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  2. I thought at first that her younger sister is her bff lol. Lji and her eonnie seems to get very well but all three have a good relationship as sisters. Some thoughts on the 1st episode. -i feel like they already have felt the attraction since yjh and lji met. Lji already lied to her long time bf when asked who she texted regarding the account number. I don't think she needs to lie as it is only about the money she owed the pharmacist if she sees him not as someone she is curious with. -it also seems to me that her relationship with her current bf is an arranged one since her father is the principal and gi seok's father is the chairman of the foundation. The problem is the father does not like lji. And ofcourse he sees her family not a good fit to his son. -i felt like the pacing of the story is fast, not that i am complaining but i hope the writer has a tightly knit story for whole of 32 episodes. We are only on episode 3 and 4 and lji already knows that yjh has a son out of wedlock. I hope episode 2 is much better and i will watch episode 1 again later. Thank you netflix for the subtitles lol
  3. Comparison is inevitable when there is a "predecessor" to a drama... be it a version from another country, a sequel, webtoon, novel.... I think the only drama I've watched that have 2 version is Nodame Cantabile.... I've watched the J-version first, then the K-version. The J-version is definitely much better, but I can enjoy K-version too. I just have to detach them and take them as separate story. Let me rake my brain again whether there is any more drama with multiple version that I've also watched.... 690
  4. Imho, yes it's very good, even though the front half could be a slog in some part. It also suffered overused of slow-mo in earlier episodes. If you don't know anything about HSDS I would recommend you watch from the beginning, especially now that the english sub is available in YT. It is a very good adaptation of a classix wuxia novel. If by episode 24 you still don't like it then you can drop it, I know it seems like a ridiculous request to ask a person to watch until halfway, but that's when one of the most important character show up. Cheers, hope it helps
  5. No, like Lilac, I'm not so much into romance. Besides, both KWB and Fukuda are not so attractive for me. I prefer Hiroshi's screen-time than theirs. He's a mysterious character ! KWB is typical hero in dramaland: good at fighting, charm his way around, bold (and reckless), which is nothing new for me. On the other hand, Fukuda is typical 2nd lead: everyone's ideal type except the female lead's. He's kinda weak in past eps. I hope he grows stronger and more determined in the rest of the drama. Probably, because I had high expectation for DD from the beginning (spy/detective genre is my most fav cup of tea), DD so far is not very satisfying for me. Except the twist LYJ as bluebird, I haven't seen many surprises. I hope this drama won't go straight as historically heroic drama.
  6. Haha! Same! It's so frustrating because this is such a great concept and the leads are great but the writing and poor narrative choices ...so many missed opportunities...When I think how fantastic this drama could be in the hands of a more talented and competent writer *sighs* Agreed I don't understand Seo's motives yet either. There's definitely no love lost between them so why help YC? Another thing is from the meeting with Shady Seo's (adopted?) father it seems like he might know something about YC's crimes.
  7. I think DeokMi did expected more than playing card that night hearing she said "mwonde" with that voice. Sorry couldnt insert pic or gif Editor Nam, I want a copy of RG magz too, with A & B cut juseyo
  8. When WWWSK was airing she said the drama story was cliche. She did not fangirl PPC at all. She was avid shipper of SeoWon in FFMW. She was excited about HPL fangirling storyline but silent about it now.
  9. Wow, I reached maximum ten likes Referring to FL in Angel, and the protest and fights, I remembered Feel Good to die, everyone went crazy comparing the webtoon with drama, I ended up regretting participating in the thread 688
  10. Hi everyone! I'm still waiting for subs.. although I have seen clips on Instagram. Any news with the rating? Looks like this drama has tough competition.
