taipei Information Link: Hatsune Miku Expo Digital Stars 2019 in Taiwan
  7. I can connect the dots as well. I was merely wishing for a smooth transition between scenes. As I said much earlier, it would have been enough to see him with the phone in his hand or seeing Nam rushing into the room. It doesn't take much to create a transition. I meant what I said: Episode 11 was executed in a sloppy manner regarding those two scenes. It is not nitpicking to expect scenes to be connected in a way that makes sense.
  8. Wish Kyo will eat more. She’s getting too thin i miss her so bad. I miss watching her act. Time for some throwback.
  9. In a recent interview and pictorial for Singles Korea magazine, Yoon Ji Sung talked about his upcoming album and his life philosophy. The singer posed for the magazine’s upcoming May issue in a number of casual-yet-glamorous, effortlessly sophisticated looks. According to the staff, Yoon Ji Sung impressed everyone on set with his ability to adapt […] The post Yoon Ji Sung Shares His Outlook On Life + Why He Doesn’t Believe In Regrets appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. Interesting, @Julia Lovert! So interesting. Thanks for the post. So glad that Youngie's ....er.....ACCIDENT....turned out with a happy ending. Could it be that Youngie's "accident" was the result of watching too much of Chang Wook's most recent drama - Suspicious Partner? (although almost two years ago). Nice try, Youngie.....Nice try.
  11. Park Yoochun’s name will remain on a cherry blossom path in Incheon for the time being. On April 19, a source from the Incheon Gyeyang District Volunteer Organization revealed that no action will be taken unless a guilty verdict is made. They said, “Unless there is a guilty verdict, nothing regarding Park Yoochun’s Cherry Blossom Path will […] The post Park Yoochun’s Name To Remain On Fan-Donated Cherry Blossom Path Until Final Verdict appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. And he was paying for this by starting to disappear. Seemed like warning. So probably the punishment can be a disappearing for good which breaks the circle of reincarnations. Btw, every time when Thun're saying this phrase a bit cynical question pops up in my head: "well, and how you going to do this?.." (just before i'm starting to melt because it's still very touching). Only it means that Met should be born again, and Thun have to wait for him for 18-20 years.
  13. I don't know if it's my imagination. But, doesn't the actor playing the role of Kang look a lot like Lee Bum Soo? After all is over, Father Kim will be the new Father Lee, who had faith in the goodness of each person, even if it's only 1%.
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  15. Yeah, you r right. He has that quilty look like being caught expressions.
  16. So old, mean uncle is using the media to manipulate the shareholders before the scheduled press conference where CSH was supposed to atone for her sins. Uncle's plan is to oust CSH and replace her with a management expert (Mr. Jo's son). The boys and lawyer Heo have come up with a plan and I think they are ahead of the curve here and ready for the board meeting (next episode). Lawyer Heo asked his sec. to process the resignation of SW immediately, but that seems to be part of their plan somehow. NJ and SW have a lot of shares in the company which was mentioned by lawyer. It seems that lawyer Heo is sweet on NJ's mom, and they are going out for dinner, just the 2 of them. Mr. Lee is attracted to sister Heo, and SJ is ever so slow at getting out of the country. Whew! Lots of ends to tie up next (and final!) week.
  17. What a great start to a drama! It's funny, has a good mysterious storyline starting to emerge and it's even better that it's something a lot of us fangirls can relate to haha the misunderstandings are just hilarious and the chemistry is already off the charts! Park Min Young is just stunning.. she really won me over after City Hunter and just continues to shine in every role she's in. She's also one of the few actresses that you can literally ship with every single one of her costars (and what an insanely handsome list of costars she's had ). I remember Kim Jae Wook from Coffee Prince and have always thought he was good looking but my gawd watching him in this drama, I'm like drooling haha he is SMOKING! Super excited to continue watching, I definitely think this will be my next drama addiction and looking forward to more sizzling hot chemistry and hilarious moments!
  18. OOoooh. I didnt get that part because no eng subs and I couldn't understand when I was reading the viet part for that scene so I just kinda skipped that part. Interesting. Yeah cause we all know he doesn't love her and is only doing it out of duty, guilt and his promise.