  11. @gm4queen sorry for late reply Its true that baek jin-hee looks decent with daniel. Also daniel role is amazing its good i love it so much and thats why he won the award and also for the ghostdetective
  12. Brand New Music trainees of “Produce X 101” have shown their support and love for their labelmate AB6IX’s debut! On May 22, Brand New Music CEO Rhymer took to his Instagram and posted photos from AB6IX’s debut showcase. The third photo was of AB6IX with the four Brand New Music trainees who are currently participating in Mnet’s […] The post AB6IX Hangs Out With “Produce X 101” Brand New Music Trainees At Backstage Of Their Debut Showcase appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. I second that... Looking forward to her new drama. It's been a while... 690
  14. Can anyone suggest to me some fan fiction (Eng preferably) for WJ-MinMin-Crown Prince (or any other suitors). I watched the previous versions, and I really like that they added in the Crown Prince story to it. Anyway, I was thinking for my gifted and talented fan fic writer friends out there - you should do a fan fiction about the handkerchief. I wish I'm good in writing so I have to live my dreamworld through you guys!
  15. You are a very good person, and have clear cut ideas about good and evil I totally understand you. For me I am a strong lover of Classical music so I am into art myself, I could listen to music for very long hours. I just felt intrigued by JTH's performance, if another actor played the role, I would not even have bothered myself to watch By the way I have a mathematical mind, I play sudoku and brain games.
  16. I think the reason why WJ broke up with Dada is because of some crazy fans had threatens the safety of DD so he think she'll be safer without him
  17. @roshzanna thank you very much. We are there!! Great track. Do you have the adress for the playground? Thank you very much!
  18. sometimes I do feel like she might suggested it lmao. She learnt a lot from previous drama. PMY said in the mnet interview that director allowed them to adlibs at any parts. Thats why also in current drama she also made a lot of adlibs girl, I've been watching other romcom too but never see actors always add adlibs. She learnt a lot from Captain.
  19. @Super Gal99 I'm sorry to drag you here. But the messaging is loading too long on my end, I can't stand it. Yup, I'm alive and kicking. Thanks for worrying about me. I'm currently watching Le Coup, Abyss and Kill It. You see, Jang Ki Yong will be on next romance drama. So.. let's watch that together later. @triplem I saw that soompi updated a new drama of MGY. And KSH is the lead... I like MGY and the couple visual is just great. Hope the story will be good. And it would be about cops and chasing criminal again. Yahooo... I hope they give MGY a strong female character. She's so good with it. She can be badass. Really love her in CS. P.S. anyone watching abyss here??? Will the next week episode be preemptied? I marathoned ep 5-6 last night. And it was a good progress. +2
  20. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=052&aid=0001297831 I love this article! Google translate is understandable (pasted two parts that i so agree with) but I would love proper translation too. @meechuttso Yes it's something called the ShinHye Sun magic! It is the magic of Shin Hae-sun, the 'fairy fairy'. It is a completely different charm than previous works and once again set the hearts of viewers. Shin Hye-seon showed a 180-degree smoke transformation from his previous work, "Thirty, but seventeen." [Y피플] 이번에도 通했다...'흥행 요정' 신혜선의 매직 본문듣기 설정 기사입력2019.05.23. 오전 11:33 최종수정2019.05.23. 오전 11:34 좋아요 훈훈해요번역할 언어 선택하기 글자 크기 변경하기 SNS 공유하기 원본보기 '흥행 요정' 신혜선의 매직이다. 전작과는 전혀 다른 매력으로 다시 한번 시청자들의 마음을 정조준했다. 신혜선은 지난 22일 처음 방송된 KBS2 수목드라마 '단, 하나의 사랑'(극본 최윤교, 연출 이정섭)에서 불의의 사고를 당해 눈이 멀게 된 발레리나 이연서 역을 맡아 등장했다. 아름다운 발레리나였던 그는 불의의 사고로 두 눈을 잃었다. 그로 인해 까칠하고 냉소적인 성격을 가지게 됐다. 신혜선은 그런 캐릭터의 매력을 한껏 살려내며 극의 몰입도를 높였다. '단, 하나의 사랑'은 사랑을 믿지 않는 발레리나와 큐피드를 자처한 사고뭉치 천사의 판타스틱 천상 로맨스를 그린 작품이다. 아름다운 발레의 향연, 천사와의 환상적 만남 등을 예고, 막강 비주얼 드라마로 첫 회부터 화제작으로 급부상했다. 23일 닐슨코리아 시청률조사회사에 따르면 이날 방송된 '단, 하나의 사랑'은 1회 7.3%, 2회 9.2%의 압도적인 시청률로 출발했다. 작품 보는 탁월한 눈을 지닌 신혜선의 선구안이 이번에도 통한 것. 이연서는 사고 이후 예민하고 차가워진 이연서는 자신을 곁에서 보필해주는 직원들에게 독설도 서슴지 않는가 하면, 자신을 희롱하는 남자들에겐 호신술과 지팡이로 제압했다. 그는 "장님 아니고 시각장애인. 따라 해봐"라고 잔뜩 날 선 모습을 보였다. 이연서의 불운은 지속됐다. 각막 기증자가 나타날 듯하다 번번이 취소됐다. 부모님 기일에 맞춰 열린 판타지아 문화 재단 20주년 기념 파티에 참석했다가 교통사고까지 나면서 또다시 생명의 위태로움에 처했다. 시력을 잃고 발레마저 접을 수밖에 없었던 이연서가 곁에 있던 천사 단(김명수)에게 처음으로 "살고 싶어. 매일매일 죽고 싶었는데. 살고 싶다고"라고 속마음을 털어놓았다. 신혜선은 전작 '서른이지만 열일곱입니다'에서 보여준 순수했던 모습과는 180도 다른 연기 변신을 선보였다. 시선 처리가 중요한 시각장애인 연기부터 가시 돋치고 냉소적인 모습, 금세 슬픔이 차오른 내면 연기을 소화했다. 차갑게 얼어붙은 이연서의 서사를 촘촘하게 표현하며 그의 감정에 몰입하게 했다. 원본보기 발레리나 역을 위한 노력도 소홀히 하지 않았다. 앞서 드라마 제작발표회에서 최수진 안무감독은 신혜선에 대해 "발레뿐 아니라, 몸 상태를 위해 필라테스 등 다양한 방법으로 빠르게 트레이닝을 시켜야 했는데 단 한 번도 못 한다 아프다는 말없이 다시 해보겠다는 말로 저를 괴롭히더라"면서 "발레리나의 모습을 아름답게 표현해주려 애쓰는 모습이 감동적이었다"고 칭찬을 아끼지 않았다. 아름다운 선이 중요한 발레리나의 면모를 완벽하게 구현해낸 신혜선의 이런 노력은 방송에서 빛을 발휘했다. 무엇보다 향후 천사 단과 이연서가 보여줄 판타지 로맨스에 대한 기대가 높다. 단은 교통사고로 죽을 위기에 처한 이연서의 절박한 목소리를 외면하지 않았다. 예고편을 통해 이연서과 단의 좌충우돌 호흡이 예고된 만큼, 두 사람이 향후 선보일 만남이 어떨지 궁금증을 자아낸다. 2013년 드라마 '학교 2013'으로 데뷔한 신혜선은 드라마 '고교처세왕'(2014) '오 나의 귀신님'(2015) '그녀는 예뻤다'(2015) '아이가 다섯'(2016) '푸른 바다의 전설'(2016) '비밀의 숲'(2017) '황금빛 내 인생'(2017~2018) '서른이지만 열일곱입니다'(2018) '사의찬미'(2018) 등 쉬지 않고 작품에 출연하며 내공을 쌓아왔다. 신혜선은 꾸준하게 자신의 길을 걸어오며 '흥행 요정'의 자리까지 굳건하게 지키고 있는 것. 과연 '단, 하나의 사랑'을 통해서는 어떤 연기력으로 시청자들을 놀라게 할지 관심이 쏠린다. YTN Star 조현주 기자(jhjdhe@ytnplus.co.kr) [사진제공=KBS]
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