  19. The fight between Haotian and NQ began. Haotian is so savage she has started the torturing . Still she hates him so much because she can't leave him haha CHAPTER 890 It was not until this moment did Ning Que truly understood that this sentence was an invitation. Sangsang asked the Drunkard to pass the message to Ning Que. In the Haotian doctrine, the death of a believer was to return to the Divine Kingdom of Light and to Haotian’s arm. If he was willing to surrender to her, he would naturally stay with her forever after death. But what is surrender? Of course it meant that Ning Que had to break the natal relationship with Sangsang. Although she was Haotian, she also had to obey the rules of the world of Haotian. When she found out she wasn’t able to end her relationship with Ning Que, she could only hope he would do it..... “Since you’ve already got such a beautiful face, just drop other wishful thinkings. I adore rather than esteem you in the past years. Why should I surrender to you?” “From what I remember,” Sangsang said. “You fear death very much.” “Then you must remember that I fear some other things even more.” “Like what?” “You. Our relationship.” “So you are not willing to surrender to me even if I were to kill you?” “In fact, I don’t think you will kill me. That’s why I find the courage to come here.” Sangsang wore a little frown and asked, “Why do you think so?” “Because you are my natal item.” “So?” “If I die, you will die too.” “Haotian will never die.”.... Ning Que looked at her eyes and continued, “We can only live together, or die together. So you dare not go to Chang’an, dare not kill me, and even dare not come to see me.” “Why not enjoy eternity with me?” “What the hell is that? I want to be together with you, just not the way you say it. I want us to be together as two independent individuals. We can be integrated into one, but we shouldn’t. Because in that way, you and I won’t exist anymore. It’s meaningless.”..... “But you still need my surrender.” “All life must surrender to me.” “I don’t accept it.” “Why not?” “Because you are mine.” Sangsang didn’t understand him. Ning Que stared at her and said, “Since you are mine, you must surrender to me. It’s totally up to me both in bed and at the diner table.” “How do you plan to achieve that?” Sangsang asked with a frown. “Just like that night by the Thermal Sea,” Ning Que said calmly. “I won’t stop richard simmons you until you surrender.” Sangsang’s expression remained the same, but billions of stars died out deep in her brightly arched eyes. Her hands were no longer a gentle universe but an angry one. Ning Que felt a strong and invincible might coming down on him, like numerous mountains weighing on his shoulders. With a sound of creaking bones, his knees were about to break at any moment..... “You made my master go up to heaven, and he made you fall to earth,” Ning Que said, staring into Sangsang’s eyes. “You are a god, but I’m going to turn you into a human being. If it’s a war, then it’s a war with my master and I against you. I can feel clearly your anger and hatred which are the emotions only humans have. I call it the dawn of victory.” Upon saying so, he took one step forward and tried to hold her in his arm. While casting a Divine Talisman with his left hand to cover his body, he began to summon his natal item in the consciousness. He began to summon Sangsang. He once sang a song to Sangsang on the cliff by the Snow Lake. Sangsang understood the song and the summon and invitation he made in the song.... Once the natal connection was established, nobody could break it, not even Haotian. Sangsang went pale instantly, wearing a tighter frown. It was the most crucial part of the Academy’s plan, or to be accurate, the continuation of the Headmaster of Academy’s plan of cultivating Sangsang’s love for the world by making her travel everywhere last year. It was also the reason Ning Que dared to leave Chang’an to the Divine Hall of West Hill. No natal item could ever disobey the cultivator’s orders. However, what happened next was beyond Ning Que’s expectation. Sangsang went a little pale and her sleeves trembled for a few seconds. But besides that, she looked fine. She didn’t pass out as he had expected, and he didn’t get the chance to hold her.... His thought was interrupted by an unexpected sharp pain. His shoes splintered into pieces, and so did his skin. His skin was flaking off with blood and blood clots, resembling a peeling wall that went through many days of raining and then exposed to the sun. His feet were cut apart by countless fine spaces in an instant, with innumerable flesh and blood being cut into small and neat shapes and falling to the floor of the divine hall dozens of zhangs below. Bare bones were the only things left of his feet, covering with blood and meat debris. The scene looked extremely horrible. The speed of cutting was fast but had deliberate delays, which was Sangsang’s intention to let Ning Que see the scary process more clearly and critically and to give him enough time to feel the severe pain. Ning Que suffered many injuries before and was brutally tortured by mounted gangsters back in Wilderness, but he had never been through such clear and horrible pain.
  20. Singer Kim Geu Rim will be tying the knot this spring! On April 19, Kim Geu Rim’s agency Kemical Soundz announced that she would be marrying her non-celebrity boyfriend in May. The agency stated, “Kim Geu Rim’s wedding will take place on May 3 at an undisclosed location in Seoul. After meeting through an acquaintance, […] The post “Superstar K2” Contestant Kim Geu Rim To Get Married This Spring appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  21. Baekho shared his thoughts on his fellow NU’EST members in a recent interview. On April 19, Indeed released photos from Baekho’s pictorial. In the photos, Baekho wears a classic black suit that highlights his fierce charms. His sexy poses and unique vibes are said to have drawn awe from the staff on set. In the […] The post NU’EST’s Baekho Expresses Love For His Members And Fans appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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